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GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
First one in this morning!

That never happens. And it didn't. Morning Willie! (He came in as I was composing.)

Time for coffee and a garbage can omelet, extra bacon. Thanks Flo!

What can one say about Catholic grade school...We didn't get the ruler, but times tables 0 to 12 200 times. I can still rattle off any number in that group without My 4th grade teacher was a really mean nun...Sister Andrea. She and I butted heads more than any 2 people should have. We did have lay teaches as well. My parents taught at the school, so getting in trouble was especially easy.

I do have an aunt that is a retired nun. She's at the convent equivalent of a nursing home. Last visited about 2 years ago when I took mom to see her. Not gonna happen again as mom has dementia and it wasn't a fun visit for my aunt or me and the wife.

I'll probably get the Dr. to authorize the Shingrix vaccine on my next physical. I'll be 60 then. I don't like shots! (ok they really don't bother me, just the thought does...) I probably should also get the pneumonia shot as well.

It will be a busy next couple of days here at the office as I have a large database moving to a new server. I don't know why this one scares me the most. Our vendor keeps telling me it isn't a bi deal....But he's done a lot more than I have. When completed, I'll finally have the last misconfigured server out of the system.


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Morning Flo. Bagel with apple butter. Toasted and sliced, please.

Got some train room time in. Just prepped the pics. Head over to the Still Untitled Thread to check it out (in about an hour, I need to word the words first).

After that, I need to word words on the book in progress. Only have two months to write it.


Sprue-n-Glue Victim
Morning, everyone! A slight bit warmer this morning, at 31°; and the snow disappeared in a hurry, yesterday, with no more appearing overnight. It's going to be a fine day!

I achieved quite a-bit yesterday. Managed some color and a glossy clear-coat on my hardware store:

The Tamiya XF-64 red/brown might be a wee bit dark, but, I'm going to leave it. It may lighten up some when I sludge wash it. Most of it is not glued together in that photo; it's just mocked up so I can see effect. - I'm reasonably happy!

Most of the day yesterday was assisting the wife in her flower arrangement hobby. We ventured into the forest, so she could gather Red Dogwood and Pine/Fir cuttings, as well as pine-cones. I only act as bear watch during these excursions, but, it's good exercise. And I would be proud to throw myself in front of a Grizzly to protect her 😔😢😒 . I'd have to, she can run faster than me.

Patrick - You might be first in, but, I'm first in lugging a photo!

I need to go clean out a clients eaves-trough of fallen leaves today. That will be 100 bucks for train stuff.
See ya'll later!


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning World. Clear and 66° in my yard. Waiting for the wham-bam cold front to hit a little later this morning. Started at 77° at midnight and that will be the high for today, although it may return to the mid-70's before dropping to 45° tonight and tomorrow. Weather predictor has inserted an isolated chance of thundershowers into next Tuesday's forecast, so no real rain in sight.
Spent part of yesterday morning retrieving my last load of free firewood from where I used to work. Shutdown of that division is next week and they're running out of the material that comes on those wooden skids. My friend the plant manager there, was expecting to be employed for another 6-9 months overseeing the dismantling and cleanup of the place, but was abruptly told Tuesday that they were hiring an outside contractor to do that job instead. OK with him, he's leaving the company regardless and already has multiple job offers from past competitors. Only about 5% of the employees there are willing to transfer to other jobs offered by the company at the "mothership" eleven miles away. There continues to be a bad taste of the new management team over there. Other than the fifty or so employees that remained at this old location, only about a dozen of more than 600 hourly employees eligible to move when they did move in 2016, remained on the payroll after 12 months at their new location.
Meanwhile at home today, I am getting the list ready for the weekly grocery/beer trek this morning. Later it's time to prepare the inside wood storage box next to the heater for winter time use; and to remove the A/C from the bedroom window. The others stay in place year-round, but we like to be able to open that window along with the other in that room during the fall and spring.

I am ready for something "lunch-like" this morning Flo. How about chicken-fried steak, Southern cream gravy and hash-browns.

Thanks to all who liked or commented yesterday on the Halloween or progress photo post; Jerome, Joe, Guy, Karl, Tom O, Patrick, Phil, James, Curt, Ken, Tom.

I ventured out to the train shed yesterday and completed the tar paper roof on Shultz's Garage.
10-15-20 002.JPG

I also tentatively decided where to put it, over on the large upper level peninsula across from the Atlas Steel Works laser-cut structure.
10-15-20 003.JPG

Over in the project area, I added some ground cover around the C&B Refrigeration structure.
10-15-20 004.JPG

10-15-20 005.JPG

Wet glue was still very wet in these pictures. Today I hope to get the front parking area and the back "storage" lot completed. This business will get a chain link fence, once I clear the workbench a bit and get out the materials to make it with. Trees might come first though.

