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Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.









"retired" conductor
I must say, since joining this forum, I have spent a lot of time browsing the threads and I've come across a wealth of information, many fascinating pictures of member's trains, and a warm and friendly atmosphere to cap it off.

Welcome Steve,
Pull up a chair, grab a bite to eat and feel free to pick our brains (some of us still have one) or just chew the fat with the rest of us. We're a scary sight at times, but basicly harmless! :cool:


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. It's 58 and sunny. The high will be 83 and it will be mostly sunny. The chance for rain today is nonexistent.

Today is laundry day so I'll be tied up with that for a few hours. As for what will be done for the rest of the day I have no idea. Yesterday I took the snack tray off the top of the engine cover in my van and painted the tray in a stone finish. It's made of wood and the appearance of it really bugged me. It looks much better now that the cracks and seams in it are no longer visible.


All new now!
Good morning everyone.

Chris, nice pictures. It's good to see a smiling face, even if it's yours!:D

Steve, welcome to the coffee shop. Lots of b.s. in here and a little train talk. Not a bad combination if you ask me!

I spent the day at the fertility clinic with my wife yesterday. Who did we see first? The business office of course. A check of $8500 should get us started!:eek: That's roughly half of what this will run me. I guess you could say that my train budget just went in the negative. The good part is hopefully we can have a little engineer running around because of it. I have my fingers crossed.

A little update on our damaged trestle: They are "tearing the trestle down", according to the newspaper. They then said they will keep the bridge deck and hopefully replace the piers next year. The headline made it sound like they were tearing down the whole thing. The story sounds more like they will try to rebuild it. We'll see which one they do. When I first read it I almost teared up. It's a good thing I built my scale model of it before it is changed.

Though the train spending is cut off, I have plenty to do. I have a back stock of projects that have already been purchased. Knowing this was coming, I snuck in a few purchases earlier this year before I was even ready to complete them. Nothing like knowing you're going to be broke ahead of time!:)

The boss is still gone so I had better get back to work.
Have a great day everyone!


Steve- G'day, mate! and that is all the Australian I know.:D
Welcome and please chime in at anytime.
We will be glad to help if we can!

Chris- Cute girlfriend! Glad to see Ryan enjoying himself, too.
Were you trying on your Halloween costume in these pictures or is that your disguise so people won't recognize you on the mower at the park?

Jeffery- Your drink caddy looks good! A little paint will hide a multitude of blemishes, If you don't believe me, catch a woman without her makeup!!

Well, I've stirred up things enough for now. I must go back to work!


Hi Steve and a hardy welcome to ya! Like Mikey, I can't speak much Australian, but I am learning well from the Aussie beer commercials, LOL:D

Chris, all three of you guys look so happy. Great pictures and love that haircut...that's getting your money's worth:D:D! BTW: glad you are back to the same work and even the same location. Even though lesser pay, I'm sure it feels good ;).

Mikey, I don't believe the heart attack Auburn boys will get passed the Arkansas Hogs:p:p.

We finally got 0.16 inches of rain last night. WOW! Now all we need is 9 inches to catch up:rolleyes:.

:)All have a good'un!:)


New Member
Hi all,

Well this weekend I was planning to lay a concrete slab as the final major landscaping works in our backyard. It will measure approximately 3 x 4 metres. I boxed up all the formwork, laid the reo (I think you guys in the States call it re-bar?), and bought all the cement, sand and crushed rock. It has been clear skies for two weeks....... and yesterday it starts raining and it hasn't stopped :mad: Anyway you can't control the weather.

I'll throw in the occasional G'day but apart from that, Aussies speak the same language as our US cousins ;)

Chris, some lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.


vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Thank's guy's!:) My new Gal and I are having the time of our lives! Are live mirror one another so closely that we know what the other is going though as well as went through! Dana, has been a saint through my situation and has helped me weather through it! The funny thing is she lives 3 miles from my park!LOL's small world.... Ryan Likes her too, They are always tag team picking at me all the time! LOL's Ryan had a blast at the park. This weekend we plan to do the beach before the cool weather creeps it's way down here.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. It's 62 and clear. The high will be 81 and it will be sunny.

Looks like today will be another dry day. The lake is down about 14 inches. WE NEED RAIN! As for layout work, nothing yet to report. Something else keeps coming up. We'll see what happens today. Picked up 2 more 1/2 pint mistinted cans of paint recently. The colors were supposed to be 'Root Beer' and 'Hearts Desire' but of course they aren't quite right. That's why they're mistints. Who am I to complain. They only cost me 50 cents each. Both are interior satin latex. They look like they'll be good trim colors for some structures.


All new now!
Good morning folks.

My wife started her new job this week. I'm happy she got a job but it's less than her unemployment and a full one third of her previous salary. Oh well, we sucked off the government tit long enough. At least this way we'll know how poor we'll be moving forward! Hopefully after we have a baby she can find a better job. There just aren't many management positions open around here. It's just one less unknown to deal with now.

I haven't had a day off to myself for a while so there has been no modeling lately. I'm not in the middle of any projects right now so I can't just work a little bit at a time. I suppose I should just start something. If I don't, I lose my one and only hobby. That would be one of my only stress relievers as well. Maybe Sunday I'll try something new.

I have a pretty busy day ahead of me at work so I had better get to it.

Have a good day everyone.


Dr Frankendiesel
Went to town today and got a Haynes manual on Dodge V8's with particular emphasis on the 318. The section I'm interested in has to do with adjusting the rocker arms so they don't clatter.


Gomez Addams
Staff member
Went to town today and got a Haynes manual on Dodge V8's with particular emphasis on the 318. The section I'm interested in has to do with adjusting the rocker arms so they don't clatter.
I could have saved you the money. I remember those engines had the rockers in a train, and it was non-adjustable. The only way to quiet them is to get .020 overlength pushrods, if the lifters aren't mushroomed on the bottom or the rockers worn where the pushrods go into them. And the intake and exhaust rockers are different, don't get them mixed up.
Of course, I do have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, much less what a 30 year old engine looks like, so I could be wrong...
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