Some New YouTube Videos about preparing and installing Peco turnouts and the twistlock motor


I’ve posted a couple of new videos dealing with installing Peco turnouts. The first video demos how to prepare your Peco turnout for installation on a DCC layout. I took the good descriptive info from a couple of sites and turned that into a “how-to” video. We show you how to add some jumpers to the turnout to improve electrical connectivity and, in the case of electrofrogs, point out the importance of snipping the 2 connecting wires under the turnout that come from the factory. Here’s the link:

The second video demos how to install the Peco Twistlock turnout motor onto a Peco turnout. All work is done above the layout except screwing in 2 screws into the bottom of the layout (the drilling of the screw holes is actually done above the layout also). The video shows how to use a custom jig to precisely align the turnout with the motor, even though it’s mounted underneath. I found using just the vendor supplied paper template was too awkward and error prone so I designed a jig to make it easier. Instructions on making the simple jig are included. Lastly, the video includes how to install the optional twin microswitch along with the turnout motor. Here’s the link:
Came across this old thread and wanted to say that I really like your videos, man. Wish I had found them earlier. I wish more people saw those helpful videos. Have you considered buying some likes or subscribers so more people could find your videos in their recs?
What's up, glad to see this old post still getting some love. Your videos on Peco turnouts and twistlock motor installation are the real deal, dude. I'd really like more people could find and appreciate the gems you've created too!!