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How are ya gents?

Its getting colder, i wouldnt be surprised to see some snow tonight. Its not being called for in the forecast, but its already sprinkling and i think i can smell it and feel it in the air. I think its supposed to be in the low 30s tonight.

Hunting season is upon us. Season starts saturday at dawn, and where will i be? A football game :mad:. Not to worry, ive got a ride lined up to drive me up and hope to be there about 4. Just in time to pack up, get ready, and head for the woods for the evening hunt. Because NYS says i can hunt big game this year, ive scouted, picked out 3 spots, and have everything ready to go for the season. I even bought a tree stand so i can go to my spot if i dont think where my dad is going will be successful. I have an alarm already set for 4:30am and have my scentlok bag already packed and heady to hang on the porch. NYS says i need to hunt with a "mentor", but well see if i follow that guidline. Call me a lawbreaker, but ive been "mentored" for close to 10 yrs. I know all the DEC officers and state troopers who work in the region, they all know me by name, and wont give me any trouble. I cant wait for this weekend, wish me luck please!

Chris- Good to hear you, the girlfriend and your son are enjoying yourselves! Cold weather in Florida, whats the matter, are the temps headed below 55? Thats shorts weather up here :p

Corey- Good luck with the child!

Jeff- I just noticed you painted your van in your RRs color scheme, cool! Has anyone asked about it yet?


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And I'm a room clearer.....Here comes the monkey PooP!:eek::D

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Not another DMSF!!!!


Good evening peeps!

I am having lotsa fun with this coding stuff for my own website right now. I decided to unleash my 'music' on you people for whatever reason's you might feel inclined to think of:rolleyes::rolleyes: This should get interesting---heeheehee:eek::rolleyes::D:D

@secondhandmodeller--this job I have has me doing on-calls over weekends so I know about the low income stuff--no fun to be had here--now, I decided awhile back to take a course on webdesign so that is why I ended up not being on here as much as I used to be---I'm just glad I have enough to pay something down on the edumacation bit here:rolleyes:


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Chris Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Last time you did this it took over a month to clean it up, and the coffee had a faint taste of Clorox to it!:eek::rolleyes:


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I know what ya mean by a chill in the air. It rained here all day, and will be dropping into the low 40's tonight.
Lit the wood stove for the 1st time tonight, now its 75 in the basement and the venting system is carrying some of that to the upstairs, so we oughta be comfy without turning on the heat. :D:D:D

Baltimore (Costyamore)Gas & Electric can kiss my grits!!!:D


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Julien- consider the temps here tonight to be alittle above 0c. Now that I think about it, I thinks it's going to be warmer.

Jeff- I was asking more about people who don't know what the Midland Gulf is. What's a Vinnie?

Karl- one of the things I've noticed during practice is that it's getting colder and getting colder fast! I can't believe how late the sunrise is either, I leave for school at 7am and pretty soon it feels like I'll be walking in the dark.

After everything I've done to get ready for the season, guess what I forgot? My license:eek:. A quick run to walmart saved me there.


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Good morning all from Ye Olde London Towne.

Haven't had much time to pop in lately. I see Chris is up to his old tricks. As soon as he tires of the decor he starts flinging the brown stuff again, we get evicted and end up moving to a new coffee shop. :mad:

An update from this side of the pond, work has been stupid. By that I mean I hear the theme from the Muppet Show running through my head every time I step into the office. I've taken a week off to recharge my moron tolerance levels. My original term was supposed to end on the 4th, but the statement of work expired on Sept 30 so the extended it for another week. Then they extended it until Christmas but with a 5 week gap in the middle. The words 'pissup' 'organise' and 'brewery' come to mind. They still don't know how much longer the want me for or what work they want doing still. Oh well, if the paperwork isn't sorted by Monday I'm back to working on an internal project from my home office until they figure out how to fill in the right authorisation forms. :eek:

Modelling is coming along nicely. The club modules were accepted last month so that means I can get the scenery started. I've got 6 structure kits on the go in various stages of completion. I'm hoping to fire up the airbrush and blast the track with a rusty brown/gray colour today prior to ballasting.

I'd post some pics except SWMBO managed to drop the camera last month while on holiday with the out-laws. The lens is beyond economic repair and Nikor don't make that one any more so we are looking at having to move up a step. The replacement lens is outside the budget at the moment so no pics.

Chris: Congrats on the job and lady friend. Lets hope its the start of a long and happy future for all. (well maybe except for the psycho ex)

All you guys should get into metric so I could understand something :D:D:D
Amen. Its sooooo much easier. All you have to do for temps is remember the tens.
0=freeze, 10=cool day, 20=room temp, 30=warm day, 40=hot tub, 100=boil. Simples.
95% of the world is metric and we have to hang about with the remaining backward 5% that isn't. :D:D (for the humour or humor impaired that's a joke)

Take care all and have a great weekend.

Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.








Dr Frankendiesel
Jeff- I was asking more about people who don't know what the Midland Gulf is. What's a Vinnie?
Midland Gulf is the name of my railroad. As for Vinnie, if you haven't met him consider yourself fortunate. He's the ever-present but seldom seen (stays in the shadows of the rear booths) enforcer of the diner. He's short tempered and gets upset with people who break the rules and takes great delight in chucking them out the door like so many footballs. Whether the door is open or closed at the time makes no difference to him. Oh, one additional point. Try not to make me angry. When I get angry Vinnie gets very upset and starts crushing steel napkin holders like they're beer cans.


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I've studied the manual on the 318 engine and I can see that it owes it's toughness to the sheer simplicity of it's construction. The rocker arms are built into a valve train assembly and as has been said they are non-adjustable. At this point I have a choice. I can replace the push rods with new ones that are 0.020" longer or I can just leave it alone. Chances are it will continue to run for years with just a slightly irritating racket. Since I intend to use the van for just basic transportation and don't intend to do any heavy work with it the second choice would seem to make more sense. I've driven vehicles with worse problems for years with no mishaps. One positive is that I can at least change out the valve cover gaskets as I have absolutely no idea when they were last changed, if ever.
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