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Good morning folks

It was 74 F and pleasant this morning. High today will be 88 F with sun.

We spent a part of yesterday at Tyler Arboretum viewing their tree house exhibit. These were not ordinary tree houses. Some of them were not even in the trees. Later in the evening we did some yard work.

We had an interesting evening last night. When I was closing up the house for bed I heard voices out at the street. I looked outside and there were 2 K-9 units, and 4 patrol cars. There were several officers milling around in there vests. A little later an unmarked car pulled up. The only thing I saw was one of them had what looked like a stray pitbull on a leash. These gave the dog water and feed it and then one of the plain clothes officer took the dog with him. The whole thing lasted about an hour. I never did figure out what was going on.

No modeling got done yesterday.

I hope everybody has a good day.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' everyone!

Fergie good to see you! (Flo, anything Fergie wants, put on my tab for the week. OK?) I hear your layout is a MESS and is undergoing some major upgrades.......

Tom nothing like blue and red flashing lights outside your window to raise your blood pressure. The last time that happened on my street was the night they took the old gentleman across the street to the hospital with a broken hip.

A nice day here in the Finger Lakes, currently 76°F with a predicted high of 79° later this afternoon. Starting to get warm in the house with high humidity so I will be kicking on the air conditioners this afternoon for the first time in 3 days. I always love days that the furnace doesn't run and the air conditioner is off!

Have a great day!


Happy Monday everyone!:rolleyes: Well, if you are retired its always a good day;) :) . The wife's car battery crapped out, so I need to go get another one this afternoon. I don't understand is only 8 years old:rolleyes: :D . (I wish you could buy a battery as good as the OEM's.) After all that, then its back to work on my Walthers diesel house. I am almost ready for the roof, but need to install some lights first.

Jess: Its wonderful that you had the opportunity to work and play with your Grandsons in the hobby. So many families are too "busy". My youngest grandson showed an interest for awhile, but now at 13 he has other things going and the worst part, they are in Houston. Perhaps when he is older and finds the time/space/money he will remember as I did and become an MR'er.

Corey: I used Hunter Green for my fascia with darker green drapes hanging from there. The drapes are made from material bought at WM and I pleating them by gathering the material and stapling to the back of the fascia - easy work. This hides all the wires and ugly leg support. I didn't have to match-up to anything like you will, but remember what I said...let the wifey make the choice. Otherwise, you will never hear the end if she doesn't like the color match. ;) :)

Jim: I wish you would not have scared the TS away, but it is understandable considering your love for shopping with the wife and daughters:D :D Have a GREAT TIME! (Watch out for JAWS!)

Fergie: Darn glad to see you here. What has been going on in your world?

Ken: Sure hope you lose your cold bug before the Bama trip. That would be miserable.

Ray: I know you are tired from camp, but WOW...all the pleasant memories you have;) .

Tom: It is scary enough having red/blue lights going in the neighborhood at night; even worse when you don't know why.

Steve: How is the NZ trip planning coming along? Has your wife's health improved or have you heard anything yet?

Jeff: May all your fires be for warmth, comfort, and cooking good'ole Louisiana cuisine.

David: You need one of those DR WeedMachines. Man, those things do the job. I bought one when we had our place in the country and it was the best tool I had...including the bushhog. With the larger cord, you could cut through briars, Johnson grass, whatever. They were a lot stronger machines than some of the clones you see being sold.

Chris: How's the job situation? I have reading where cities all over the country are making drastic cutbacks in jobs/pay.

Steve B

Fergie good to see you here, hows tricks.
Corey I used a dark green for mine, a shade darker than grass green worked best for me to blend in with the scenery, you could use a color shade that matches your terrain or one that contrasts to make your scenery stand out
Rex Hey you snook up on me,,, Wife has a scan in around 10 days so we'll know then, we got the official invitation to apply for residency and her nursing registration this week ;)


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Good Morning everyone,
It's a bright Sunny day here in Central CA. Foothills, it's not supposed to get
too hot, 96 and they say Thunder & Lighting tomorrow which sounds good to me.

I've done a bit more on the C & S West SL, mostly planning and will get to building the curved switch a little later.

Bill, I hope you enjoyed your coffee.

Jess, it sure is a wonderful thing your doing taking such an interest in the grandsons, I know they really treasure the time spent with you and will even more so now that they have their own Loco's.
I was looking at a MR mag yesterday evening and the current issue showed what I felt was a very unique layout with an open center and all, the top surface, was built from from one sheet of Plywood/OSB. I imagine that and other plans might be available on their web site too?

