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  • Dave,

    I saw your post saying you didn't want to take credit cards. I'm just wondering if you aren't possibly shooting yourself in the foot. You might want to consider charging a slightly higher price and offering credit cards, but also offer a 3% discount for cash. I don't doubt that your prices are going to be very good, but I think you underestimate the importance and convenience credit cards represent to the typical customer.

    Just a thought. Whatever you do, I hope it works out for you.

    Hi David, it's been forever sisce I have had time to work on my train layout. but summer is over and I have about 5 months to pick up the slack carry told me you ask about me I apologize for not keeping up with you for so long. how have things been going out there ? let me know whats new on your lay out.
    Hi JimmyG,
    No need to apologize as I too have also been sidetracked and will for some time yet with things to do around now that the weather is getting pretty decent.

    I hope you've got the electrical figured out as I'm not on the forum much any more at present due to more pressing issues.

    Talk with you later possibly,

    Until now I had been using code 100 Atlas flextrack and turnouts. I used a section of code 83 Atlas track to make the transition from 100 to 70. I have been using common rail DC and now I have to figure out how to wire these turnouts that require different wiring. This is why I was using Caboose Ind. manual switch throws with electrical contacts since I don't think I can trust the turnout to switch the electrical connection well. I do have one turnout I won't be able to reach and I'm working on a way to throw it with a rod thru the fascia and a switch underneath.

    Thanks for any help you give. :)
    I am sorry I never got back to you after you wrote me in February. I just now found them! I haven't been to the Forum website all this time to check messages. Thanks so much for writing me about switch machines for the code 55 Shinohara turnouts. I also haven't spent much time on the layout. February through May is a busy time for me. I am directing several concerts and am playing in a musical these days. Plus I'm helping my wife take care of her aged folks. Please forgive me for not noticing your messages. I really appreciated your helpful comments.

    About the code 55 rail and my wheelsets not working: The guage is not the problem. Unless I change wheelsets on some cars, some wheels hit the tops of the spikes because the rail is so small. I am using code 70 rail however for a section of the layout. It looks great and the wheelsets work fine. I have several code 70 Shinohara turnouts. All were given to me a year ago. (More on another message)
    Do you still have any Lytler and Lyter Ragtime figures for sale?
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