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  1. G

    Walthers Oil Loading Platform Modification Help

    I’m looking to utilize the Walthers oil loading platform kit as both a loading and unloading facility. Has anyone made modifications to this kit for unloading or have any suggestions on how I can go about it? I’m modeling 1960s with a single track unloading one tank car at a time. Thanks in...
  2. M

    Rapido FPA-4

    Good evening all, this is my first post on this site. I am in search of an HO scale Rapido MLW FPA-4. I have an analog layout, so DC only please. My first preference for roads would be the New York and Lake Erie FPA-4 (item #20031). Grand Canyon Railway (item #20027/20028), and Canadian...
  3. G

    How Would I Go About Designing The Road Markings For This Intersection?

    I have tried to find examples online of intersections similar to mine but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. Does anybody know the best way to design the road markings for this intersection? I would like to include a parallel parking spot for my store and markings for the tracks...
  4. Trucker-Mike

    Pemco PRR GG-1 Squeals like a pig. (NO, not like Ned Beatty, well maybe a little.)

    Here we go again. Got this in a couple of weeks ago and it squeals bad. I have others that do this as well. There is also something rattling around inside the shell, but I have not had time to remove yet to find out what it is. Maybe it's the light, which does not work either. As usual, what is...
  5. G

    Why Is My Manual Ground Throw Squeaking After Applying Ballast?

    Question says it all…I applied some ballast around a turnout with a Caboose Industries manual ground throw, being careful to not get much ballast and glue around the mechanism. After it began to dry, the ground throw itself is now squeaking. What would cause this? Can I oil it somehow?
  6. G

    Applying Woodland Scenics Road Building Kit Smooth-It to Craft Foam

    I am looking to apply the Woodland Scenics Smooth-It to my layout soon but I am not sure it can be applied to craft foam successfully. I have applied it to insulation foam board previously with success. Has anybody used the Smooth-It material on craft foam before?
  7. G

    Need Information on Properly Wiring My Layout

    I will be starting track work soon on my 1 ft x 6.5 ft HO scale shelf switching layout and need some help with understanding the difference in wiring gauges and which is best for my setup. I lack knowledge in this area and could use some help. Here is a basic schematic showing how many feeders I...
  8. G

    Grain Boxcars in the 1950s

    For the current switching layout I’m building, I plan to model in the 1950s and 60s. This is an era I’ve never modeled before. Were any specific boxcars used for grain transport or were their design characteristics specific to their use such as extra hatches or anything like that? I did learn...
  9. G

    Northern Pacific Rocky Valley Branch Switching Layout Build

    Hello Everyone! Model railroading had been put aside the last few months except for some minor Lionel train set work. Last week I received an email inviting me to exhibit a layout at a local train show! This brought back some motivation to build another layout:) Now…since my n scale layout...
  10. S

    Pin to couple loco to tender on Fleischmann HO diecast steam (DB BR 01 182)?

    I've lost the pin that my Fleischmann HO BR 01 182 had to hold the tender. I believe what I had was what would be called a "core pin" and the hole is slightly larger than 2mm (maybe 2.2mm?). I'm not positive that was what the loco had originally though. A clevis pin might also work. Anyone...
  11. G

    New Layout Build

    Hello Fellow Modelers! Many of you know me from my N Scale Micro-Layout thread. I have decided to build an HO Scale shelf layout as my next build. This build will most likely happen over a longer period of time despite it being a small layout. If only my boss would understand my need to model...
  12. S

    Ballasting Problem: Scenic Express N Scale Blended Ballast Clumps up When Gluing No Matter What I Try

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum, so please let me know if this isn't the right place to post this. I am in the finishing stages of my first HO scale layout, but when ballasting a section of my track with Scenic Express's N scale blended ballast I ran into a major issue despite following my...
  13. S

    New to trains and railroad- just inherited my new fav hobby!

    Hello, new here and to model trains/railroads specifically, although I am very familiar with what makes them work. 🤖 I've been researching a little bit and learning the history which is pretty cool in itself. hopefully my pics will load so you can have a small glimpse of what I have. Can you...
  14. Cheap&NothingWasted

    Athearn Genesis CNW 8701 or Custom Builders

    Hey all, So, I've got a question for anyone who's willing to answer--My favorite two locomotives, ever, are the ex-CNW Twins, sadly, they've been repainted, but Athearn recently rolled out Genesis's the two C44-9Ws, the 8701 and the 8646. I was able to get my hands on the 8646, but my...
  15. Cheap&NothingWasted

    Getting into some HO fun

    Hey, all, Glad to be here! I'm a life-long railfan from central Iowa, and while I don't have a layout of my own, I've always loved model railroads, plan on building my own after I graduate from college, and run/work on my club's HO scale layout for now. Big fan of the Chicago and North...
  16. Amtrak47

    Help finding Superliner cars?

    Hey everyone, been a few years since I've been here as I've walked away from the hobby for a while, but have decided to jump back into it. I'd like to once again, build up a consist but unfortunately it seems next to impossible unless you model current era Amtrak. What I'm looking for are Kato...
  17. Johannes

    Extra Faller Ho scale parts

    Hey! I've just finished building the Faller 130908 vineyard garden restaurant, and i ended up with an excessive amount of extra parts that the instructions doesn't mention. Does anyone have the same experience with other kits?
  18. I

    Looking for HOn3 models of D&RG Class 56/ Class 60 aka C-16 Early Version.

    I was looking to see where I can get HOn3 models of the D&RG Class 56/ Class 60 locomotives before rebuilding. I can't find Kemtron's kit versions anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find some models of these locomotives, or what I can use to convert some RTR models? Any answers will be...
  19. P

    Model Railroading Tips for beginners Series

    Hello, Im David McDougall of Pro Rail Productions, my father Michael and I are doing a beginners series on model railroading! Hope you all enjoy! Looking for something to do during the pandemic? Looking to get into the hobby? Join us for our first How To Model Railroad Tips! More to come...
  20. Model Railroading Tips: HO Scale Trackwork (for beginners)

    Model Railroading Tips: HO Scale Trackwork (for beginners)

    Looking for something to do during the pandemic? Looking to get into the hobby? Join us for our first How To Model Railroad Tips! More to come soon! Don't fo...