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Good morning folks

It was 62 F on the way into work! The wind is picking up and the clouds were rolling so it looks like we have some stormy weather coming. The NWS has put us under a Wind Advisory until this afternoon. Our high should be 64 F.

I started numbering (decaling) 5 Walthers Heavyweight Passenger Cars. I also began working on an Athearn Blue Box B&O RPO baggage car. It is an EBay win. The car is assembled but I have to change the couplers and weather it. I began with the wheels.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Just a guy
Hey! Good Morning!

The rain has finally moved out of Indiana but not for long. Temperatures will be much cooler today with highs in the mid 40s. This is still about 10 to 15 degrees above our normal high of 34. Another weaker storm will approach the region on Thursday. This will bring a good chance for more rain Thursday afternoon and night. Right now, it appears rainfall totals should be under .50″ in most areas. Colder air will return behind the front Thursday night and Friday. Rain will change to snow showers by Friday morning. The moisture will be leaving as the colder air returns so any accumulation of snow should be under an inch. Never a dull moment in Indiana!

In more personal news, the wife walked 100 feet (assisted) yesterday! She also skipped a couple doses of pain meds! After the walk she took some, but thats a huge improvement!

Also, I've been honored as the team photographer for my sons basketball team! They are using my pics for the covers of the weekly game fliers and also the yearbook. I'm humbled!

Hi Sandy! Don't let these guys get to you. One or two of them may need better glasses, but they mean well. A nicer bunch of folks would be hard to come by!

Well, gotta go do the work thing today. How about you?


Wannabe Engineer
Morning fellas!!! Glad to hear your wife is getting around better Philip. I got the 4-6-2 running and I think I figured out its issues on turns the piece that attaches to the posts on the tender and Loco seems to be way short because when I send the loco around some of my turns they start pushing into each lifting the tender off the rails and the front of the loco. Now I know my turns are fine because I have a picky 4-8-4 that remieded the curves to where it runs just fine. Looks like I have some experimenting and possible scratch building to do then. :D Hope everyone has a great day oh and nice to meet ya Sandy.


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Morning All, busy day ahead of me, have to go to Antigonish, next town over to see a doctor about my hearing. Don't know what good that'll do but I guess I'll jump through the hoops to keep everyone happy.
Y'All have a great day and stay on the tracks.

Cheers Willis


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' Everyone!

Just popin' in to say hi. I have already done a days work (or so it seems) getting materials to people who lost their copy and stuff like that. The phone has rung all morning. I am now off to do the rest of the soldering at church.

See you later.

Steve B

Hello Ray, Nick


sorry philip, not intended to offend anyone, it came from a good friend in Pakistan, he thought it was funny,
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Just a guy
Steve, I'm sorry, but that was not very nice. Those folks have a lot of problems right now. Imagine if that was going on in your neighborhood right now.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning.

Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 1/9/2008

Wind Chill: 53°F
Humidity: 57%
Dew Point: 39°F

So Far Today
High: 54°F
Low: 48°F
Rain: 0.00"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 18mph NNE

Rest Of Today High: 62
Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain showers. Cooler. Highs in the lower 60s. Light and variable winds.

Tonight Low: 52 Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms after midnight. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in the lower 50s. Light and variable winds. Chance of precipitation 20 percent.

I'm now starting to work on my tourist train. There's five passenger cars all together. Here's a few shots of it as it sits. My apologies to any dial-uppers out there.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Afternoon All ! Just back from an American Indian Casino up in the Mountains of New York . Very Pretty country there and they still had some man made snow on the slopes even after the me;tdown . Passed a quary with a old Gp-9 in it and lots of hopper cars. But I wasn't driving so couldn't get any pictures. But next time i go will make sure I stop for some. Tom talk about bridges . Some ot the train brdges I passed I would't let a toy train gp over them let aloe anything Proto . Well I'll have a quick cup of coffee and just wander around awhile. And man is that wind blowing outside my door !!!!!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Afternoon everyone!

Paul, yep that old wind is ripping through here straight from your place and going East........ Some people here in town lost power for a while this morning. A tree took down some wires I guess.

I got all the wires soldered and all the connections made at church. It even seems to be working.............

Steve B

Was windy here, almost hit a tree lying accross the road in the dark, had to drive over someone's lawn to get past, good job it was 6am


Master Mechanic
... I know down here, everyone thinks the SEC is God's answer to football. ...

But its not just us! On Sportscenter they were talking to Lee Corso and the rest of the College Game Day crew, and they all said they believed the SEC IS the toughest league around. When asked for proof, all he stated was look at the SEC Bowl record, 7-2.

Also if you would please sir. I am CArey, Secondhandmodeler is COrey. Easiest way around, my friends call me CJ.:D:D:D
Evening Gang: The new grand baby is doing well. She is up to 3lbs 7oz now.
Steve I really envy you going to NZ. That picture is wonderful.
I had to take my 7.5 in gauge diesel bask to the guy that works on the engine. It was surging bad last saturday.
Well it's time for bed.
Good Night All


Fleeing from Al
Good late evening, everyone.

Anoher one of those day with to much to do, none it having to do with my layout. :(

CJ, sorry about that. First I call Sandy a guy and then address you by the wrong name. CJ it shall be. :) There's no doubt the SEC has worthy opponents for teams from any conferece in the US. Teams like LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida always seem to play their best in bowl games while the Big 10 and Pac 10 seem to slack off towards the end of the season. There's definitely a "legacy" type thinking in the BCS where one of the Big 10 or Pac 10 always seem to end up there and everyone else has to scramble for a spot. Ohio State did not deserve to be in the BCS this year as LSU showed.

