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vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Just Checking in! Wife STILL in hospital, Her mood is getting short due to the never ending pain. We HOPE that the slowest hospital in the world cures her before she gives up! There's only so much pain a person can take before you go nuts!

Just got in with the boy from his football game, the days are getting longer for me. The stress is not helping on my end either. I'm growing the next batch (#3) of kindney stones! Then last friday i Sprained my left thumb and some where between Sat and Sunday I hurt/Bruised my Right hand! EEEEEK......So of all week for the irrigation at the park to go nuts! Some days it pays not to get out of bed!


Lazy Daydreamer
Hi all,

Just a brief check-in. Been spending very little time online because I'm back to actively modeling, currently scratchbuilding a set of Snyder fuel cranes for my engine mini-terminal. Then, of course, there's ballasting...:rolleyes:

Chris - hang in there bud, I know it's really tough during times like this...:(

Jim, sounds like you've got a full house - literally! Enjoy the companionship, and just think how much more you'll appreciate having Quality Time with the trains after everyone's left.:D


Fleeing from Al
Chris, it sounds like you need a new doctor, a new hospital, or both. :mad: Even terminal cancer patients don't have to suffer the kind of pain it sounds like your wife is having. At the very least, deamnd a consulatation with a pain management specialist. There are all kinds of combinations of drugs they can give to patients in pain and no one whould have to suffer like that in this day and age. Take a deep breath and try not to let all this get to you or you're liable to end up in the same hospital. Now's the time to get assertive with her doctor and the hospital, not let the stress build up inside you.

Ken, it will be a full house but it will be nice to see everyone again since we only get together about once a year. This is a great time for them to come down here since the weather is so nice and the leaves are just starting to change.

There's a nasty tropical depression in the south Caribbean that's already killed 11 people in Honduras from flooding. It looks like it should move up our way about Friday and either give us a pretty good rain or we'll get nothing because all the convective activity in the Gulf will cut us off from the gulf mositure. You never know down here.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning.

It's 57 and clear. The high should be around 80 and it will be partly cloudy with a good chance of rain tonight.

Cut the grass yesterday then fixed the outside doorknob on the trailer next door. It just needed a simple lube job. The inner workings were so dry it was all stuck together. I then came home and worked on getting lights into a few more structures. No further progress to report on the coaling station. I still have to cut up the roofing metal. I'm expecting a cable technician to show up today to find out what's up with the wild upload speeds out here. Yesterday my upload speed was 2. It should be over 500. I double checked it on my mother's computer (almost a 1/4 mile from here) and it's doing the same thing. My neighbor was also complaining about slow speeds. That tells me it's not my system doing it but rather some of SuddenLink's equipment. Maybe one of these days they'll find the problem. This has been an issue for about a year now. Things slow down, a tech comes out and works on some of the booster boxes and fixes the problem and everything runs fine for two or three weeks then it starts all over again.

Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 10/22/2008

Wind Chill: 55°F
Humidity: 92%
Dew Point: 53°F

So Far Today
High: 57°F
Low: 55°F
Rain: 0.01"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 3mph NNE

Today High: 80 Partly cloudy. Highs around 80. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph.

Tonight Low: 55 A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening... Then showers and thunderstorms likely after midnight. Lows in the mid 50s. South winds around 5 mph in the evening becoming northwest after midnight. Chance of rain 70 percent.


Active Member
Good morning folks

It was 41 F on the way this morning. Our high is supposed to be 53 F. It looks like Autumn has finally arrived.

I pulled the air conditioners out of three of the four bedroom windows last night and covered the big a/c unit on the first floor. The heater has been coming on in the morning the last couple of days.

I had to take my daughter to her flute lesson while my wife picked up one of dogs from the vet. He had a dental done and they had to remove some bad teeth. This morning he is still a little out of it but he ate a little bit of food before I left for work.

No trains last night. I had to prepare for tonight’s Cub Scout Pack Meeting.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Just a guy
Chris, what a tough time! Is there any hope on the horizon for your wife, as far as pain control goes? Seems they should be able to do something!


Running the MC & Buffalo
Hi All ! Another cool day here on the Niagara Frontier .Last night it was so cold we haad wet snow . I guess it's time to take the awning down off the patio . Have to go get blood work and a xray of my hip so I'm off to the hospital ! Hope you all have a nice day ! Chris I'm praying for you wife's recovery soon . !!!!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' everyone!

Just as Paul said, the Finger Lakes region is also having a cool day. currently 38°F with a sweltering high of 41°F later this afternoon. I too have some medical stuff today. This afternoon I have to see my Dermatologist for a recheck of the Fungus infection on my leg. It has been getting better little by little so I think it should be right on schedule. While I am in Canandaigua I will stop in at the new Michaels store there and see if they have a couple items I need for the layout.

Chris I too am hoping for a quick relief of the pain your wife is experiencing. That should be controlled, and I would demand to speak with both the Dr. assigned to her case and the head nurse on the floor. If that doesn't resolve it, go to the administration and demand to be heard. Suggest to them that it is much nicer to speak with you than your lawyer! I did that several times when my wife was being treated for Leukemia. The mention of your lawyer usually gets their attention quickly.... You as next of kin have every right to be kept informed of what is going on and to be told why she is in such pain.


Active Member
Chris I hope things work out for your wife.

