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Been having the problem of life getting in the way here, Corey.

I am giving in to the idea of downsizing my layout. While having the benefit of having a HUGE layout, I have come to the point where I think having something a tad smaller might make for more fun. Having a single train pass by every couple of minutes when operating solo, has lost some of its pleasure. Still, when friends do stop by, the larger layout is a lot of fun. We have had many different trains running simultaneously(including the switchers and locals), but those sessions are becoming a thing of the past. Some of the older guys have passed on and some others are getting out of the hobby. Sorry to see that, to say the least.

A gentleman has made a very generous offer for the current layout. I might even be able to add a couple of more steam engines to the roster(like I need more trains) and build a new smaller layout.

I understand that I've not been the only one MIA. Has anyone heard from Jim?

littlefoot, I see you've joined my other "hideaway" forum. The group there is good too.


vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Jeffrey, if ya promise to put a mini-bar back in the party wagon, I got an air mattress I'll send ya!!
Just don't let Chris use the van after that!!:rolleyes:

Party Van with Full Mini-Bar+Air Mattress+New GF= Ya, I wouldn't want the van back either!;):p

Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.







Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. It's 71 and sunny. The high will be 87.

I've got the drill, wire stripper and wire snips ready. Just have to get some boxes of track of rolling stock sorted then I can get to work on the layout wiring. I also have to take care of some wiring in my van. Seems that when the ignition switch is on the turn signals and wipers won't work. Trouble shooting indicates that the ignition contacts responsible for that are worn out. So later I'll be doing some rewiring in the fuse box to get power to the turn signals and wipers full time. Now this doesn't mean that they'll be on all the time. It simply means that the supply lines for them will be powered full time. They'll work just as before except they'll also be able to work when the key is turned off.



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Oh Jeeeem,,,,,Oh jeeeem,, whair are juuuuuu???? :confused::confused::confused:

Reminds me of "To Kill a Mockingbird" :rolleyes:

Bob- Yes i found MTF, i havent posted much over there yet, but it seems like a nice group of people, especially the O and S scalers.

Didnt harvest anything this weekend, i did see a deer though. I didnt get a good oppurtunity for a shot, so it walked :rolleyes:. I was in such a rush after the game saturday that i left my hunting jacket at home :eek:. We did win our game, final score was 37-6. Hopefully ill leave thursday night and get one last shot with the muzzleloader then. Rifle season opens saturday.


All new now!
Good afternoon everyone.

I have to say, seeing this weekend's WPF inspired me to work on the layout. I started by painting a new kit. This kit and another need to be built before I can move on to a new section of the layout. Once they are built, I can figure out my spacing for the town of Wells. It will be a small town with a grain elevator, small passenger and freight depots, a church and a few other businesses. It's on the far side of my layout from Mankato so the trains have somewhere to go.

Starting to build kits again I realized I had lots of clutter on the layout. Every once in awhile I need to clean things off. Usually I do that when guests come over but we haven't had any guests. :( It sure is nice to clean things up and look the layout over. It has a more finished look that way. I let the trains run in circles last night while I planned my new town.

It's definitely modeling season with temp and sunlight changes. In another month there could be snow!

I'm to go grocery shopping.

Have a great day everyone.


Dr Frankendiesel
I had a good laugh today. Some young guy told me that I would have to hook my van up to a computer to find out how close the timing is set. I raised the hood and asked him to show me where knowing dang well there was no way he was going to find a connection port. He stood there looking for one and scratching his head and wondering where it was and it was all I could do to keep a straight face. I finally told him there's no computer to connect anything to, just a coil firing module. To check the timing you have to a good old fashion timing light. He still couldn't wrap his head around it. What have computers done to our young people?


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Staff member
Well I couldn't keep from laughing, reminds me of my grandson a few years ago, when I told him my wrist watch was older than he was. He said WOW! and How many batteries did it go through? It just about blew his mind when I said it didn't use batteries. To which he replied "Well how does it run? I told him it stored energy to run it when I moved my arm. I don't think he believed me and now he is taking an auto mechanic course. He likes computers though



Gomez Addams
Staff member
I was riding along in an SD60, and one of the trailing units was acting up. Some guy from "the shop" tried talking the conductor through rebooting the computer to see if that would resolve the problem. The shop guy couldn't seem to grasp that SD40's don't have computers...


