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I know that when I had my heart attack/Sudden Cardiac Arrest thing that they--the nurses kept asking me whether I knew were I was a lot--and what time it was--et cetera. Anytime there is a loss of blood to the brain be it through stroke or SCA or accident or what have you there is always going to be that risk of memory loss.

And Jim's having gone through the coma bit will obviously have that issue a lot. Not just his memory but speech and language issues as well as other things:cool: But, no doubt he has a strong network of support both here and at home:)


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Rex, many thanks for stepping in and checking on brother Jim.:D

Jim Please know that we are all pulling for you. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. You are in out thoughts and prayers.

It may seem strange, but one of the best things about this forum is that even though most of us have never met, our common groud in the hobby has made bretheren of us all.:)


Rex- Thanks for letting us know that Jim had not just gotten mad at us and left.

Jim- I can understand if you don't want to remember Chris, but most of the rest of us are not too bad.
I'll keep you in my prayers, also. HIS help will give you a complete recovery.
WE will be waiting to hear from you when you are ready.

It is good to hear from so many people who have been quiet on the forum for awhile. Phillip Carrell can do some serious prayer requesting.:)


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I would also like to express my thoughts and prayers to you Jim. We're just glad you are going to be OK. That is just horrible that these drunk people ruin lives every day. Let me guess, the drunk driver didn't even get hurt.

My dad was in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago. He didn't have a helmet, was run off the road by some stupid driver, (not drunk), and went down on the highway going 65 mph on his Harley. He was in a coma for about a week. The doctor said we may not be able to even speak to him again, ever.

Then he made a miraculous recovery, it took some time, but he is now back to normal. Like others said, the brain is pretty amazing and can heal itself.

I'm sure Jim will be back to 100% in some time. Playing with trains, and teaching the newbies here on the forum about how to build a quality layout.


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Holy cow! Like Littlefoot, I had to read that post twice. I can't believe how things can change for people. Jim, I know you probably won't read this, but I will pray for your recovery.

Dang, I guess my personal problems aren't that bad after all.


Michael, Jim said the other driver was killed and was driving an old beat-up 67' Dodge pickup. From what he told me, Jim was truly fortunate to have survived the accident and wouldn't have except for all the air bags and the higher power above.

I believe that the more he associates people, places, things, the better his memory will become. It's still there, just can't put all the pieces together. I like the analogy of Trussrod (I think), like dumping all the letters out of their bins in a mail car and having to put them back in place.


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Rex, thanks for finding 'our' Jim. I was getting really worried.

Jim: get up off your lazy butt and get back to your old self quick. :D
The coffee shop just isn't the same without you.

Not much to report from this side of the Atlantic. Work is driving me to thinking postal worker type thoughts, a couple of minor health issues that have slowed me down, and not much progress on the modelling front.

Take care all and have a great week.


Dr Frankendiesel

Also the thing that gets to be frustrating that I find happens to me all too often is that I'll lock the back porch storm door as I look out side or look at the cats which are inside the back porch and turn around and go into the house only to have to again go out and check to ensure I locked the door?!! It's gets halarious but still frustrating.

Does this sound something like what your experiencing? In my case it's probably just information overload with too many other thoughts being processed?
Somewhat. Quite often I'll something on my mind that has to be done and by the time I get up to go do it I've forgotten what it was.


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Very early morning here, 10 minutes after 1 in the AM. My back pain got so bad yesterday that I finally took a couple of pain killers just so I could get some rest. Woke up about 11 pm to the sound of heavy rain pounding on the roof. That's a good sound to hear. It's been so dry here that I think some of the local Indians might have resorted to doing rain dances.

Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.





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Good Morning

Got 'dem ol' frosty morning blues again here--29F and rising to a high of 50F today--yay.

Anyways--spent most of yesterday afternoon looking for a simple screwdriver in mah house--think I could find it in the toolbox? No. Found it in a drawer by the bed:rolleyes::confused: I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea---:confused:

So. Having found the dang thing late in the day I can go ahead and do what I WAS going to do---yesterday---today:cool::rolleyes:

Have a good one guys-:D

Gary B

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Hello everyone. Gee, I been hanging out in the neighborhood for a while now, and though I peeked inside, I've never entered the Coffee Shop before. Well reading about Jim, I just wanted to add my thoughts and prayers for him to fully recover. Jim, I'm pulling for you. We all miss your input.


