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  1. D

    Recommended turnout Manufacturers for hand throwing the switch and and DCC

    Having been out of railroading for 15 years, and starting a new shelf layout in DCC, I intend to follow the trains and want to hand throw the turnouts . WHAT brands of turnouts do you recommend using? In my past experience with Atlas the grommets and points had electrical failures. I will be...
  2. Z

    Switches have gone dark

    O Gauge I have 5 O-31 Lionel remote switches. They get power from my accessory board, which is sending out 12.5 volts. They all of a sudden have stopped lighting up and have no remote power function. I have measured the volts to the switch and it says 12.5. So power is getting there. I...
  3. Z

    Pick up roller problem

    Put my new MTH ALCO R-3 Diesel on the Fastrack. It has double "Pick Up Rollers". When going in one direction over a switch straight on it hits a dead spot and stops immediately. When I turn it around and run it over the same FASTRACK SWITCH it works fine. I do see hesitation tho. My...
  4. R

    Servo motor for switching turnouts

    Hi, I have a couple of turnouts that are in hard to get to places. I have thought that using a micro servo motor might work in these locations. I am not using a DCC system to control any of my switches. As a matter of fact, most of my switches are the old style side mount Atlas Model power...
  5. R

    Table top turnout motors

    Are there any table top or side mount switch motors that are strong enough and will switch a Peco turnout other than the Peco PL-11 sidemount switch motor? I am building a layout an the location of several of my turnouts can not be operated by an under the table turnout and there is no place to...
  6. R

    Replace PL-10 toggle switch

    I made an error. The topic should not be replace the PL-10 toggle switch, it is actually a PL-26. Sorry. I would like to use a toggle switch that is smaller than the Peco PL-26 toggle to switch my peco table top switch machine. Can anyone tell me what I can use from Radio Shack? Is this a...
  7. J

    Lifelike Turnouts

    Hello: Does anyone know how I can get a replacement remote control box for my Lifelike turnout? I have searched all over, including walthers.com, and the closest I can find is a control box by Atlas. I don't know how I would wire it, and I've read from other posts that if it's not wired...
  8. F

    wiring switches dcc

    i have a dcc layout with atlas code 83 track and switches what is the best way to wire the turn outs i have a separate dc generator, the switches have 3 wires red,green,black how do you wire them, i know they have dcc turnouts but i cant afford the right now, maybe down the road just want to...
  9. Z

    1122 Switch Loss of Power

    I have three 1122 switches on my layout. All 3 work fine with lights, and switching mechanisms. The one problem I have is that the straight stretch on one of them has no power at the end, thus the engine hits the dead spot and stops. - I can run the engine into the turnout and take the curved...
  10. K

    Cleaning old Peco turnouts

    While consolidating some old storage boxes, I came across about fifty N gauge number 6 and 8 Peco turnouts and motors which must be nearly forty years old. They are in generally good condition but some seem grimy. The boxes were not sealed and dust has leaked in. Together with over a hundred...
  11. I

    Brand new but with many questions

    Hello to all, brand new to mdrf.com. Been building our railway for 15 months and finally have a completed circuit, finishing touches will go on for years to come. I've been told there is life outside of railways! Garden/full size....they just get a blank stare from me..My wife keeps on telling...
  12. Angled View of S&A Switches

    Angled View of S&A Switches

    This view shows the two switches used for the S&A area to gain access to both sidings. Btw: The use of the sound board for a base is working out very well so far, I'm using the lighter of the two sides to attempt to a more natural looking background for any dirt or bushes I might want...

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