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Steve B

Afternoon gents,
Happy birthday Philip
Chip there is NO waterfall just a green and white foggy background


Morning/Lunch everyone!
Happy Birthday, Philip! many?

The little trip the wife and I took yesterday was great fun. The campground was beautiful: snuggled into the side of huge forested hills, shady, on the river. But, man it was way back in the boonies, a road so curvy you couldn't go over 45mph, and it was about 20 miles to the nearest crossroad community. (Fortunately, there is a country store about 5 miles from the campground.) Turns out some friends of ours were the gatekeepers and we made reservations for the end of the month. The bad thing is we missed a turn coming back and got lost. That took about an extra hour.:eek: :D
Check it out

Chip: like Ray, I still haven't seen any waterfall. My view must be blocked by the mountain peaks.:eek: :rolleyes: I love mountains!


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
What a rough couple of days the last two have been. Bought two gallons mismixed paint at the True Value. When I got it home I decided that it was to dark so I added a gallon of white and it was still to dark so added another 3 quarts of white and it is much better. The only problem is now I have 2 1/2 gallons of one of a kind color. The original paint was an eggshell finish and the white I added was a semi gloss so I guess I now have some semishell paint for another project. The wood shop sure does look nice with the antique white ceiling and the real light mustard yellow walls(not as bad as it sounds). Anyway the shop is ready for some serious woodworking.


M.E.S.S. Maker
Hey, Hey hey, Mornin' all!

Supposed to be another nice day here in the Finger Lakes, high in the mid 70's. Nice to be able to turn off the air conditioner......

Mouse, What waterfall? I looked at that picture for dang near a half hour and I can't find a waterfall.... I think somebody's been pulling your leg, but thanks for posting it anyway.
Waterfall? Heck I could just "barely" make out a lake... there was a lake, right?

Happy Birthday Phil!

Just boought some Semaphores for the MESS today, We're going real high tech!

Ray: You left a piece of the Birthday cake behind. Unfortunately the mouse got to it before I did... He was heard mumbling something to the effect "Where's the icing?" Poor little fella starving!:(

Have a good night all



Wannabe Engineer
Morning Bill looks like you and I are the early birds for the day. Well update news I have worked out virtually all the kinks that were causing my big steam engines to derail, boy that was a beautiful site last night to just sit there and watch the engine go around. Well I have to solder a few more feeder wires then I can start ballasting and then start decorating. Hope everyone has a great day.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning.

Hot and wet today. High of 92 and a 60% chance of rain.

Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 9/11/2007

Heat Index: 70°F
Humidity: 94%
Dew Point: 68°F

So Far Today
High: 74°F
Low: 70°F
Rain: 0.00"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 5mph NNE

Today High: 92 Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning...increasing to numerous in the afternoon. Some thunderstorms may produce heavy rainfall. Highs in the lower 90s. Light and variable winds becoming north around 10 mph in the afternoon. Chance of rain 60 percent.

Tonight Low: 68 Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms in the evening...decreasing to isolated after midnight. Lows in the upper 60s. Light and variable winds. Chance of rain 50 percent.



Fun Lover
I'm here and I survived. The "show" came off well and I can breathe easier, even though I have created a weekly commitment. So it's back to just writing.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' Bill!

Mornin' NickB!

Mornin' Jeffrey!

Mornin' Chip! Glad the show went well. What time did you get yur "homework" done?

Looks to be a cool wet day here in the Finger Lakes. Sure is nice not have that Air Conditioner going full blast though. Been cleaning up my basement after all the construction going on for Hopewell Junction. Looks like it will be a good day to continue vacuuming and putting stuff away.


Just a guy
Morning All!

Glad everything went well yesterday Chip. I was meaning to ask how you were doing on that.

Thanks for all the great birthday wishes everyone! I had a great one. I asked for lots of peace and quiet and thats exactly what I got. I don't get that a lot in my line of work ya know!

Well, gotta run!



Running the MC & Buffalo
Good Morning All ! Chip congrats. that things went off ok . As ray said it is overcast in these parts and a bit cool . Nice day to work inside, Well gonna get going . Hope all have a nice day !!!!

Steve B

Good evening all,

prayers to the victims of 9/11.

Ken M,,,,, were coming to NZ, Hell Yeah :D :D :D :D :D
LOL i'm B*****Y excited :D


Lazy Daydreamer
Steve *sniff*sniff* we're gonna miss you, buddy...:(

<LOL> Only kidding - CONGRATS!!:D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D
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