Good morning everyone! It's 28 degrees with a high of 55 degrees. THe dremel fool is out in his pajamas today and he is complaining about the cold. lol In other words, It's frickkin cold out this I am still working on my christmas layout that will go under and around the christmas tree. I will post pictures later on today or tomorrow.

So, how is everybody today? I guess from an ealier post that somebody got a ton of snow. It's not supposed to snow here until Friday. I am looking forward to it. Of course I am disabled so I don't have to get out in it like everybody else either. I just clean off a few sidewalks and driveways. There is an older lady that lives across the street that I clean off her sidewalks too.

And as for Jiim, I feel for ya dude. I had a sroke at the age 27, and it does get better Jim, but it is a lot of work. Your best thing is working on your layout, and just relearning things. It does get better, take it from somebody who's been there. I am about ready to try to grt a job. I can work at walmart or something as a stocker or greeter. I can't make more than 700 bucks a month, but that is layout money. lol


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Good morning folks.

You can all boo in unison at the fact that it is full blown Christmas at my work. Since it takes two days at work and two days at home to decorate I elected to do the store this past weekend. The main reason was the fact that we were open on Saturday while watching ten(not nine as preciously reported) inches of snow come down. I had given my wife a ride to work and had to stay in town until she was done. I'm actually a Christmas nut so it doesn't bother me at all. Putting everything up after Thanksgiving just to take it down in four weeks bothers me more.

I sure is nice to hear from some former and new customers at the coffee shop. I was about to head down the street and look for a new one.

Not much modeling happened yesterday. Lots of paint drying on different sections of my current build. I thought I was almost done painting these things. I guess not yet.

Have a great day everyone.


You guys can keep the snow. Sitting in front of a fire drinking hot chocolate is about the limit of my 'winter fun' activities.

My nephew went through the car wreck-severe head trauma-coma-long hospital stay experience. It's been years now and he is still recovering. The doctors didn't give us much hope at the time, but he is doing quite well now.

Just hang in there Jim. Things will get better. And I've heard from several people that model railroading is good therapy!

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Good morning everyone from a rainy Birmingham, Ala. The coffee is hot so that offsets the cool rain. :)

Got the basement cleaned out yesterday! May just try and get a little train time in this holiday season (for the first time in a long while). That would be some refreshing relaxation.

Y'all take care and have a great day.



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Good morning. It's 52 and cloudy with light rain. The high will be 64 and there's an 80% chance of rain.

After a decent nights sleep my back feels much better. Seems like rained most of the night so everything outside is quite wet. That's fine by me as it's been dry enough here lately that a cars exhaust could start a grass fire. I have 2 Bachmann freight cars in front of me that are nice and shiny and are practically screaming for some weathering. I was thinking about starting on the wiring for the structures today but I think I'll hold off on that for a few more days. One of my nephew's friends asked me what kind of battery I have in my van (top post or side post). I told him I have a side post battery with top post clamps. After he said 'That's impossible. You can't connect top post clamps to a side post battery' I raised the hood and showed him. Sitting right there was a side post battery with the two top post clamps attached to it with 2 charging posts. After he picked his jaw and eyes up off the ground he asked me where I got the charging posts from. I told him 'O'Reilly Auto Parts' but just about any auto parts store carries them. That was my laugh for the day.


Lots of paint drying on different sections of my current build. I thought I was almost done painting these things. I guess not yet.

The sound of paint drying is so peaceful and relaxing! But, if you are inclined to watch it dry, it becomes a terribly stessful excercise in patience.

I usually have to ignore drying paint, until a grandson discovers it and brings a wet hand to show me!

I had an interesting time at McWane Center on Saturday. We are putting up a "Thomas the Tank Engine" minimal O-scale layout for the kids to be Train Engineers.

I stayed very busy all day teaching 2 to 4 years olds to run the throttle. Many of the kids had to sit on my knee to reach the controls. However, I was not able to convince certain of the mothers to sit on my knee, too.

At least, I got to enjoy the scenery.


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Yep Moms most of the time do not like to sit on knees specially when they are not married or dating them. Sure does make it hard to behave ourselves though don't it MIKEY


I love decorating for xmas. I just love doing it and I would leave them out all year if my neighbors wouldn't think I was weird. lol
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