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Steve B

morning all
Prayers to Carey today, get well soon friend.

What a day yesterday was, first a ferry on the beach up the road, she was hit by a rogue wave well in excess of 40ft which disabled her, next a trawler on the rocks in scotland, all crew recsued and now a huge container ship in trouble in the atlantic of southern england / ireland, 90 containers of bananas fell off one side with the captain in a critical condition. and we have white rain fluttering on down


Running the MC & Buffalo
Mornin' Bill & Steve , Looks like a nice day after the wild weather of the last couple. have to get out and shovel some slush. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter .What a bummer .here's prayers to Carey hope he gets better real soon.Paul to hear about your grandaughter , . Sad about your friend may the Lord comfort him at this time.Tom hope your son is better real soon Jeffrey hope you get the car going . Gonna go get some work done , have a nice day all ! Steve that must have been some rough seae there .Here is the wave of the future I think we all may be using it in the future
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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' everyone!

Just popin' in for a quick cup of coffee before I head out to my Daughter in law's Grandmother's funeral. Then I can come home and play trains most of the rest of the day.

See you later.

Steve B

Just got in from watching the RAF get a salvage crew onto the stricken ferry in a gale, stunning flying by the RAF pilot, he got the four man team on in no time, pics in weekend photo fun


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning.

Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 2/2/2008

Wind Chill: 38°F
Humidity: 86%
Dew Point: 38°F

So Far Today
High: 42°F
Low: 38°F
Rain: 0.00"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 7mph SE

Today High: 68 Partly sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. South winds around 10 mph.

Tonight Low: 52 Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers. Warmer. Lows in the lower 50s. Southeast winds around 10 mph.


Fleeing from Al
Afternoon, all.

Stunning pictures and fly indeed, Steve. Musn't have been fun being out in that weather getting the shots.

Ray, my sympathy to your daughter-in-law.

Tom, I hope your son is better and that the rest of the family doesn't come down with the bug.

Nice day down here in Dixie with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 60's Quite a change from the past several weeks with cold, rain, and snow. I hope all the bad weather in the northeast has moved out now and things start to quiet down over the pond.


Diesel Detail Freak
Well hey guys... I figured out how to approve articles on Model Railroad Tips, so when you post, it'll be under your user name, not mine!
Evening Guys: Thanks for the thoughts on Tony. He's been moved to the transitional care ward. The doctors say that he doesn't have much time left. Maybe 2 weeks at tops. I hope that he goes soon and stops suffering. One life ends and another begins.
No MRRing today again. I did more of that when I was working. Bill take note.
Well I'm going to cut out. War of The Worlds is on.


Lazy Daydreamer
Good evening coffee crew!

Been a long day and I'm exhausted so I don't have time to read all the posts before this page.

I'm concerned about Carey - Rex have you heard any more about him?

Steve - bummer about that ferry, at least nobody was seriously hurt. Hope you were well-bundled when you shot those videos...

Paul-in-Texas: Condolences about your friend, hope his suffering ends soon. Glad your grandaughter is improving though!

Another episode of the Great Scale Model Train Show is being held in Timonium this weekend, and I spent ~ 4 hours there. Saw a number of old friends, and I got to meet one of our new members - RailbuilderDhd, a.k.a. "Dave". (Finally, a fellow forumite from my own region! :D) Was too broke to go on a spending spree though, but I didn't leave empty-handed - I picked up a pair of Walthers 86ft hy-cubes for $30 (the set normally goes for $50). While I was there my daughter Sarah called me with not one, but two crises: 1) her cell phone broke in two (she was calling from a friend's cell phone); and 2) her laptop won't connect to the internet and so she "can't do any of her homework". So I spent much of the afternoon hunting for one of my old cell phones and transferring her number to that one, now I need to fedex it to her. But of course it's the weekend and fedex is closed...


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Every time I try to any real "work" done (like doing mixes for the CDs I have to get done), I have way too much help. I caught these two in the act of disrupting me. Manet the sweetest kitty I have ever met:


He was just sitting there trying to get me to rub his tummy, and then Sheila shows up and stands on my keyboard. She is easy to forgive as she is still a nice cat at the ripe old age of 21. She is sleeping at my left next to the warm computer right now.....


Notice the eyes, i think she doesn't see very well any more and is losing her hearing as well. Tough getting old! According to the chart at the vets, she is well over 100 in "people years".


Fleeing from Al
Paul W., I hope things go easily for your friend. They are much better about pain managment with terminal cancer patients and most just slip over to the other side with no suffering.

Ken, daughters always have a crisis on the weekend. At her age, that should be what boyfriends are for. :)

Ray, we have a Maine Coon cat with more hair than the floor of a busy barber shop. If I let him up on the keyboard, it would never work again because of all the fur. He's already taken over my computer chair and gets quite incensed when I have the nerve to move him so I can sit down. I should add that this is my wife's cat. I have fish. :)


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' Bill! Love that Menu where it says "you are what you eat....." I used to date a vegitarian a few years back. She subscribed to that philosophy. Of course, that made me "Dead Meat"!