Joe - I always felt that the 7-8 minute response from the two different VFD's was a real good response time. I am also on their list of available "clean" water sources (my pool) in case they need a refill before the tanker truck shows up. So far they haven't had to take advantage of that. I used to get two free tickets to their annual fish fry fund raiser for volunteering my water, but I donated as well. This year it was drive thru at the local school.
Guy - Those new neighbors aren't really bad neighbors, but they're haughty city slickers that are not used to being neighborly. Being over a quarter mile away, (0.4 km to metric folks), they really aren't going to have a lot of interaction with me or the other six families who live in our isolated 100 acre enclave, unless they choose to.
Around here, those two-bay covered hoppers are used for cement or sand mostly. Both are rather heavy, hence the smaller hopper.
Greg - Eagerly awaiting the gift pictures. You're right about the lines at the private schools. Been in many of them over the years. Interesting for many of my classmates and me that once in the ninth grade, we no longer had to do lines, but for a little while we automatically lined up!
My oldest daughter's graduating class had only 13 as well in our rural public school here. Catholic school was just too far away to practically use it.
Ken - Those sure are nice looking cabooses (or cabeese).

OK, how about a little informal contest? Sometime today, someone will give me "Reaction Point" # 10,000. Who will it be? No prize other than the recognition. I feel that it is an honor to be recognized so often by you guys.

Everybody have a great day.
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Beach Bum
Good morning, y'all. Think my PC is on the verge of failing. First I thought it was just the Forum here, then Firefox, but apparently not so.

Suspect Edge, (which is supposedly disabled), is running continually in the background, based on the temporary files I purged last night. However, even when not using the internet, the Laptop is wonky. So...I would have to conclude that It won't be long before I have to replace this machine.
I already backed up all the crucial data, so I'll run some diagnostic stuff later today, when I get back.


"retired" conductor
Good morning gang!
Heading off to the mountains of western Absurdistan today. We are leaving the cat and the dog in the capable hands of her 17 year old son oh, so we can have an anniversary Retreat for the weekend. Yes it's been 1 year since we flew to Arizona to get married at the Grand Canyon, so we figured we were due a weekend getaway. Going to try to do a little fishing, and a little railfanning. Catch you on the flip side.


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff

Make sure you don't have any updates that need to be run. Windows 10 tends to get wonky when updates are needed. Be sure to check as often times it says your up to date and forcing the check finds them.
On the other hand, your machine may need replacing. I noticed that with my 12 year old desktop at home is really slowing down with the latest updates


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Good Midday to most of you all!
We failed to penetrate the triple digit temp again yesterday so we will try again today for another 101°F today and looking for 103° tomorrow - pool times on again for the weekend!
As I went out on the patio last evening - I notice that the weather is changing ... the 62°F with the ocean influence of 87% humidity made it seem quite cool almost needing a sleeve on.
I might add that NO SNOW is in the forecast - neither is ANY form of liquid moisture.

I discovered that after owning my "new" 2004 Ranger for, what, 7-8 months now that the windshield washer does not work. I checked everything but the motor refuses to go - oink - so I had to manually clean the dust off for the first time since our last rain of June 6th - I am in no rush to have it repaired.

I made the weekly grocery trek too -although normally I do a couple trips a week being as close as I am to everything. I also stopped at the tax man's office to sign the forms, file the taxes, and pay the man for his great work. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a larger refund than expected which will be applied to next years 2020 return. Nothing like cutting it close with 24 hours to spare!

I better go ask MEL to fix me something to eat this morning .. still waking up much too early - stayed up too late last evening with the Spouse watching 'Saving Private Ryan'. Had not seen it since it originally came out. Pretty awesome story with unbelievable special effects!


Same Ol' Buzzard
Well it looks like Chad gave me reaction # 10,000 and also # 10,001 this morning around 10:39 CDT. So he gets to be recognized as the person who put me over that milestone! Thanks Chad. Actually, thanks to everyone who has reacted to my posts. All have been favorable so far. Having Internet friends like you guys means a lot to me.
Thanks again.
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Good good morning ballast tampers, I hope everybody is doing well this morning I'm not we have a lively group here at the coffee shop today ?!

Weather weather wise here in central California the low wa 60°F high will be 90° F. It will be sunny and right now the humidity is 31%.

Hello Flow, Francine, I want my two favorite waitresses doing this morning ? Good to hear you're both doing well just waiting on the railroad crowd to roll on in are you?
This morning I'd like a couple eggs scrambled with hash brown potatoes and either link sausage or sausage patty and some rye toast with butter of course and some black coffee to get me going. .Thanks it'll be good to put some food in the old gut.

Willie: it's good that you knew how to repair the situation with the front door but holding a 20 ton bottle jack around under the house is no easy task and none of us are getting any younger but we need to do what we need to do but I'm sure that's what played a total on your back so take care.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable day and that goes for you too FlowFrancine.

PRR Modeler

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Good Afternoon,

Today I got the bridge in and tested. I thought there was a electrical issue but it was just really dirty bridge track. I did find a problem with the large rockface in the back right hand corner. About 50% of the time the 2-8-8-2 would stick against it. After debating what to do I pulled it off, cut it down and attached the top in the original position. I then filled everything in with bushes. I'll test it tomorrow after everything dries, but there shouldn't be a issue.

Ken- Beautiful job on the cabins.

Tom- Pictures?

Sherrel- I'll be ripping mine out tomorrow to start on it :D. That is definitely a eye opener.

Guy- Nice job on the storefront. It reminds me of a Woolworths.

Willie- Nice job on the buildings.

Karl- Enjoy your getaway with the missus.

Troy- Time to get serious! Let's get ready to rumble.:)

The original rockface.


How it is now.




I hope everyone has a good night.
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