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vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Good Morning From Florida!


8 AM 78 °F Partly Cloudy / Showers Partly cloudy with some scattered coastal showers.
2 PM 87 °F Partly Cloudy / Showers Scattered storms, some strong; moving inland.
10 PM 80 °F Partly Cloudy Partly to mostly cloudy.
Rain chance 40%
Local Radar:


Video shows dogs shot
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:You guys know how I feel on this one! Gun or no Gun, that Comins would be craping shoe leather for a very long time!:mad: :mad: :mad:


"Flo,I want the Handys Steak and Eggs special! large coffee and good ol Florida OJ! Put it on Jim's bill to day! ";)

Not much happening today! I plan on Pressure washing the patio (Jacob and Jerry) have made a mess of it! Help Ryan clean his turtle tank, then Try to mow my lawn.......And if I'm not dead and or rains, I want to wash and wax my truck!:eek: :rolleyes:

Ray all new dumps here have trash burning power plants in them! Pasco county has one and it powers the local community that surounds it. The methane idea is neat to but you are still left with Garbage stuffed in a hole? BTW: That is the Neatest Camp! I want to be a kid and gET SENT TO IT!:D

Willis I agree with Jim, Police/Swat should have saved the government/tax payer $$$ on dealing with this clown! clear cut cases like this, i'm not sure why they don't hang them asap!

Everyone have a great day, time for me to get to work!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Not at all, I found it quite interesting, and with a question which begs to be asked. :confused:

You sat they collect the gases from the landfill site to generate electricity.
I would think these gases are burned to heat water into steam for the turbines.
Now if that is so then they have turned said gas into carbon emissions which the world is in an uproar about now days :D How did they explain that? :)

Actually I'm all in favor of making the best use of our garbage, the liner prevents contamination of the ground water and good potable water is becoming scarce to find now days.
OOP's bed time :rolleyes:
Cheers Willis
Jim's explanation is right on! Actually the carbon dioxide would be created anyway as a byproduct of the process of decay or the burning off of the methane. This also reduces the amount of oil, coal or other fuel that would be used to generate the same electricity. Also, methane is CH4. One of the main byproducts of burning methane is water. This makes it attractive as a fuel as it generates less CO2 than many other fuels. It is therefore considered Carbon Neutral.

The process does not not use steam to power turbines, but rather internal combustion engines to directly turn the generators. They are currently using 7, 1500 HP engines. The excess heat is from the radiators of the engines. The plant here in Ontario County is operated by Casella Waste Management, is smaller, but is doing the same thing. They have 4 of the units on line I believe.

Casella is experimenting with a process that can turn garbage into biodiesel fuel that should reduce the volume of the waste to a much smaller amount. The process has been around since World War II and was developed in Germany when Hitler ran out of fuel...... It now may be cost effective. Again, it will not be completely carbon free but an improvement over the burning of oil from crude and helps to manage some of our waste stream problems.

Oh, Good Morning everyone!

Thanks for your comments about the camp. We are very excited in our Boy Scout Council to be providing this type of experience for young people.
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vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
After Noon


No Rain yet, and don't look like we'll get any either!


Nothing new!:confused:


"Flo,I'll have the ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET! and I'll try the Bucket DELIGHT!"

Well I got my chores done! Mowed the lawn, Cleaned out the Garage, and Pressure washed the Patio! I was going to wash the truck and clean the turtle tank but I ran out of gas!:mad: I'm tired and need some rest:( !

Steve another fun day for your family!:) Looks like fun!


Active Member
Good afternoon folks

It is a pleasant 80 F. High today will be 86 F

We just got back from getting my daughters hair cut fixed. She went yesterday and the stylist did what I can only call a hack job on it. It was uneven and looked like a blind person cut. We went back this morning and another stylist redid it. While it is not perfect it does look better.

I messed up my weekend schedule. I thought the 50th birthday party was yesterday it is next Saturday. We did some back to school shopping; getting shoes and backpack.

No modeling yet this weekend. I did clean up the layout some from the last photo session and began to set-up another one. I hope I can do the photo session and some training running later tonight.