Mornin' Jim! You were up late last night. I've grown accustomed to having cat hair on everything in the house no matter how much I clean. I also have fish. The two brothers Blackie and Manet sit in a chair near the aquarium and watch the fish by the hour. Took a while to convince them that they couldn't go fishing though. Sheila likes to claim my computer chair when I'm not using it. If she is sleeping I just pull that chair back and get another one to sit on....... She was my Mother's cat and I promised my Mom on her before she died that I would take good care of her. Sheila was the best thing that happened to my Mom in the last several years of her life so I don't mind being her "owner" for the last of her life.

Mornin' Steve! So, they got that shipwreck all cleaned up yet? Just kidding! That will take some time I bet.

Well, I've got to get going, take my morning drugs, and head out to church.


Just a guy
Morning all!

Big day planned here! My daughter has decided she wants a dog. This will be her dog and she'll take it with her when she moves out someday (I don't really want another one). Anyways, looks like we're picking it up today!

Also, get this.....after 20 years of not one bit of interest in model trains, my wife wants to work on the layout today!!!!!! Heart be still!!!!!!!!! The bad part is, I don't really have any fun jobs that need done right now. Everything is tedious work. Hmmmm, gotta think of something, and quick! Maybe running a train to "test the track".....yeah, that'll do it!

Lastly, the church's big chili cookoff is tonight! Now, you have to understand, I love to cook chili, and my family knows that when I'm in chili mode in the kitchen....look out! I get HARD CORE! I was up late into the night last night preparing the "winning" chili. This is, as my son put it when he taste tested last night, "The best chili he's ever had in his mouth", end quote. I hope so! And last night I passed on the Carrell family chili recepie to my son. He won't remember all of it, so we'll just have to practice it some more (oh darn!). It was fun spending time with him in the kitchen though. In case you can't tell, I love to cook! Judging by my waistline, maybe a little too much!

Oh well, busy day! I'm outta here!



All new now!
Good morning folks. It's another blah day here in Wisconsin.

Ray, I like your cats. I'm a cat person myself. My wife and I don't have children yet, our two cats play that role right now.

pcarrel, You have to love a good bowl of chili. I notice most people don't use recipes, at least that's what they tell me!

As of last Friday, I am retired(unemployed). I spent the first part of the weekend delivering household furnishings to my family. My brother, sister, and sister in-law were quite appreciative! While having lunch with my brother, I shared my idea for modeling our home town. He and his wife were excited about it. The same uncle that got me into modeling, gave my brother his 1968 Corvette. I offered to trade the trains for the Corvette. He didn't bite! I was excited that they were excited. There son is four years old and in love with trains. I may need to pass along the train equipment that I don't use to my brother. It was half his in the first place. I sometimes forget that we played with trains together back in the day. If he becomes obsessed like me, then I have a partner in crime! Going to train museums and shows as a 'family' will be much easier than trying to drag just my wife along.

I hope everyone has a good day. I'm going to try to teach myself to use some sort of track planning software.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Good Morning Steve , Bill ,Ray & Phillip and a Good Morning or night to Jim ! ANother wunter day here in Buffalo , Good day no snow, Phillip hope that your chilli really heats things up ! You fellows have cats that shed hair , I have an old girl that sheds hair also but she is a dog , gets into everything too ! Gotta get going and get ready for company coming over for the game . Of which I don't care who wins or is even playing . Guess I'll be the gopher of the day. Hope all have a wonderful day !!! And mornin' to Corey also .
Good morning guys!!!

Holy smokes Ray, I thought I was looking at pics of our kids (I mean kitties). The "old lady" Bijou is almost the spitting image of Shiela and nearly as old too (18 yrs):


And our newest kitty Zelda, if she were any sweeter she'd be a bag of sugar:


Same deal with the computer chair, but in my case I put a comfy cushion on the "spare" which I had hoped would lure the kitty away from my usual chair. They're too smart for that though. We have fish as well, but the kitties are too lazy and too well fed to really care. Watching the birdies in the bay window is far more entertaining. :)

Jim, we had a maine coon as well (our first cat) that lasted nearly 20 years. That was a tough one on my wife when he died (on me too). 2007 was just a tough one all around.

As for MRR, got my Proto2K NYC sw8 in the mail yesterday. Man, these things are delicate! The guy shipped it with the body attached to the chassis in the body part of the box, so it slid forward bending the bell and snapping off a railing. All fixable though. Boy she ride smooth at slow speeds...very cool. Still have problems with electrical pickup from those pressed steel side plates like on a Proto1K Erie Built A+B set, had to go in with conducting grease to fix that up. I'm surprised noone else has had that issue.

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