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Lazy Daydreamer
Ken, can you find cabeese that would have the screens? Get them, remove the screens from the box, then resell them as “complete, except for package of window screens”.
Terry - the ones I'm talking about are the Spring Mills Depot I-12, o-o-p and sold out for years now. They were not sold in any hobby shops, I bought them direct from SMD. So your idea isn't really an option for me...

What happened to the boxes?
Sherrell, they probably were in a bigger box [with lesser-value stuff piled on top] that accidentally got hauled to the landfill during my most recent de-cluttering effort.


Lazy Daydreamer
Good evening SHop Dwellers. 67*F with a slight breeze in my corner of central MD.

Thank you all - Willie, Guy, Troy, Karl, Patrick, Jerome, Chad, Sherrell, James, Phil, Tom, Terry, Curt - for the "likes" and supportive comments on my caboose photo.

Had a stressfull day dialing into work today, details are too technical for most of you [except possibly Patrick?] so I'll spare you the boring monologue.

This evening I'll start gathering the raw materials I'm gonna need for upgrading my 6 I-12's so that they'll be on a par with the Tangent and Athearn Genesis cabeese.

Ooops - being called to supper, gotta run!


Beach Bum
The constant update cycle for this version of Windows is a real PITA.

IMHO, Just another step in their goal of an annual subscription fee for the operating system.

I pulled it off, cut it down and attached the top in the original position. I then filled everything in with bushes.
Curt: Necessity is the mother of change...looks good

I bought them direct from SMD. So your idea isn't really an option for me...
Ken: Longshot possibility, but might Athearn and / or Tangent have any "spares" available for sale? Should be roughly the same size, eh?

Morrisville Diesel Shop 09-13-1959.jpg

Morrisville Diesel Shop 09-13-1959. Twenty years later, I had office space in this same building.


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Evening all,

Late night in Doo-dah. Backup of the database accessory files took 15.5 hours. Then I had to take an incremental to get the rest of them created between 3:00am when the backup started and noon when we shut down access. That one took 10 minutes. Now I'm starting the restoration to the new server. Once it actually starts transferring the files, I'll be able to go home and let it run overnight. Fortunately the I don't need to restore the full backup. Full backup has about 150Gb (of 900Gb) of OS and programs that won't be needed and there's another about 150Gb on the D: drive that also won't need to be restored. I'm waiting for the system to tell me how much data and how long the restoration's going to take. I don't really care, just dump the stuff back to the new disk!!! lol


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Dang. Tom got here first.

Just coffee today, Flo. I sense a donut about to enter my immediate future.

Had to head down to the basement and sleep in my recliner for a while last night. Wife was sleeping on her back, and I couldn't get the foghorn to stop sounding. Three hours later, she was on her side as she normally sleeps, and I could return. By my thinking, that warrants a yummy donut.

I put off time in the train room last night. Need to get a bin to dunk my plaster cloth into B4 applying. Instead, I spent time at the GN historical site, grabbing images of the mountains in Stevens Pass for inspiration. Between those, and some of the photos on here (Jim/HOexplorer), I've got enough to get started. And, since 25 pounds of sculptamold arrived yesterday, no excuses.

Oh, and I need a new pair of jeans. Got a blowout in a knee on one of the pairs I rotate through. One of the other two pairs is great for the pre-COVID era when I had not added the quarantine-19.

See... need a plastic bin, a pair of jeans, maybe swing by the bulk food marketplace and see if they have "take out" paper containers on the cheap for mixing sculptamold and plaster products. (don't wash that stuff down the drain, mates... plumbers love to charge to clean your hobby out of the drain pipes).


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

No I didn't sleep here last night, but didn't get much in the way of sleep. Finally got data moving at a little before 9:30p and went home. Came in early to make sure it's still coming back. 5% complete after 7 hours. I was supposed to have it back up by later today. That's not gonna happen.

I really don't want to spend the weekend working.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Clear skies and 47° here in North Central Texas. Wind finally died down about sunset last night after a whole day of northerly cool breeze, at mostly 20 mph or higher. I thought that I might have to start a fire in the wood-burning heater this morning, but the inside temperature is still 72°. While it has been necessary before, it is extremely rare for me to have to heat the house in October. Maybe a third to half of the days in November. My most brutal month is normally February, but it warms up very rapidly here in March. The slight possibility of rain next week has been removed from the forecast, so nothing in the ten day outlook.
Made the weekly grocery/beer trek yesterday. Wife was brave enough to go along, although she went to the car wash and the drugstore while I went to the grocery store. Had to remember to wind down perishable purchases since her knee has recovered enough that we will be making our annual vacation trip to Gulf Shores AL starting the 24th. We booked our condo yesterday (not much demand this year), same one that we usually book, but on a different floor. We'll meet up with my wife's sister and hubby, along with some other people that we know. Her sister is renting a four bedroom beach house and one other couple cancelled leaving a vacant bedroom, but it only has two single beds and would have cost us more than our condo with the king-sized bed. Besides our condo has an elevator, something that the house doesn't have, good for wife's knee!
I bit the bullet earlier this week and ordered myself a new desktop computer. It's an HP Pavilion (590-p0050) Desktop Computer recommended by my geek SIL. My current HP desktop is eleven years old and I still run Win7. It gets confused every so often and temporarily locks up. It may arrive today.

How about a pair of sunny-side up eggs for me this morning Flo. A handful of bacon and a toasted whole wheat English Muffin would go well with them.