Tom, too bad yu can't get that bridge condemned and let the dissenters know you'll be out there Monday morning to begin demolition but no new bridge will be going up because they can't agree on anything. I'll bet they'd change their tune fast.

Phillip, that's great news about your wife's progress. She'll be chasing you around the house in no time at this rate. :D

Nick, are there wires that go from the tender to the engine? If so, check how they sit compared to the drawbar. My 2-8-0 was giving me fits derailing until I finally realized one of the wires with very little slack was under the drawbar and would lift the drawbar just eough to derail the tender on curves. I removed the drawbar, got all the wires so they come out on top of the drawbar, and it runs great now.

Hi, Ray, hope you got all the soldering completed.

Jeffrey, looks like a good start for a toruist train. Are you going to reletter the loco for your shortline? It might be nice to keep it in CN colors as if it was part a museum. You could always use that as your backstory for other foreign line steam engines you acquire.

Paul, did you contribute to our Native American friends while you were up there? :) Too bad you didn't manage to get a pic of that GP-9. Any idea what railroad it came from?

Paul, good to hear the grandbaby is gaining weight so fast. always a good sign in a premie. Boy, I have enough grief just taking apart an HO loco to installl a DCC card. I imagine taking a 7.5" gauge diesel in for repairs is quite a logistical nightmare, not to mention the cost.

Sounds like it was windy all over the place. Nothing here but some scattered clouds all day with a high of 67. Had a little rain last night but nothing today. Looks like we really should get some storms tomorrow, some severe, assuming everything comes together like the computers forecast. Given their record so far, I'm voting for about an hour of light showers and then that's it for another week.
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Good morning folks

It was a more seasonable 36 F as I headed to work this morning. Our high today will be 53 F and we are expecting rain later.

No major modeling last night. We had Cub Scout Den Meetings and rough cuts for Pine Wood Derby cars. I did look over the passenger cars I decaled and had to pop a few bubbles and hit them again with a coat of Solvaset.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Wannabe Engineer
Morning everyone, ended up not getting to mess with the rest of my pictures after catching up with some friends that I hadn't talked to in about 6 months.

Nick, are there wires that go from the tender to the engine? If so, check how they sit compared to the drawbar. My 2-8-0 was giving me fits derailing until I finally realized one of the wires with very little slack was under the drawbar and would lift the drawbar just eough to derail the tender on curves. I removed the drawbar, got all the wires so they come out on top of the drawbar, and it runs great now.
@Jim: I did a quick trial run last night without the drawbar attached and it seems to manuever the turns a lot better. I the drawbar being too short was a major part of the problem. I'm still having some issues with the front truck not pivoting or sliding back and forth like it should for the whole turn, it still lifts the side into the turn. Further investigation will be done but I'm excited that I can make work for the most part by just lengthening the drawbar.


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Mornin' all!

Chilly out there this morning, though it's warming up now. It's a whole 38 degrees right now. Supposed to hit 48 though.

Just hangin' at work today and have basketball tonight.

Whats up with you?

Phillip, that's great news about your wife's progress. She'll be chasing you around the house in no time at this rate. :D
I can only hope so!


Running the MC & Buffalo
Good Morning To ALl ! Looks like another grand day here on the Niagara Frontier.Nice start but looks like a stormy end to the day . Phillip sure glad to hear about the wife 's good progress . Hope she is getting better eackh day . paul also glad that the granddaughter is getting bigger , just wish I would have one one of these days. Oh well . Gotta get going and do some work around here so quick cup of coffee Flo and off I go . Hope all have a good day !!


All new now!
Pinewood derby! I loved this time of the year. I would sit in the basement with a rasp and try to shape my car just so! I never did win. I was more concerned with how it looked. I guess that explains why I like to build scenery more than run trains.

I had a major epiphany last night. I was trying to find a railroad to model in Minnesota. I looked at DMIR, but with no room for a mine, big hill, harbor, I decided to look else where. Next came the idea for Great Northern. I like the paint scheme on their F7. Then I realized that an F7 was one of the only loco's I could find specifically for Great Northern. Next up was CNW, this is the railroad I grew up watching. I hate the colors, maybe that has something to do with not liking the Packers. In the end, I decided to choose the Milwaukee Road. This was one of the major railroads that went through Mankato MN, my home town.

The line I'm choosing was ripped up in 1978. This track was 100 yards away from my house. It's now a bike trail that runs along the river valley and up the bluff to farmland and small towns. I guess there use to be passenger service from Mankato out to the surrounding towns. Freight in the form of grain was sent down the bluffs to Mankato to either be sold, or shipped up to Minneapolis to the flour mills.

I realized that what I wanted to model was in my old backyard,so to speak. There is some elevation change, but not too much. There's a reason for passenger service. The town is just the right size to look realistic. The best part is being able to reference my memory instead of books. I couldn't believe how perfect the Milwaukee line was. As you can see, I'm excited about this! Here is the reason I started thinking about that old line. We use to go out there and walk across the bridge before it became a bike trail.



This is the depot that is still downtown.

Thanks for humoring me. I'm so excited about this, I can hardly stand it! I hope everyone has a great day!

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