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    Spring 2017. Photo Fun.

    Hi everybody, 9 years passed and my layout still be the same; hoping everyface still be here; umm ..where is Grandeฦ
  2. P_POP

    Weekend Photo Fun 9-26

    resume Thai boxcar :mad:I though there was some suspicious activity on the rail near my home last week. On weekend I kept on produce roofs for my Thai boxcars urgently, here're the roofs. Next step is to develop the prototype door, not easy for me!:eek:
  3. P_POP

    WEEKEND PHOTO FUN 19 - 20 - 21 Sept

    More try! Because of politic turbulance, Thai people get free mass transits for 6 months til February 2009. At home I keep produce more car, still there's no roof and no door as usual... I need one dozen cars.
  4. P_POP

    Weekend Photo Fun 9-12/9-15

    once a while posting I keep trying make it fun by doing Thai freight car; resin-fiberglass work. Hope making a dozen but there are no roof and no door now.:confused: :eek:
  5. P_POP

    WPF: 03-07/08/09-08, Windy?

    update my layout and vehicle Now I have some showoff : a new spot and some new stream for my update. This week I can take natural warm sunlight for you; from BKK Thailand!:) More GIF moving pics in.........
  6. P_POP

    WeeKenD pHoTo Phun!!! 6/23

    I assembled a water tower and airblushed it, colored with my imaginary random idea....... Photographed it on a new improvement spot. I appreciate convince you see a video of Thai locomotive revival........... or...
  7. P_POP

    WeEkeNd PhOtO FuN 27th ApRiL 2007 lot of new thing new designed for seeing This wEeKeNd I go on duplicated telegram poles made of chemical resin. You can see...I bought a new old blue car. It's former owner was pass away! I respect him.
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    Friday the 13th! WPF 13-15

    THAI Prime Minister is ModelRailroader 13th Apr is THAI's NewYearday! This year is so special and surprise because our prime minister had visited home of TFT on the next day for weekend relax. More pics of this little party at...
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    WeEkEnD PhOtO FuN

    I do not have model sir... . This weekend is Bhudda day, there is local fair in a Wat beside Thonburi South Line rail (the start point of the rail of death in WWII) while muslim community across Bangkoknoi canal set a youth muslim fair also. So, I scouted in my district area and I had found a...
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    Foter Fun Two-Twenty-Three

    This weekend other gangs of Thai model railroaders dared to present the first model railroad fair at Jatujak park BK for 2 days. It is very little fair, however they have tried to promote to public by every kinds of media. In Thailand some hobby such as RC flying booms vastly as fast as...
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    WEEKEND photo fun Feb 16th - 18th

    I'm glad I can start trying to build Thai tradition house HO this weekend. It is made of Balsa wood. I found that it is backbreaking job earn 3 hrs for one side of panel furnished. very tiny pieces...:eek: I'm also not able to make it kneat, so may be looked folk...
  12. P_POP

    Weekend's here PHOTO FUN Feb 9th to 11th

    Lately and misunderstood I am
  13. P_POP

    The Weekend Photo Thing! 2/2 - 2/4

    Why not Whyyy.....n o ttttt!
  14. P_POP

    The Weekend Photo Thing! 2/2 - 2/4

    Thai Prime Minister is a model-railroader His layout was revealed. You can watch mov clip by this procedure.... 1) go to............... 2) at the bottom of the page, you can see a long empty block for search. Then you have to copy these THAI words and paste in the...
  15. P_POP

    The Weekend Photo Thing! 2/2 - 2/4

    Harvest time; I do more trees.... Here I am OK no matter how many terrorism bomps happened in Bangkok. ................................................................................................ Last year I made 50 trees from my garden plant names "squirrel's tail". Many months later...

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