Thanks for all of the reactions and comments yesterday; Guy, Jerome, Joe, Sherrel, Karl, Troy, Phil, Patrick, Chad, Rick, Hughie, Tom, Ken, Curt, Tom O, James. Schultz's Garage was a quick, fun and easy build to occupy some bench time.

Out in the train shed yesterday, I mostly just did odd tasks and it eventually evolved into running a few trains. Continuing my quarterly cleanup project, I cleaned the last three staging tracks and the passing siding on the other side of the aisle. That overall task has been completed as there are no structures or accessories to clean on that part of the layout. I also completed the ground cover and parking area around the C&B Refrigeration structure but still need to add a few trees which I still have to make.
10-16-20 009.JPG

At the present time, I am undecided where to go next. I have many choices. I am strongly contemplating going back to the downtown Charlottesville area and adding more structures. The trees here will be a sideline activity because I still need some for Charlottesville. Once I get everything out, I will make a few. I also need to bring out the weed-making supplies. Besides here, I have a long list of areas that I have temporarily bypassed. That's pretty much all for this morning. I'll see what the rest of the day brings.

Patrick - I kinda feel the same way about taking shots after a traumatic experience with a needle that broke in my arm back in 1958 while getting a polio shot in Brooklyn. That's how we were immunized back then! Doctor used a pair of pliers to remove it. Took 47 years before I got another shot. They really don't bother me any more.
Karl - Belated Happy Anniversary and hope the trip goes well.
Sherrel -
I also stopped at the tax man's office to sign the forms, file the taxes, and pay the man for his great work. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a larger refund than expected which will be applied to next years 2020 return. Nothing like cutting it close with 24 hours to spare!
Being late doesn't carry any consequences if you have a refund coming.
David -
I'm sure that's what played a total on your back so take care.
Thanks for the thought. I was just sore from working in an awkward position, nothing that a little time wouldn't take care of. I was back to normal well before noon the next day, without medication.:)
Troy -
I couldn't get the foghorn to stop sounding.
Ah yes! one of the advantages of me having to have hearing aids. That and I can hear others now when I want to wear them.
Jeans! Haven't seen mine since February. Reminds me that I need to get them out and dusted off.

If I remember from my working career, today is National Boss's Day. My employees generally took me to lunch.
Everybody have a great day and an awesome weekend.


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Drizzle or no drizzle - that's a nice photo, KARL!

TROY, Hurry up with the donuts, I need one for my coffee too! Pretty sure it was on the forum somewhere, but an answer for you is to get a flexible bowl to mix the material - then let waste almost harden and by flexing the bowl - it falls into the trash - no muss, no fuss.

CURT - Your layout is really taking shape ... Nice photo of the 2-8-8-2 on the trestle.

Whew, it only got to 99 yesterday, but I was trying to work on a couple outside projects and just could not take the heat - dry or otherwise. Weather guesser are predicting 103 today with hot and sunny!
(I forgot to load the "degree"sign this morning as well as other comments I was going to make.)

Still waiting on TROY;s donuts?


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I bit the bullet earlier this week and ordered myself a new desktop computer. It's an HP Pavilion (590-p0050) Desktop Computer recommended by my geek SIL. My current HP desktop is eleven years old and I still run Win7. It gets confused every so often and temporarily locks up. It may arrive today.
Sounds like most model railroaders I know. We all get confused (cornfused if you're in Indiana), and have lots of temporary lockups in our operating systems.

Troy -

Ah yes! one of the advantages of me having to have hearing aids. That and I can hear others now when I want to wear them.
I've got the hearing aids too... but I'm not deaf enough to avoid the foghorn... yet


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Good morning from my cold section in So. Central Wisconsin at 36f degrees heading into the 50’s. Finally decent winds at 13mph after the last 3 high gusting wind days.

Troy, head to a dollar store for mixing bowls, cant beat the pricing.

Computers, since retirement in 2014 I switched to a IPad Pro and do not miss my laptop or desk top computer.

Great Fall picture Karl. Toot, beautiful!

My wife grinds her teeth, worst then the snoring I do

Greg—our scenic trip yesterday was in your area of Wisconsin. Never hit the Interstates took 18 all the way into Waukesha Hartland, Dousman, Village of Peewaukee and a bunch of others. Did walk along the lake in the Village of Peewaukee but it was very cold and windy. So many out of business signs in storefronts.
Have a great day
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It was 36F this morning when I got up. It is now 52F at 11:30am . High is supposed to be around 62F. Tomorrow kissing 70F. Sunny or mostly sunny/partly cloudy for the next 10 days per the witch doctors.

I have an old Mac Pro tower that I had not been using and I installed Win 10 on it a year ago or so so I could use it to run command station and other DCC related configuration apps that only exist on Windows. My dad uses a similar Mac pro tower (same year/model but slower processor) as his main computer still (12+ years old!). His video card is an old basic one and I have a more modern beefier one in my Mac Pro (I burned one out and had to replace it like 7 years ago). I also have more RAM in mine. So I bought a new video card that works with Windows (since I am not running in Bootcamp, but direct native Windows on the machine I did not need a Mac compatible video card) so that I could donate my video card to his computer. I also took 4GB out (leaving 8) so I can add it to his. I am only using this computer for simple DCC configuration and the like so he can better use the stuff I took out. I'll get it set up for him tomorrow. While testing the new set up, I was able to upgrade my Digikeijs DR5000-ADJ command station to the latest firmware and then to run my 2 Swiss KATO trains I posted earlier for a bit. Just making sure it still works and the manufacturers config and control apps still work.
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