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Well I couldn't keep from laughing, reminds me of my grandson a few years ago, when I told him my wrist watch was older than he was. He said WOW! and How many batteries did it go through? It just about blew his mind when I said it didn't use batteries. To which he replied "Well how does it run? I told him it stored energy to run it when I moved my arm. I don't think he believed me and now he is taking an auto mechanic course. He likes computers though


I had a watch like that a few years ago. Here you go, a bit of light reading: My father also owned a digital watch with a red LED display.

Well good evening to you all. It feels like the middle of Winter over the last two days. We have snow on the surrounding mountain ranges of our fair city. I know that snow is a commonplace for many of our US friends, but it we have many snowfields here in Winter, in Australia's alpine areas, but rarely do we get snow in October!

Just about to sit down to an evening of a few episodes of Home Improvement (now making Tim Taylor grunting noise). Nothing like 90's television shows.

Downloaded an iPhone App called Tunein Radio. I've been listening to several internet radio stations from Seattle, Indiana and Ohio, the UK, and an all Beatles station. Just brilliant. Also I've been listening to Southwest Ohio Fire & EMS channel, and Railroad Radio. Fascinating!



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Good morning folks

It was 45 F when I left the house this morning. Our high will be 64 F.

I cannot believe how many times recently I have tried to post and something has interrupted me and before I know the day is gone. Between work, home, school, sports, and Scouts there are times where I do not if I am coming or going.

My daughter is almost done volleyball. They have two games this week and that is it. Varsity will not make the playoffs as they only have one league win and two overall. MY daughter’s team the JV has three wins overall. Teamwise it has been a disappointing season. I am not thrilled with the coaching and I hope that a couple of teammates decide that other sports are more important to them and do not come back next year. The team will be better off without them. My daughter has done well. In many areas she has improved all though at times she has played down to the level of some of her teammates. She needs to learn to play to her potential all the time even when the team is not.

My son is back at football. He went to his first practice on Thursday and played his first game on Friday. He did well in the game. He had a couple of nice tackles from his defensive end slot. He did not start. He went in on the second defensive series and then played everyone after that. He had a great tackle on an option play that resulted in a 10 yard loss for Haverford Middle School. Unfortunately Drexel Hill Middle School lost; they are now 1-3. They have a game Tuesday at Paxon Hollow Middle School.

On the scouting front I am now an Assistant Scoutmaster and an Assistant Venture Crew Advisor. The Venture Crew Advisor comes from my daughter who joined the Venture Crew that is sponsored by the church that sponsors my son’s Boy Scout Troop, and the Cub Scout Pack that I am still Cubmaster with. So far the Crew has met once and will meet again this coming Sunday. I am learning what a Venture Crew does.

This past weekend my son’s troop went to the District Camporee at Ridley Creek State Park. It was a good weekend. The boys worked on merit badges. My son finished Tracking and started Geocaching. I several boys earned some. The boys even slept under the stars on Saturday night. Off course I am paying for sleeping in a tent in sub forty degree nights on a cot. I am stiff as a board this morning.

Work has been crazy. We are fighting to make unreasonable deadlines only to have the projects moved back at the last minute because someone else dropped the ball.

At home we are dealing with storm damage from the June hail and wind storm. We have found roof damage and other damage. We had a roofing contractor and the National Disaster Relief Team from our homeowners looking at the house. On Friday we got the go ahead to start repairs. We have to have the roof replaced. There is flashing, downspouts, window wraps, garage door, and window air conditioners that need work. We are the sixth house on our block that needs a new roof. Amazing what golf ball size hail can do.

With all that has happened, it is not surprising that no modeling has gotten done. I hope soon I can get back to it.

I hope everybody has a good day.


All new now!
Good morning Bill, Steve and Tom.

We continue on with partly to mostly cloudy and highs in the upper 50's to lower 60's. As much as I want it to cool off even more for clothing sales, I can't complain about this weather. It's perfect!

Knowing it's cooling off I am making it a point to do all of the painting I need outdoors. Though I don't need any more trees right now, I boiled, dipped and painted the rest of my super trees. That way this winter when I need a few trees I can just flock what I need without figuring out where to paint indoors. I also made good progress on a depot kit. Next up is the freight depot to go with it. That will help to flesh out my next project area.

The boss had been gone for two weeks now so I'm starting to feel like I'm at work all of the time. Even if I have the day off I have to come to do the bookwork. It's not a whole day of work but it still interrupts my day off. Oh well, he already gave me an extra $150 for the effort. Let's hope there is more where that came from.:)

I have a long day today and then another half day off tomorrow. I think I may need to have another train day!

Have a great day everyone.
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