turnout motors

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    Some New YouTube Videos about preparing and installing Peco turnouts and the twistlock motor

    I’ve posted a couple of new videos dealing with installing Peco turnouts. The first video demos how to prepare your Peco turnout for installation on a DCC layout. I took the good descriptive info from a couple of sites and turned that into a “how-to” video. We show you how to add some jumpers to...
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    Servo motor for switching turnouts

    Hi, I have a couple of turnouts that are in hard to get to places. I have thought that using a micro servo motor might work in these locations. I am not using a DCC system to control any of my switches. As a matter of fact, most of my switches are the old style side mount Atlas Model power...
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    Table top turnout motors

    Are there any table top or side mount switch motors that are strong enough and will switch a Peco turnout other than the Peco PL-11 sidemount switch motor? I am building a layout an the location of several of my turnouts can not be operated by an under the table turnout and there is no place to...