1. G

    Real World Turnout Replacement

    I work at a wholesale grocery supplier as a truck driver. It’s a very large warehouse that used to be served by rail back several years ago. Two weeks ago, CSX replaced the turnout. My question is…is there an advantage to replacing the turnout vs. just replacing with a straight section? I...
  2. G

    Kato Unitrack Turnout - Electrical Issue or Mechanical Blockage?

    So….two months ago I ballasted my track, including the turnouts. I was EXTREMELY careful and all seemed well until now. I haven’t run trains since then but wanted to test my electrical connections again as I was planning on running trains soon. Upon testing one of the DIY DPDT toggle switches I...
  3. G

    What gauge wire should I use for DPDT momentary toggle controls?

    Wiring and electrical work is not my strong suit. I’m in the process of preparing to wire up two DPDT momentary toggle switches to my Kato turnouts. The max amps for the turnouts is 3 with a recommended .5 to .8 amps for powering each turnout. I’m utilizing a 1.5 amp 12V wall adapter to provide...
  4. W

    Some New YouTube Videos about preparing and installing Peco turnouts and the twistlock motor

    I’ve posted a couple of new videos dealing with installing Peco turnouts. The first video demos how to prepare your Peco turnout for installation on a DCC layout. I took the good descriptive info from a couple of sites and turned that into a “how-to” video. We show you how to add some jumpers to...
  5. railBuilderDhd

    Arduino and servo's to control turnouts with DCC

    So I'm starting on the mission of controlling my turnouts with a servo motor controlled by an Arduino. I want to be able to use my DCC (Digitrax) network along with buttons on the layout near the turnouts to control from there as well. I will be doing my best to not have this based on one DCC...
  6. R

    Servo motor for switching turnouts

    Hi, I have a couple of turnouts that are in hard to get to places. I have thought that using a micro servo motor might work in these locations. I am not using a DCC system to control any of my switches. As a matter of fact, most of my switches are the old style side mount Atlas Model power...
  7. J

    Lifelike Turnouts

    Hello: Does anyone know how I can get a replacement remote control box for my Lifelike turnout? I have searched all over, including walthers.com, and the closest I can find is a control box by Atlas. I don't know how I would wire it, and I've read from other posts that if it's not wired...
  8. A

    Best Track for Heavy Remote Turnouts

    I'm planning to build a track that will incorporate a lot of turnouts. I'm thinking of remote. Manual will be too hard to reach and I've a feeling DCC will simply cost too much. I played around with my sons Bachmann set and picked up a remote turnout to see how I liked it. Simply put, I don't...
  9. A

    Newbie question about turnout numbers

    Hello All, this looks like a good place to play. I am in the planning stages and have a question about turnouts. When designing a track plan are there specific reasons (prototypically) that one would use #4, $6, #8 etc turnouts? Or would different turnout #s be used in a yard vs. a...
  10. B

    Laying cork stips in turnouts

    I'm in the process of laying down cork strips for my roadbed. Does anyone have a simple technique/trick that allows for clean/crisp fit of cork roadbed under turnouts. I find I'm either losing the bevel or having to guess where to cut. Many thanks in advance. Eric
  11. my first derail

    my first derail

    with switch stand from Details West, movable!