layout building

  1. dgrafix

    Long term project plan for N scale

    Hi everyone, I have been wondering for months exactly how i could fit a reasonably sized layout in my apartment. I have thought of everything from lowering it from chains (with fold out legs), folding down from the wall (not ideal for non glued stuffs) having shelves running round the room (with...
  2. HO Scale MILW

    Ho Scale CP Layout Build, A Continuous Thread

    Hi all, this is a continuous thread that I hope to keep going for the next year and a half, pertaining my building of a Wisconsin based layout, going from Milwaukee to Hartland. Currently I am in the planning phase, crunching numbers, making sketches. Over the next year and a half, I'll post...
  3. M

    Designing a layout... need a bit of help

    Hello! I've posted on here in the past asking for help 'redesigning' my yard, but I never went through with building it. I (quite foolishly) started laying my mainline tracks immediately when I got them, and as such I sort of limited my future possibilities. It's an HO layout, 10 x 5 ft...
  4. R

    Progress on my layout

    For those who like to see layouts in progress, here is a video of the progress I've made on my layout the past 4 or 5 months.