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  1. pnwmodelrailroader

    Cab forward dcc/sound

    Hi there I was wondering what dcc company make a sound decoder for a rivarossi cab forward getting a can motor in the coming weeks. tia
  2. BunkerTheHusky

    The Fox Creek Railroad - Layout update thread

    Welcome to the Fox Creek Railroad! This is an N-scale layout that I began in November of 2022. It is 19 feet long with two 7 foot modules that are 2.5 feet wide and one 5 foot module that is 4 feet wide. I made the layout modular to hopefully make it capable of being moved. I currently live in a...
  3. S

    NCE Power Cab Amnesia

    Hi there, I've been using my NCE Power Cab starter set for a while now on my Twin Peaks HO scale layout, and I've only gotten around now to posting about this despite it being so annoying. The gist of the annoyance is that if I have two locos that I want to run, say loco A and loco B, and if I...
  4. B

    Digitally Controlled Power Track Controller for American Flyer Postwar train set? Is there some way to do this?

    I am in the process of restoring a 1954 470 series train set. I have the original AC Power variable voltage transformer (#4B), but wanted to get into the modern era and have a way to at least control the voltage on the track with a digital communication interface (RS-232 or USB). I've read about...
  5. ctclibby

    Digitrak rf wireless

    Howdy All! Need some insight please. Been looking at the DT602 with associated UR93 loconet RF widget. There is also a utility throttle UT6. Ok so the question is: am I better off NOT getting the DT602 and rely on JMRI and it's loconet interface to deal with decoders? Will the UT6 be good enough...
  6. R

    Multiple AR1's needed for proposed DCC layout?

    Needing help with location and number of AR1's required for the layout I would like to complete. I have had a few layouts previously and one that had created a revers loop at the turn table. The installation and use of the AR1 was easy to wire and install. I have torn down that layout, added a...
  7. G

    Feedback on the wiring setup for my micro-layout

    I posted this on the thread I started about my micro layout but I figured posting it here would allow others to chime in who haven’t been following the build. Wiring and electrical work is my weakness and therefore I could use feedback on if I’ve designed the wiring setup correctly. I am using...
  8. DakotaLove39

    Mehano/IHC GG1, DCC?

    Hey guys. I am in the process of resurrecting my club's motive power. Although the layout was changed to DCC ten years ago, no one ever gave the club's custom painted locos a new life until I came along. That said, we have this Mehano GG1.. and being that we are supposed to have overhead wire...
  9. W

    Some New YouTube Videos about preparing and installing Peco turnouts and the twistlock motor

    I’ve posted a couple of new videos dealing with installing Peco turnouts. The first video demos how to prepare your Peco turnout for installation on a DCC layout. I took the good descriptive info from a couple of sites and turned that into a “how-to” video. We show you how to add some jumpers to...
  10. KeeperofToast

    Motor-only decoder

    I am scratchbuilding a turntable, and I'd like to operate it using DCC. I don't need a sound decoder or one that controls extra functions, just one that controls the speed and direction of the motor I'm using. Any recommendations for decoders to use for this purpose?
  11. B

    Bachmann Spectrum 2 10 2 uneven running.

    Hello everyone, I'm having some problems with a bachmann spectrum 2 10 2 I purchased second hand a while ago. The locomotive runs quite unevenly during slow running. Its not related to dirty track or electrical issues. The jerking motion leads me to believe that the issue is more likely...
  12. V

    Analog to DCC conversion - Video Series

    Analog to DCC conversion - Part 1. This video will show you how to remove the Analog board that comes with your KATO EMD-E9A locomotive and install a Digitrax DN163K0a DCC board. This introduction video will show you what you need to get started. Subsequent videos in this series will have...
  13. railBuilderDhd

    Arduino and servo's to control turnouts with DCC

    So I'm starting on the mission of controlling my turnouts with a servo motor controlled by an Arduino. I want to be able to use my DCC (Digitrax) network along with buttons on the layout near the turnouts to control from there as well. I will be doing my best to not have this based on one DCC...
  14. J

    DCC troubles on an Athearn SW1500

    So I bought an Athearn Switcher at a local train show and when I put it on my layout, the engine starts buzzing. I put the loco through my routine program setup (I'm using Prodigy Express DCC) and it does not respond to any commands on the throttle, but the lights are on. I have a DC power pack...
  15. PrairieKnight

    Checking the feeder wires

    I have all of the Atlas feeder wire rail joiners drilled through and placed on the layout. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can check the connection between the BUS and the feeder wires as I connect them together. My idea is to power up the NCE power cab after connecting each pair of...
  16. G

    Old Rivarossi motor and DCC

    I have an Rivarossi "Blue Goose", i'm not sure about the year. I've been doing research about Dcc affected on older models. The only problem I for see is the motor draws higher amps than new motors, but that would be as simple as get a high amp chip. Is there any other consideration that need to...
  17. U

    Alternating Between DC and DCC

    Hey all, Long time listener, first time poster here. I recently took the dive into DCC with the NCE Power Cab, but I would like to alternate between DC and DCC for a while, as suggested here. I wouldn't be running both DC and DCC simultaneously, but I would like to operate a session in DC...
  18. R

    An Arduino as 16x function- and 6x servo-decoder

    An Arduino can be used as a combined function- plus servo decoder. This has a price tag under €5,- (including a fast opto-coupler). Thanks to the people behind mynabay who made available the code for decoding the DCC commands. I added the software to control the outputs and the servos...
  19. W

    Intermountain HO SD40-2 help

    I have acquired some of the recent Intermountain HO SD40-2's with the ESU sound decoders. When I have them in consist running as a pair or trio they seem to surge which in turn creates an accordion effect in the train. It does it a lot at slower speeds and I don't notice it as much at higher...
  20. D

    DCC wiring info for Atlas ho Berkshire Route #35

    I would like to convert my dc Berkshire valley layout to DCC and have been unable to find much guidance or a diagram to do this. Any help would be appreciated. I really appreciate all the replies I have received. Thanks Dan

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