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Evening Gang: I just stopped in to let you know that Baby Lara is 5lbs. 2 1/2 ozs. She is doing well and we can't wait until she can come home.
I haven't done any MRRing lately. I have a friend in the VA hospital in Dallas. He has cancer and is not long for the world. I've been going in to see him by taking the train and light rail that puts me at the hospitals front door. It's a tiring trip but at least it's not driving. Since I retired Im working harder then ever. Note to Bill Tidler. Oh it's still way better then working for " the man".
Well I'll say Good Night All. I like the new digs.


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Bill Congrats from me also. The last day I left the factory I felt like I levitated across the parking lot. The greatest feeling I have ever had and I have not looked back. About six months after retirement I got a part time just to have some money to play with. Model RR stuff and to set up my wood shop. I do not know how I ever had to time to work a full time job and get all of the stuff I used to accomplish. I wish I could accomplish as much now as I did then.


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We just got in from my wife’s Outreach program. That was a long drive to Dover, DE and back. It was about 2-1/2 hours down and a little over an hour back. The trip down was during rush hour so we were on the back roads. We actually made great time and had enough time to stop for a half hour on the way down at the Christiana Mall to grab a quick dinner. Coming home it was DE Rt. 1, I-95, I-495, and I-476; most of it posted 65 MPH. Her program went very well. She spoke for about an hour and half to a group of about 15 kids and 10 adults. Something about manatees that the kids love.

My son came home early from school with a temperature of 101.7. He went to bed before we got home so we know he is not feeling well. It seems that there is a bug going around and a lot of kids at his school are coming down with it.


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Could someone tell me why post from 3 years ago are suddenly popping back up on the forum? Is this a joke or does someone just have a slow operating sysytem ?
It's just someone who's spending way to much time on the forum, reading OLD posts. On a few sites I frequent, some of the mods have signatures (and even site rules!) that state something to the effect "do not dig up old threads unless you have something worthwhile to post", so posts on a 3 year old thread saying "looks good" can be thwarted..

Sure its nice to read the old posts same as reading old magazines, ect. However, it is highly recommended not to post to a thread that has not been frequently updated in a while. This rule does not apply to posts that expand on a topic, say you wanted to know about tar paper (recent example), you search, find the recent thread:

Then you later search, and find a really cool technique not discussed, you can reply, adding that info.

Good Morning from Tipton IN ! :D

Thanks for all the kind words and congratulations. Now I'm off to the rest of my life !





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Good Morning Bill ! We are under a winter strom adviseray. Snow , rain ,sleet,freezing rain and more snow. Phew just tired typing it all .Right now it's rain and sleet . I don't have to drive in it but the daughter has too so it's always on the mind . Just praying that she makes it to wherever safe and sound especially since she is using my car since her's in in for repairs. Oh well . Gonna get going and have a cup of coffee .Gope everyone has a great day . Watch out Ray it's heading your way !!


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Morning all!

Well, the weather guessers were WAY off! Instead of 5-12 inches of snow with a 1/4" of ice on top, we got 2" of snow with a very thin coat of ice. It's not bad out there at all. It's not even all that cold. I'm good with this!

Got a way busy weekend in store and a full day of work today.

Oh, and my daughter has decided to cut her hair short! She's had it long since birth, but I guess she's getting tierd of getting all those compliments on her beautiful blond locks! (Said with toungue firmly planted in cheek!)

Oh well, later all!


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Good morning folks

This has been an interesting day already. It was 35 F when I pulled, I mean slid out of the driveway this morning. The roads in my neighborhood were icy particularly at the intersections. Once I got out to the main roads it was just wet and slow. I kept one eye on the temperature as it bounced from 33 to 35 F the whole way into work. One of my co-workers got into an accident this morning when someone slid into him. Our high today is supposed to be around 50 F with heavy rain. We could get 1 to 2 inches of rain today and tonight.

My son is home from school. Just as I was ready to head out the door he got up and vomited a little. I had to help him get things cleaned up and comfort him. Ironically he was at the doctors yesterday for a regular check-up and they said he had a touch of something. Now I have to call and let them know it is a little more than a touch.