Say Rex, I'm not real sure just what the machine you mentioned is but think I have an idea. I do have an 18Hp Sears Garden Tractor that I bought in 1989
which has done a lot of work around the property here but I need to fix the bendix on the starter as it goes out from time to time and I just haven't got around to it. The tractor has a heavy triple blade mowing deck to it and that's what I generally use to mow the damn Tarr weed back with but it does raise a lot of chaff in the cutting process and that isn't to pleasant some times during the hot dry period. When things are green, or at least the ground is moist enough it's great to mow with then! It cuts a 44" path so it makes the work fairly quick except I use to keep a pretty fair size piece of ground mowed down but not with the gas price being what it is now, just the minimum now. Also leaves more time for RR'ing too!

Take care everyone and have a great day.

Oh, Susi, I'l have some Cinmon Bagles wdith peanut butter and Apricot/Pineapple jelly and Coffee if you would Doll, Thanks.

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Evening everyone!


HOT AND HUMID! The sea breezes are hard at work to produce some showers here and there! We might get some and then again we might not, here's my local radar if any one is intrested:
Where it say's Brookville, I'm under the R some were;) .


Police Tape: Canada Bus Killer Ate Victim's Flesh

Investigators: son admits to attacking, killing elderly mother
My town:mad: what a loser!

Pit Bull attacks 6-year-old in Safety Harbor


Hot and steamy day under the tractor canopy today! I had to mow the soccer fields today the area is over 10+ acres and had to double cut it also. Spent 6.5 hours cutting it:eek: ! Tomarrow I get to Mow the 5 base ball fields and the surrounding Commons areas! God I love my job!:D Not much happening on the rain front. We may or may not get some rain, could use some dry out time though!

Rex, Thanks for the job concern:) ! It don't look good for next October! Our state wants to do another tax cut called,"AMENDMENT 5" I posted a link to it last week or two ago( ). They say it's to cut funding to the schools! Ya, Right:rolleyes: they won't cut funding from the schools! But they will cut funding from the lower department in the County and State Jobs and most services these jobs provide. Trust me Florida is cutting it's nose off to spite it's face. But for now my job is 75% safe for now! after Amendment 5 who know's! But yet they can buy suger cane factory, small switching railroad and 300 sq.miles of swamp for $1.75 billon!:confused: :confused: Sorry for the Rant everybody! sore subject for me!
BTW: We all are under a pay freeze too!

Steve: keep those photo's coming, I love to see pictures of places I'll never see in my life!
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Rex and Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I chose a deep Merlot color to match the cherry woodwork in the office. I may need to add a valance after a while. I'll have to let my wife choose the fabric! Thanks again.


Just a guy
Phillip, I'm so glad I can sleep through the night now with the assurance of a pager or phone not going off. In my case, it was missing person callouts and they always seemed to happen about midnight, just when I'd drift off to sleep. I feel for Jeffrey too but at least a firefighter knows where the problem is and about how long it will be to call it under control. We started with nothing but a point last seen and searches sometimes went on for days. 25 years of that was quite enough.
OK, so I definately don't envy you!

I just hate it when the phone service at a hospital goes out. I mean, peoples lives are on the line, and they can't call doctors or anything. It can be pretty ugly.


Say Rex, I'm not real sure just what the machine you mentioned is but think I have an idea.
David, it's like a big weed wacker but on two large wheels. Mine had a 6.5 HP engine. They sometimes advertise it on TV along with their walk-behind bush machine. Perfect for slopes and places you can't get into with a mower or other. You can even angle the wheels so the cord angles and cuts underneath fence rows.

I bartered mine off to my wife's cousin for installing my new Central Air Conditioner unit. Now living in town, I don't really have a need for it and the deal was a good one.

Corey: That sounds like a good choice.;) :)

Chris: Amend #5 sounds like some wild scheme that an Alabama Senator would come up with. You only pay 1-1.5% sales tax??? Dang we pay 9% and they want more! We can't complain though; we are suppose to be the near lowest in the country for total taxes, so they say. What they forget to mention is the average wage is about in the same bracket.:p

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Chris: Amend #5 sounds like some wild scheme that an Alabama Senator would come up with. You only pay 1-1.5% sales tax??? Dang we pay 9% and they want more! We can't complain though; we are suppose to be the near lowest in the country for total taxes, so they say. What they forget to mention is the average wage is about in the same bracket.:p

No, depending on the county you live in it's between 6.5%-7.5%. Ammendmet 5 will raise it 1-1.5%! so we will be on par with alabama's sales tax!

Jess Red Horse

Friendly Indian!
Good Morning from Indian Country!

I should have said from Eastern Woodlands Indian Country, :D .

Today is a work day and I'm off soon to the EMS Base to start a 24hr shift, My Two Grandsons are over and it will be hard to be on the job and missing all the fun here:( , they are two HO fans in the making with a little help from their Tunkashila (Grandfather).

