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Happy October! May it be better than September.

Coffee and a mess of bacon, Flo. I've got a book to edit today.

The postdude brought me a happy package yesterday (pic on my still untitled layout thread). It has the Walthers Pass-Through steel bridge. Ugh. Lots of fiddly little parts. But I need those built so I can figure where the underpasses to orchard hill will go.


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Morning all,

Time for coffee as it is presenting itself to be a busy day in Doo-Dah.

Less than 90 days to Christmas. No I'm not ready yet. Santa's giving cash this year to the big people and I think a mix to the little people. At least I think that's what Mrs. Santa said. Mowing tomorrow as with the little bit of rain (and first application of winterizer) the grass is getting a bit tall.

From the old place:

montanan: We have the same leaf problem in Kansas. Mostly cottonwoods that turn yellow and brown and blow to the next county, unless your house is the one in the neighborhood that catches the neighbors leaves. Not like the woods in Michigan where I started life.

MikeInHubCity: I'll have to remind dad why the old people should have stayed in Kansas. He and mom are in Iron River, Mi and it looks cold according to your Friday forecast. Funny thing is I have a neighbor who retired from Iron County, Mi. after living in Iron River. I found him by a tee shirt he wore. Small world when a neighbor moves from where your parents decided to move to after they retired.

Everyone have a good day!
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Good morning gang!

MMMMMM, bacon and latex, what a smell!!

Flo, can we start the month with a country fried steak and 2 eggs over easy. Oh and I don't care it it is October, keep the pumpkin spice stuff over there! 🎃 It belongs in the pie, not in my coffee.

Patrick, Santa writes checks or Amazon gift cards and puts them in cards for the big kids and adults, presents for the little ones only. Makes it easy when visiting kids, grandkids, and siblings over the holidays.

Well, its time for work, just remember guys, if you are going to tip your waitress, please stand her back up for the next customer!!!


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Good morning y'all. Happy October. 58° and sunny going to 74° more or less.

Lansdale Engine #2620 9-30-1976.jpg

Lansdale (PA) engine working on 9-30-1976...Note crossing protection watchman's tower still in use to the right. This photo was taken after Conrail took over the Reading.

RDG MU at Jenkintown, PA 9-30-1976.jpg

Take another ride on the Reading...Philadelphia Bound MU coming in to Jenkintown. 9-30-1976. Off peak fare of $0.30, comes out of the $200 you get when you pass Go! At the time this photo was taken, this was actually a Conrail passenger train.

Curt: FWIW, The switch surfacing, (ballast), in the foreground is what I was trying to explain the other day, in a previous post.


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Good Morning All. Clear, almost full moon and 61° on the SFW estate. September went out with a very warm 91° yesterday, back to normal mid-70's to mid-80's for the next ten days, no rain in sight. Household tasks filled my morning yesterday, and I did some minor yard maintenance after lunch. During my daily walk yesterday morning, I met the wife of the newest neighbor down the road. She is the one who actually owns the land (100 acres ±), having inherited it in 1991. Pretty young lady in her late 50's who seemed to be a lot more friendly than her husband. It was only her third trip out there since inheriting it years ago. Her older sister (and husband) who lives about three miles away has been taking care of it all these years. She was checking on the progress of the new house (big one) that they are building back in the woods. First new home being built in our area in over 15 years.
Working on the weekly grocery list this morning in preparation for the grocery/beer trek to the "big city". Looks like added stops at the vitamin shop and wine store are on the list. Wife is continuing to make progress in her knee replacement recovery, she drove to the mailbox and back yesterday, 2.25 mile round trip for the first time in six weeks.

New Coffee Shop looks nice with that Octoberfest look to it, Flo. I see fresh pumpkin pies over in the pie case as well. Maybe I'll just have a slice of that along with a couple of over easy eggs and a handful of bacon this morning.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding yesterday's progress report; Lee, Guy, Karl, Garry, Patrick, Joe, Chad, Tom O, Phil, Jerome, Curt, Justin, Chet, Tom, Jerry.

Out in the train shed yesterday, progress continued. Mostly ground cover here and there. Note the unpainted switch machine here, I had to replace the original one because after two years, it quit working properly. I'll hand paint it even though it will be completely hidden by the plastics factory on the near side of the tracks.
10-01-20 004.JPG

Included here are two culvert pipes.
10-01-20 002.JPG

10-01-20 003.JPG

Added gravel to the storage area behind the auto body shop.
10-01-20 001.JPG

And over on the workbench, I started with the windows on the DPM structure after finishing all of the concrete trim.
10-01-20 006.JPG

That's ten down, maybe twenty more to go.
Ran a train through the recently ballasted trackage to ensure that all switches worked as planned and that I left no residues on the track.
10-01-20 005.JPG

I took another shot of this train as it rounded the peninsula at the other end of town.
10-01-20 007.JPG

Ken - Google Homemade Cricket Traps to alleviate your cricket issue.
Lee - Another neat picture post of your O gauge layout.
Garry - That sure is a great looking train station in Nashville. I don't believe that I had ever seen it or a picture of it before. But I do take IH440 when traveling through Nashville and the station is probably closer to IH40,
Sherrel - I was absolutely floored when I saw the average gasoline price in CA on Stuart Varney's show the other morning. Here it is still in the ~ $1.80 range. And last week I got a 60¢ per gallon discount using my Kroger gas points on a 14 gallon fill-up.
Chet -
"Get the old eyeballs ready for the windows."
Ready and waiting; see above.