We have a busy scout weekend. Tonight we set-up for the Pinewood Derby. Tomorrow is the Pinewood Derby. Later in the day my daughter has softball clinic and basketball practice. On Sunday she has a basketball game.

If I ever get to the work bench I would like to finish weathering the TOFCs and other flat cars.

I hope everybody has a good day.


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Mornin' everyone!

Paul we already got it here. Actually not too bad right at the moment. I have to drive to Canandaigua this afternoon to check out where I will be set up for the Elementary All-County tomorrow. I expect it will get really nasty about that time. :rolleyes:

Paul B great to see your granddaughter is doing so well. I bet all of you will be glad to have her finally get home soon. Sorry to hear about your friend. Life does have a way of throwing stuff at us. All us old retired teachers know exactly what you mean. Life is good and I've never been so busy in my life! ;) :D

Tom sure hope your son gets better so he can run his car at the Pinewood Derby! That is so much fun. The pack I am commissioner for is also doing their Pinewood Derby tomorrow.

Time to get some work done around here. See you all later.
Morning guys!

Steve: Maybe the boat will turn into a storyline on Coronation Street. :D

Another crappy day of driving - everything is closed AGAIN including no school buses BUT it is a "PD" day for public schools already so Nelson Muntz and I say HA-HA to the kids who already had the day off! :D

How come there are no "snow days" for us working folk?


Steve B

The boats getting pushed right up onto the beach at present, should be fun salvaging that one !!!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Ah well! Today has been canceled. The All-county Festival got postponed to next weekend. Probably a good choice as several of the member schools are closed or having an early dismissal. We have freezing rain right now. In other news, my daughter in law's grandmother passed away yesterday so I will have to go out tonight to the calling hours. She was a real character! Little tiny lady with a wild sense of humor. I will miss her.


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Finally got my car repaired today. I had the repair shop replace the starter and run down a transmission leak that's been driving me absolutely wild. Turned out there was a hole in the tail shaft housing the same size as the bolt that was supposed to be there.
Good Evening everyone!

Just wanted to let the group know about CJ (Cjcrescent). I called him today to see about getting a couple of engines back that he had worked on and found out he has been in the hospital again! He said he had just gotten out yesterday. He sounded real bad so I didn't try to quiz him anymore than that.



Thanks Glenn. I knew he went in, but hadn't heard anything since.

Turned out there was a hole in the tail shaft housing the same size as the bolt that was supposed to be there.
That is really strange. Go figure!:D :D
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I just got an email note saying my message sent to PCM service on 3/23/05 was deleted unread on 8/28/06. I got this yesterday 1/31/08...some kind of time warp or different dimension?? :confused: :confused: :eek:


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Good late evening, everyone.

I hope CJ is OK. Let us know what you hear from him.

Rex, sounds like someone was doing an update on the e-mail server and all the messages that were trapped in the ether finally went out.

Jeffery, sounds like the bolt went south some time ago. It's amazing how long it can take for bolts to work their way out and finally fall out.

The weather sounds crummy up north and across the pond. Steve, looks like that ship will be a total loss. I talked to my sister in Cleveland and it's still snowing there so be careful out there. She said they've got about 6 inches of snow over about an inch of ice. I knew there was a reason I left there in 1966. :)

Mark, there is a snow day for adults - it's calling in sick. :D

Paul B, that's great news that the baby continues to gain weight at such a good pace.

Phillip, good to hear you son's team won and he got to play again. For some reason, I always got put in when we were so far behind it didn't matter who played. :eek:

I'm still trying to track down the shot on my P2K E-7. It looks like it's coming from the black wire that's soldered toa barss piece that's below the motor. The wire looks like it's soldered directly to the frame and it's definitely the one that's causing the short. Has anyone else run into this with P2K's that have a DCC plug and are supposedly DCC ready?

I put in one of those animated billboards tonight and it looks great but you've got to do some major surgery to the building to get it to fit. Once it's done, it looks like the real thing. I'll have to take a picture for the WPF.
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