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    Tower 55 ES44AC?

    I've heard it's a growing problem on them. I have an email into Overland but I guess that won't do much good. I thought about swapping an Athearn truck in but the mount is too different. Let me know what you hear if anything from Ajin, its beginning to sound like this thing may run around as...
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    Tower 55 ES44AC?

    It's a split worm gear. I have a friend's ES44 on my workbench right now. It presented with identical symptoms, took it apart and found the split worm. I've got inquiries out on parts and will let you know what I find.
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    Weekend Photo Fun 1-30/2-02

    Runs great!
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    Weekend Photo Fun 1-30/2-02

    Holy Hiawatha, folks, the Dome is here!
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    Take a Train to Work day--- Did you?

    Did you take any trains to work for 2008 Take a Train to Work day yesterday? It's part of the Worlds Greatest Hobby "National Model Railroad Month" Here's the setup I had at my desk at work.
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    weekend photo fun 01/08/08

    AMB LaserKit MKT wood caboose that I'm about 95% done with- still needs grab irons, end rails, ladders, brakewheels and the right leaf-spring Bettendorf trucks. It's been sitting on the shelf for 7 years, because thats how long it took me to get the guts to do it!
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    Weekend Photo Fun July 3-6, 2008

    I finally got one of those elusive round tuits this week, took a Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0, tossed the coal bunker (I wish all coal bunkers were that easy to remove) scratchbuilt an oil bunker, got it all painted, decaled the whole thing and now all thats left is to scratchbuild a bolster for the...
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    Easter Weekend Photo fun 21/22/23/24 March

    "MKT 171 south, Highball, over!"
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    GP68 anyone?

    Josh- The Tundra wasn't a decal, it was painted on to the unit. I saw the AMTK 115 up close and in person.
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    HO Layout to fit in a roughly 8x11' space

    A thought- if you're going to be raising and lowering this regularly (and even if it stays down most of the time) I'd REALLY suggest you use 1/2" BC grade (especially if you're going to cover it in foam) as the structual stability will be much greater. I think only using 1/4 over such a large...
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    Having trouble with an Athearn RS-3?

    I was having trouble with BOTH of my Athearn RTR RS-3's on both DCC and DC with intermittent stopping and starting- they appeared to lose all electrical contact. I cleaned wheels. I checked connections on the board, no help. IF your RS-3's are having the same problem, pull the trucks -- the...
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    Big hook hadn't got on scene yet. Real story: I was making a reverse move, and the Digitrax Radio started acting up, it kicked to speed step 99 and did this before I could get to the plugin to shut 'er down.
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    Weekend Photo Fun 12/21/07 to .........

    Merry Christmas! Here's a special C-HOHOHO9-22A unit coal running for delivery to Santa for all you boys and girls who have been bad this year. 55 Cars. I told everyone "Don't make me go in the siding. I'll take up three of 'em."
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    Conductor: "WHAT THE DEVIL ARE YOU DOING?!?!? I SAID WE NEED TO WAIT!" Engineer: "Oh? I thought you said shove back, run eight. I thought that was kinda wierd, but you're the boss"
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    building your own handrails...

    I've heard of folks that will take the Athearn handrails and drill the stanchions to accept wire.

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