In about an hour we are going to go out to Tyler Arboretum to look at the treehouses they have on display. My son has a friend over and when he leaves will be heading out.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Well-Known Member
Ferry Cross the Mersey!

Say Steve,
Thanks for the first picture, I remember the liriqys? from the song and now I can actually put a picture to the words! :cool:

View of Liverpool today taken from the Mersey Ferry
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Good Morning/ well I guess now Afternoon now,
From Coarsegold, Ca. I already did an S load of work, had to mow down a patch Tar Weeds 75'x50' & 14-16" tall, that were beginning to blossom on a hillside that slopes two ways on about a 6 to 8% grade using my High wheel lawn mower with an OHV Honda engine. Finally got the job done but I was tired afterwards.

Oh Hi Susi, I'm really hungry this morning, I'll have 3 eggs over easy, 3 strips of baccon, got to stay away from too much Ham/pork LOL, a large side of cottage
cheese, a large glass of OJ and coffee too Doll, Thanks!

About the C & S West SL RR:
Did some work getting the PC tie strips cut to length and glued on to the template in half a dozen spots for a curved switch leading to the two sidings
for the Iron & Copper Works and Oil Storage Facility I'll have some pictures later on.

Have a good all!

Steve B

Some of the ferries got a bit bigger, this is the same as Riverdance which capsized earlier this year just up the coast


Dr Frankendiesel
It's been one thunderstorm after another today with lots of wind and lightning, but very little rain. We got 3/4's of an inch this morning.


Fleeing from Al
Steve, The last time I was in Liverpool was 30 years ago. What a change! Looks like quite a place now. Those ferries are big ones. I agree with Fergie, seeing the Rivedance getting dismantled on the beach breaks a mariner's heart. The sea doesn't easily forgive mistakes. :(

Phillip, I'm so glad I can sleep through the night now with the assurance of a pager or phone not going off. In my case, it was missing person callouts and they always seemed to happen about midnight, just when I'd drift off to sleep. I feel for Jeffrey too but at least a firefighter knows where the problem is and about how long it will be to call it under control. We started with nothing but a point last seen and searches sometimes went on for days. 25 years of that was quite enough.

Ray, we had a couple of big biomass power plants in California that used conventional steam turbines using methane as fuel for the boilers. One was located out in Riverside County and took a lot of LA's waste. I think it was putting out 60 megawatts last time I heard, which is pretty good size power plant. Those tires are being run through a big blender and then used for top coating asphalt roads. They not only make the top coat last longer but they hold water during rains, dramatically reducing spray thrown up by other cars. Way better than stacking them up and waiting for them to catch on fire. :eek: We had a tire fire that burned for 10 days and we had to evacuate 5,000 people downwind.

David, sounds like a tough job do all that brush clearing in the heat.

That little tropical wave from yesterday in now Tropical Storm Edouard with top winds of 55 mph. Looks like there's a good chance she''ll turn into a cat 1 hurricane by tomorrow afternoon. He has moved further south in the Gulf and is now starting accelerate west. Looks like he'll stay far enough away from the Louisiana coast and come ashore somewhere between Port Arthur and Galveston. He's developed pretty rapidly over the last six hours but his forward motion should be fast enough to put him over land by Tuesday afternoon. The faster motion should also prevent more rapid intensification but he may have a chance to get stronger if he slows down a bit. The big area of concern is Galveston, since it looks like the most likely landfall will put the Galveston area in the northwest side of the storm, which will subject Galveston Bay to the biggest storm surge. If it only develops into a minimal cat 1 storm, that won't be a big problem. If Eduardo gets some meat on his bones, things could get dicey. Anyone living in coastal section of Louisiana through central Texas need to pay close attention to the weather for the next two days.

The bad news for Texas is good news for us since the storm is moving away from Destin and nothing else appears to be on the horizon. I don't know how much I'll be on line so I'll see you all again on Friday if we don't talk before then.


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A Good Moring to you Bill, hope the day goes well for you!

Well it's good nite for me being late to get to bed!
Take care,
Say Bill have some coffee on me!


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning.

