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Running the MC & Buffalo
Good Morning Bill . Tom , Jeffrey & Gappleg , Another beautiful day here on the Niagara Frontier, Looks like some of you guys Jeffrey included are getting some nasty weather.Hope you can hole the forts without too much damamge. The other night we had a bad thunderstorm come thru which isn't half as bad as a hurricane. So take care and hope that all will turn out ok !!!!Oh yeah made it half way to my doctor's yeasterday and my muffler fell off . And wouldn't you know my AAA was out so had to call to reinstate it and then got towed off our Thruway to a repair shop . Cost me 21 dollars for them to put a bolt back on to secure it. Just glad I didn't have to pay for the towing . Needless to say never made it for my appointment but made it to Bob Evans for breakfast instead !!
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Dr Frankendiesel
I'm on high ground, so I'm not too worried about it. Some of neighbors however are just a few feet above lake level and are hoping fervently that the storm goes somewhere else.


Just a guy
I was going to ask if you have big pieces of styrofoam under your trailer "just in case" Jeff.

Almost lunchtime!

Grilled Chicken Taco's for me Chloe!



:) Good Morning Coffee Shop Friends!:)

Yes, I am in very good spirits today. You see, I am officially retired for Social Security. (Mo Money, Mo Money:D )
It's my birthday:62
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Fun Lover
Morning Gents,

Happy Birthday Rex. Hope you get that _______ (Big Boy, Dash-9, Consolidation) you always wanted.

Jeffery, I'm sure you'll weather the storm just fine.


Happy B'Day REX, your day might just have begun, but mine is ending over here :) its already dark outside.

At last the weather is getting a bit cooler here, every day I was worried I would melt down like butter :S, the highest temperature that we had this summer was 43C in the shade, I HATE SUMMER :(


Just a guy
RexHea said:
Play trains.:D :D :D
I like the way you think! ;)

Jeff, you really are getting good with that camera. I like that shot a lot. Only thing I could suggest is to remove the Elmers glue from the background. The foreground is perfect!
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Lazy Daydreamer
Good evening crew,

Jeff - glad to hear the storm bypassed your area!

Happy Birthday Rex, hope you have an enjoyable day! (I had one myself ~10 days ago)

Paul, if that [car breakdown] had happened to me with my doctor, I could still have shown up - I always sit around in the waiting room for over an hour after the time I sign in for my appointments there!


M.E.S.S. Maker

Yes, Plays Trains!

Steve: Congrats on the big move, this is where the fun begins... And remember if you're shipping by Container Ship, Don't do it in January and make sure you're stored below decks as those top tiers forward always seem to go for a swim!

Later All



Thanks to all of you for the best wishes. I've had a very good day and your thoughts helped make it that way. :)
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