I know some of the frustrations you are going through. My wife has had to change doctors several times because they could not manage her diabetes and asthma. It is scary when the patient knows more than the doctor.


Well-Known Member
Good Morning to all from Coarsegold, Calif.
It's now 52*F at 10:45 and clear skys for the Central portion of the State.

Your wifes situation sure sounds like something a pain specialists should look at, it's pretty odd the hospital can't diagnose the problm with all the modern technology we have. Ray is right that as her husband you most certainly should have the ability to get whatever information is abailable unless your wife stated that she didn't want them to tell you. Under the Federal privacy act form it specifically states that family members have the right to know and be involved in decision making for their loved one unless she had specifically excluded you. This maybe a part of your problem to get information as they may have asked her when she was in very bad pain if she wanted to exclude you and she may have said yes by mistake? Ask her the next time you see her if they had asked anything like that, [that she didn't want you to have access to her medical information]?

I've run into situations in dealing with my mothers health care where some individuals become very over zealous in claiming I/you don't have the right to know when you do.
Even if she said she didn't want you to know by mistake or without knowing it as long as she states to the Dr. or head nurse she does want you to access to her information and decision making they then are legally obligated to obide by that. Talk with your wife and if she wandt you to have access you can always talk with the Administrator to get things changed around.

Hope all have a goo day!
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Hi fellows! Another beautiful day here, but hoping for some rain.
Now that I have scheduled an ARG meet for my house, I have to get on the ball and finish a couple of started projects on the layout. Don't know why I can't keep all my oars in the water and just finish a project before starting another.

Chris: Jeeze! That's terrible what's going on with your wife. Like the guys have said, demand to know, question their methods of treatment. So many in the medical field try to present a god-like attitude; that they are beyond reproach. Bull, those days are gone and I look at them as body technicians that can make bad decisions or mistakes. Prayers be with you and yours.

Steve B

Chris Hang in there mate, Sounds like a very rough time for you both, LOL hope it get's better very soon

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Checking in......

Wife seems better to day? Night and day diffrence! Now her doctors are convinced that it's just a real bad GI Infection. All the tests and MRI's, Cat's, and Scopings hasn't showed much in the way of organ failure......Just a fungus infection in her GI. So Last night They have been giving her some heavy duty pain drugs and some real heavy duty antibiotics.......Then gave her a stool sofener so she can have a heavy duty BM.........After her HD BM this morning she said she felt a lot better! She still has pain but not as bad as before. I'm praying that it is just a bad GI infection! we'll see, she told me she may come home thurdays or friday if things keep going the way they are(Better)!!!

I better get going, got's to get the boy from football practice!

Hey guys, I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! It's good to have a place to just wine like a stuck pig sometimes!LOL's


Dr Frankendiesel
I've got my two switchers (Athearn SW1000 and Proto 2000 SW1200) converted to DCC, no easy task considering they were straight DC before. The two will be lashed up together with the headlight of the lead unit on full time in forward and flashing in reverse. The cablight on the trailing unit will on steady in reverse and flashing in forward. You gotta think about that for a second to get it straight. They're both hardwired with DZ125's so there were no space issues. It was a bit of speed matching an Athearn and a Proto 2000. The Athearn was way faster. I've got them pretty close now though. The Athearn is set on the switcher speed table and the Proto is flat out on the main line speed table. And that's with the decoder wired straight to the motor, no resistors anywhere.

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Don't be glad too soon! We went down this road before........I'm still thinking they haven't hit the nail on the head yet! She still has pain....
Evening Guys: It's been awhile since I was in. I've been working on my 1 1/2 inch scale stuff. I've got 4 new gons and 4 new flats to get assembled and painted. I'm working on two of the gons first. They had plywood floors when I got them. I'm replaceing the plywood with steel. That is taking some work. I did get the two floors finished and a coat of primer on one side. I hope it will dry over night as it is cold and a bit damp. Tomorrow if it warms up some I'll prime tha other side and hit the bodys with a coat. HO is so much easier and lighter to handle.
Well I guess I'd better get to bed.
Good Night All


Fleeing from Al
Chris, I sure hope she's on the right path now but, if not, raise a ruckus! It sounds like, regardless of what caused it, her chief cause of pain was a bowel impaction. You don't need MRI's to figure this out and her bowel impaction should have been relieved her first day in the hospital. I'm like Ray. When my late wife had leukemia, I was the last person they wanted to see walk in the hospital. I called the State Department of Health twice after getting no satisfation from the administration for her poor treatment. They wrote them 91 citations before things started to improve...slightly. :mad: Unfortunately, making them fear you works better than trying to be Mr. Nice Guy now. Anyone who goes into the hospital without a medically knowledgeable advocate today is in big trouble.

Jeffrey, you can really do some amazing things with those old Athearns and decoders. I have a few sitting around that keep staring at me and wanting to know when it's their turn on the track. Maybe I should send them over to you for surgery. :)

Paul, nice to see you again and hear about your work. Those large scale trains are sure nice to look at but it gets to be too much like working on a real railroad at times.

My brother and I spent about 6 hours installing a new TV in the RV today. We had to rig up a whole new mount because the old TV was a 20" CRT and the new one is a 19" LCD. Big hole, much smaller TV, and not much to anchor it to. It took some thinking and planning but we finally got it mounted. Now I need to buy some molding and stain it cherry to match the rest of the interior. My back hurts. :D

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