Table top turnout motors

Are there any table top or side mount switch motors that are strong enough and will switch a Peco turnout other than the Peco PL-11 sidemount switch motor? I am building a layout an the location of several of my turnouts can not be operated by an under the table turnout and there is no place to put a motor that a few inches from the track. It needs to be up against the track and I don't like having to come up with a CDU to safely operate the Peco PL-11 switch motor.

Any suggestions for an idiot like me?
Peco Turnout motors

Hi out there,

I have been doing some research by surfing eBay. I am hoping that someone might reply to this posting. I am looking at the PL10 switch motor and the PL12 mounting plate for table top use of the PL10. Will I need anything else other than the CDU and toggle switch to operate this?
Guess I'll have to look at the ones I got at MR show. There was a bag of them (used) I paid $20 for them figured they'd come in handy sometime. LOL, my friend I do believe they are twin coil machines therefor I wouldn'd leave current flowing threough them continously. Since you are using CDU's it might be possible. IF using 2 CDU's and a DPDT switchper machine. If I remember right (it's been some time and my CDU's are home made) the current is held at a minimum so that capacitor does not recharge until the ground is removed by the switch.
I'll have to have a look at one, unfortunately everything is in boxes waiting for me to get my ass in gear.
I am looking at using momentary switches (on)-off-(on) so the power turns off immediately after the motor has been activated.

I know the feeling about getting ones ass in gear. I have been stalling instead of working on my layout. I will never get to fully enjoy the layout unless I get it finished.

If you are using momentary switches then there will be no problem, as the only time there will be current in the coil is when the switch is made. On my last layout I used momentary push button switches from Radio Shack
With a powerful CDU and one push button it's suprising how many twin coil machines you can throw.