My layout: The Colorado Midland, Midland Terminal, & Short Line.

Here's a little bit of the story of how my layout came to be. I've been into model trains since I was a little kid, Lionel sets and Thomas the Tank Engine got that ball rolling, but I didn't have any place to set anything up and kind of walked away from it for a little while. Eventually, I discovered that HO scale was the best fit for me, (in more ways than one) and I've been modeling it ever since. For a number of years, I had a temp. layout on our dining room table until we moved to our current home in Wyoming two years ago, which gave me the layout space I always wanted. So, once we got settled in and some upgrades/repairs to the house and train room to be were completed, I started layout construction. First I painted the backdrop, then I started the benchwork. The layout is about 90% functional, so I can run trains, which is always a good thing. Most of what I need to do is scenery. So, for this post, I'm showing the old and the new. First photo is the dining room table setup, next two are the beginnings of the "real" layout, with the Old Colorado City roundhouse and turntable (upside down) in the approximate positions I wanted them in before permanent installation.
Here's some more photos of the layout as construction progressed. The layout had just become operable at this point. The first two photos show the Colorado Springs Old Colorado City yards progressing, including my newly completed (at the time) water storage tank, and the office building and machine shop. Both the office and shop still aren't finished at the time I'm writing this, I've got to get my but moving on them.:rolleyes: The other two show the yards at the Cripple Creek end well under construction. Something I neglected to mention in my first entry is the track plan. The track plan is based on plan 48, Virginia & Truckee RR. from Linn Westcott's 101 Track Plans. I reversed it, and put in a few other modifications. The footprint is about 9'x12', with a 3'x6" extension going to the Golden Cycle gold refining mill. You can see the smoke stack for it behind the roundhouse and to the left of the backdrop in the first photo. The line runs from the Colorado Springs OCC roundhouse on the Colorado Midland up a 4% ruling grade thru Ute Pass to Divide, where it transitions to the Midland Terminal. The MT section runs from Divide to Cripple Creek and Victor, then transitions to the Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway, AKA, The Short Line. The Short Line section then returns trains to the Manitou Springs area, where, (due to layout footprint restrictions) they back into the Old Colorado City depot. They layout runs primarily on DC, but can run DCC via DPDT center off toggles. The layout can be run either point to point, or continuous running.
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