Everybody have a great day.


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Is that fresh paint I smell or Willie’s hair tonic. Flo. Cheese Omelet and Raisin is toast.

Joe. Nice pic to start us off with

Curt. Thanks for the complement as well as the others who liked the O scale Layout pics. Here’s a few pics of some Piggybacks I took last month at Dupo Illinois. Everyone enjoy this New Place and have a great day
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Dawn is starting to break! Officially the high was 104 yesterday and another 105 is called for today - still not a cloud in sight - forecast for today is sunny and hot. None of that "chick food" spice stuff for me - Just would like a plain cup of black coffee and I will hold off on breakfast for a while.

I have no idea where yesterday went. I did not leave the house and only visited the yard once to police the presents that the pups left. We are having the whole house carpet cleaning tomorrow so today will be spent "shuffling" furniture around and moving tables, lamps. chairs, and whatnots around as best we can.
The Spousal Unit is down about 60 pounds, however seems to have reached a plateau which has been advertised to happen several times over the course of time. She looks sooo much better - I am proud of what she has accomplished - but I wonder if "we" will ever get to the point where we can dine out together - or do I just order one meal and give her a spoonful of it?
WILLIE - Glad to hear that Arlean is improving. This one seems to be a little more cantankerous than prior - is that assumption correct?

JOE, LEE, Garry, and others ... All great photos - luv looking at them.

GREG -- haven't heard from you in a few days -- what's happening? Hope you and the B-Unit are staying safe?


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Well good afternoon from cool Wisconsin about 125 miles south and east of MikeinHubCity and about 70 miles south of Greg in his cabin. Could not figure out where everyone was and when I tried to post, there was no reply button. It always helps to be in the correct month, October now where did September go. Wisconsin is the 3rd hottest Covid spot in the nation and now it’s not the college kids!
i am on the last lot of trees to have leaves applied and then planted. Way longer then the intended schedule but life and no interest got in the way. Also took a couple pictures of the dumpsters for the MRH forum thread I had started. There still is a surprising interest in the dumpsters. Great pictures and Willie glad the spousal unit is doing well. Sherrel, you can sacrifice the restaurants for awhile but when you get to go,she’ll be packing the to go boxes. Congrats to her! Enjoy your day, stay safe. TomO.





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Saplings, WIP. Took the leftover scraps of wire to make 8 saplings. 4 strands of 26gauge wire twisted together, cut to 4” and then a number of coats of Latex rubber to be determined. Need to cover the twists. Then paint a bark looking color grey and planted along the edge of a forest. TomO


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Afternoon All,

This morning we made the major Wally World grocery trip for Oct.. At least it wasn't very busy. This afternoon I painted the plaster I put on yesterday then spent almost 2 hours putting up 4' of bushes on the left side backdrop. I still have 5' to do on that side. The rock faces came in today. On another note I started using a new tube of clear caulk and the end failed getting caulk everywhere and on me :mad: :mad:. Not happy about that.

Chet- Great layout photo.

Joe- Great photos.

Lee- Nice looking Frisco Box and trailer cars.

Willie- Nice modeling and details.

Sherrel- It sounds like your wife is doing great.

TomO- Great looking trees and dumpster.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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I haven't been around these parts in a while. I see that Flo still works all 3 shifts, my goodness. I'll get the apple pie myself and to go, Ms. Flo, you take a break. Can I get you anything? Not much happening out in the garage. Waiting on a few orders to come in. Hope y'all have a good night!
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Hi Shop Dwellers, it's 57*F with light rain in my central MD neighborhood. Thanks everybody for the 'like's and supportive comments y'all left on my GP40 kitbash thread!

I can't come inside yet to sniff the paint fumes, because I might be contaminated - I'm still waiting to learn the results from the Covid test specimen that I left at CVS yesterday. The instruction papers said it takes 2 to 3 days for the results to get back; but when I went to the MyChart website where they will post them, it said 2 to 5 days! I hope the results come back sooner than that, because I have a doctors appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning which I've had to postpone once already from two weeks earlier. I decided to get this test because of the crowds of millennials without masks who attended my daughter's baby shower last Saturday.

I'm having a case of the end-of-project blues, because the next thing on my ToDo list is decluttering the trainroom, which is an absolute mess after all the scenery work last spring and remnants of the loco rebuild. It needs to be made presentable and operationally bulletproof by October 2021, since I'll be hosting an op session for out-of-town visitors at MER convention. Assuming it doesn't get cancelled, that is...

Lee, I definitely enjoy seeing your intermodal photos - especially that one of the 53ft trailer on a spine car. Those are neat to look at in real life, but I've heard lots of complaints from modelers who say those 1:87 things are near impossible to keep from derailing. I guess it's kind of difficult to add weight onto a car like that. Glad I'm modeling a period long before they existed...😉

Tom-O: Those industrial dumpsters are real works of art! I sure wish Walthers would make some standard enclosed commercial dumpsters like we see in restaurant parking lots and shopping center alleys. I know there's a Shapeways vendor selling a version of them, but they're a tad pricey.
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