It's 73 and partly cloudy. The high will be in the mid 90's and it'll be mostly cloudy.

Looks like I might be able to cut some grass today as well as get the laundry done. Other than that it should be pretty quiet, other than burning some DVD's.

Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 8/4/2008

Heat Index: 78°F
Humidity: 86%
Dew Point: 70°F

So Far Today
High: 75°F
Low: 73°F
Rain: 0.00"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 0mph NNE

Today High: 95 Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 90s. East winds 10 to 15 mph.

Tonight Low: 75 Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the mid 70s. East winds 10 to 15 mph. Gusts to 40 mph after midnight.


Lazy Daydreamer
G'morning everyone!

Today will be my first day back at the office after vacation. As if that weren't bad enough, I'm still fighting a cold - although that seems to be improving. Maybe after I take care of the critical stuff I can use some sick leave and take the rest of the day off.

Jim, have fun on your vacation!

Fergie, great to see ya - don't be a stranger!

Steve - that certainly is heartbreaking about the RiverDance, but at least there were no lives lost.

Jess Red Horse

Friendly Indian!
Roaming Native reporters latest updates.

Good morning my friends!

Today is a day off for me :D and yesterday the two Grandsons Too Tall and Bam Bam were driven to our home for a 5 day stay:D .

We have a lot planned outside if the rain stays away:confused: , if not we will be adding some finishing touches too the layout.

On August 2nd I celebrated my 48th birthday and on that day I went out and bought my Grandsons their first steam locomotives, and last night they were given to them and you should have seen their faces:D , I'll take some pics too post today I hope if my batteries are not dead from taking far too many pics of my layout:eek: .

Before their parents headed out they went running too them too show them that they are now the proud owners of their own steam trains, the father looked at me and said, "How are they going to run them at home":eek: , I informed him that they can run them here at our home until I have enough HO stuff to build them their layout at their house and showed him the two complete ovals of track that I saved all I need to get now is some power packs and they will have a good start.

These two boys are wonderful kids and we all share our interest for HO rail roading, I do believe that they will be life long MRR'ers, I wish all kids their age could be exposed to this hobby as it has so much to offer.

So far during the build of this layout they have learned a lot about patients, planning something and carrying it to its completion, how to tap into their imagination and creative sides, how to balance work and play time, and how to share, now that is a lot of lessons that they have used even when away from the layout;) .

Their parents tell me that they are telling anyone who will listen about their adventures while helping build Grandpa’s layout, they talk about the difference between knuckle couplers and horn hook, they talk about the differences between steam trains and diesels and about the fun they have when the work is done and it is play time.

I'm very proud that I have discovered this hobby before they were too old to have an interest as I do not know a lot of teens who have layouts, I believe I've read post from 1 or 2 here though.

Last night we put the red lenses on our flash lights and went outside to see what night creatures we could find, we found a nice frog hopping across the lawn:D , A Hoot owl in our tree:D , a raccoon trying to climb the fence but the wire was too wobbly and it gave up :rolleyes: and we got to see many fire flies and finally the thing that drove us back inside....a mother skunk with her two young ones:eek: close call there.

The youngest grandson Bam Bam (age 6) was at the back gate and came running back to say he found a big cat & 2 kittens all black and white; I immediately went to investigate and found old stinky and her babies and got the heck out of dodge:eek: .

Well that’s my nature and train report from deep in the woods of Ossipee, NH.

I'm wishing everyone here a dry day:) , a full belly :D and a day long smile on your faces:D .
Aho, (It is done) Jess Red Horse.


All new now!
Good morning folks. I finished building my bench work yesterday. I even got a coat of primer on three of the seven sections. I have a question for you folks. What color did you paint your bench work/ fascia if you painted it at all? I was going to paint the legs and supports black, then stain the upper portion a dark cherry color. I decided to abandon the stain idea. My woodworking skills do not warrant display like that! Now I will paint the entire thing. Black bench work would fit in nicely with the decor in the office it shares. I'm afraid it will stand out a little too much though. A dark brown to tan would blend in better with the soon to be built scenery. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

I hope everyone has a good day.
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