We went out for our sun set walk in the wooded property here for viewing wild life and for the first time in 2.5 years we saw nothing, not even a mouse, and there were no mosquitoes either, it was eerie and spooked me a bit, it seemed like the only thing moving out there was us:eek: ????

We didn't stay out long; we all had the creeps and called it a day:confused: .

My wife is disabled so having someone with her while I'm at work always puts my mind at peace:) , my Grandsons will take good care of her while I'm away and I can focus my full attention on my job.

I wish everyone here a good day , one filled with adventure and amazement, go out and try something new each day too broaden your experiences;) .

Wishing you all the brightest of Blessings, Jess Red Horse!


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Good morning folks

It was a nice 68 F on the way in this morning. High today will be 87 F with the possibility of thunder storms this evening.

No modeling last night. I was at my son’s football practice. Since this is the beginning I like to be there the full practice since the coaches may give us information. Also I like to see how he is doing at first.

Now I am off to a big whine session at work aka a status meeting. Now I get to listen to people make excuses as to why they can’t meet the deadlines that previously set in the last status meeting.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Good Morning ALl ! Wow been gone a couple days and the coffee sop has some new nad oldd customers. Big hello to all and coffee is on me . Nothing much going on went to my friend's cottage on Lake Erie over the weekend and had a terrific time. Thats about it . Got some nice pictures over the lake hope you enjoy them :D
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Goof ,morning from Coarsegold, CA. under,what my dear departed Father always called a Mackeral Sky [puffy cloud patches like cotton balls], it about 85* outside and according the the msn weather we are supposed to get rain and Thunder. I also am contending with a leaky ceiling as I think the swamp cooler water inlet float is stuck and water in somehow leaking inside which isn't good, not major but anowing to say the least and it right above my computer chair too. Better than have it be over the layout but I've had that happen too. More to try and fix, so everyone have a good day and enjoy RR'ing!


Dr Frankendiesel
Been busy here today. My father and I have been up since early this morning tying down anything that couldn't be moved indoors. We moved my mother's small potted plants inside, the bigger one's will have to weather the storm. We're watching as the storm bands dray closer and hoping we don't get too much in the way of wind.
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Goooooooooooooooood Morning coffee shoppers!

Another picture perfect sunny day here in the Finger lakes. presently 79°F with a high of 80°. Possibility of a few thunderstorms later this afternoon.

Jess may I inquire as to what Nation you are? I don't think I have seen you mention it. I am a Vigil Honor member of the Ganeodiyo Lodge of the Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouts) and we study Seneca and other Haudenosaunee traditions and culture. My Great Grandmother was 1/2 Seneca which would make me 1/16 Seneca..... Unfortunately she was a step Great Grandmother so there is no blood tie. I loved the photo of you and your wife in your traditional regalia! You should see me in Seneca Regalia.... On second thought I wouldn't want to gross everyone out. Me in a loin cloth.... Not a pretty site!

Tom don't forget the cheese to serve with the whine........

(edit) Hey Jeffrey you snuck in when I wasn't looking. I was thinking about you when I saw the national weather map this morning. Hope all you get is some nice helpful rain from Edouard!

Paul great photos of a lovely Great Lake!

David sure hope you get that leak fixed quickly!

Have a great day everyone!
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Steve B

Afternoon all, have a safe shift Jess.

Heard on the news a storms a brewin over the east coast towards Texas, hope it does not develop that far.


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Good Day to you all

Mr. Howard extended an invite and now I know why:eek:

Mornin' everyone!

Fergie good to see you! (Flo, anything Fergie wants, put on my tab for the week. OK?) I hear your layout is a MESS and is undergoing some major upgrades.......
Ah yes the 2 for 1 special~! You buy one for me and I buy 2 (dozen) for you. Nice to know some things just don't change:rolleyes: Since Ray is offering I might as well go for bust. I'll have the Surf and Turf special.

Yes Ray it's true the MESS is now missing two main lines and a Spur, about 20' of track in all:( That's what happens when you see one of your all time favourite Locos on ebay and must have. A Central Vermont 2-10-4 700 series. Unfortunately it means 26" curves and turnouts have to go I think I'm looking at replacing and adding about 40' of curves and extra main line.

Anyway thanks for the warm welcome and nice to know I'm still welcome.

Rex: Not much has changed except the House renos are now finished, I had my first garden show and yes I still go to sea and I also picked up another "I'd love to have one of those" off of ebay, something you may appreciate. A Southern Ps-4 Pacific. I'm hoping to see it this week.

Steve: Have you moved yet?

Ken: Nice to see you are still here I miss our infrequent chats.

Anyway Gents time to think about supper

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