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    American Flyer

    I have some old passenger and RPO cars in HO that are American Flyer. I know that AF is more associated with S (at least i think it's S maybe O) but there are some HO pieces out there. As a kid, most of my buddies and I had Lionel O-27 stuff (i still have a few of those pieces) but some of my...
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    modeling steel cable

    Grey Carpet Thread. Inexpensive, heavy guage, if you look close it's twisted. If you want to animate your buckets it will hold under stress and make sharp bends. my 2¢ Scoot
  3. Printer

    It`s been awhile!

    Misery loves company so I'll just say welcome back. I've been under the weather too.
  4. Printer

    What Scale?

    G for Garden, or rather, Yard. We can pretend that the mosquitoes are flocks of eagles. In my dreams? Live steam, ride on. 7 inch gauge or so.
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    Proud to be a Veteran

    My Lottery number was "7". I was working at Sears the day it was drawn. I went over to the TV department when they drew the numbers. Then after, I went and shook hands with everyone and said "Good Bye".
  6. Printer

    loco running long hood forward?

    NS (Norfolk Southern) ran long hood forward as standard ops. So the "backwards" is a misnomer. But follow Josh's advice and just reverse polarity. If it's something that you want to do as a standard way for the long hood units, you could just open up the unit and swap/solder red/black wires from...
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    What does it take to make a good 4 x 8?

    Well to get back on topic. I am returning after a lengthy hiatus like you (25 years +/-). I'm sticking with the 4X8 for the moment, with an eye on some sort of expansion. Again like you... "to get the hang again". I have agonized over whether to switch gauges to "N" or "G". My self debate...
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    Coffee Shop Part VII is now OPEN

    Yes I'm picky about where I visit. I do have an iTunes account but my trust in Apple and Mac is beyond question. So far it hasn't let me down. I can of course pass PC virus' along to others but they have no effect on my OS. No (dot)DLL files or (dot)EXE files on me. I do run a copy of Windows XP...
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    Coffee Shop Part VII is now OPEN

    I should keep my mouth shut and not say a word......... Shhhhhh........but i don't have any virus detection or cleaning software on my computer at all. I haven't had a virus on any of my systems since a "silverdust" was brought in on a floppy disk way back in 1996. I run all sorts of...
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    Proud to be a Veteran

    United States Army - 1969 - 1971 To my lost brothers. May they rest in Peace Scoot
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    Coffee Shop Part VII is now OPEN

    To my many friends listed upon "The Wall". I often sit and wonder why you and not me. I miss you all and still love each and every one of you.
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    Greetings and a question

    I won't go into the health reason behind my delaying my restart. Suffice it to say that I'm waiting for the prodding and probing of every end and orifice to stop and my Doctor to give me the Nod & Wink to return to some semblance of normality. I have Cardiac Stress tests this month as well as...
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    Greetings and a question

    Welcome Idaho HO or N? That seems to be the question of the century. If you toss in HO-N-or "G" then you have the start of a VERY lively debate. I myself am just restarting in the hobby. I also have this very same quandary to solve. I have oodles of HO stuff in storage but also have an...
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    where do you get your info

    Google is your FRIEND! I've heard this stated before and it's truth is invaluable. Scoot
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    New to this site and new to trains

    Nice starter stuff if you're thinking of putting down the light saber, not flying an X-Wing fighter and becoming a RailRoad Robber Baron [;)]. The things you have found or run across are a helluva start for a new layout to get your feet wet in model RRing. If your thoughts are to sell it all and...

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