rolling stock

  1. JJCreatorOfWorlds

    First attempt at custom box car

    I tried out painting a box car for the first time. I'm much more used to making scenery and props for cosplay and D&D so am looking for some feedback. I plan on spending more time on the identification numbers as that seems to be the thing im missing most from a normal train car. What do you...
  2. G

    Grain Boxcars in the 1950s

    For the current switching layout I’m building, I plan to model in the 1950s and 60s. This is an era I’ve never modeled before. Were any specific boxcars used for grain transport or were their design characteristics specific to their use such as extra hatches or anything like that? I did learn...
  3. G

    Industries That Share Unique Combinations of Freight Cars

    I was observing my plethora of rolling stock, more than I need for my small layout and I began to wonder about industries that use unique combinations of freight cars. Are there any industries that use both covered hoppers and centerbeam flat cars?
  4. ChinaHaun19

    Hi I’m Sherman and...

    Hi I’m Sherman and I’ve recently and abruptly developed a hobby of doing model trains and... I brush paint them with enamel. I obtained a new O gauge Lionel 1900 set and did this. Was this the right thing to do?
  5. R

    Freight Car Weathering Contest

    Post deleted Post deleted.
  6. R

    Build a work cradle for your locomotives and rolling stock

    I recently built my own work cradle for upgrading, repairing, and weathering locomotives and rolling stock. I made a video about how I built it. I hope you find it helpful.
  7. PrairieKnight

    Model Power Derailments.......

    I have a couple different manufacturers of rolling stock on my recently powered up DCC 4 X 8 layout. On my Atlas code 83 track with Atlas remote snap switches, the Athearns, Mantuas, and Walthers do fine. However, the Power Model rolling stock seems to want to derail at the remote snap...
  8. engineerkyle

    Who makes THESE cars?

    Hi All, My LHS had a carboard box with several of these in it priced at 7.99. It looks like they were "used", as they were already assembled. I bought 6 of them. Does anyone know who makes them? Also, my friends and I have always called these couplers "McCrappies". Is that a bad rap...
  9. I

    Model Railroader From Texas

    Hello, I'm Michael Lucas from Central Texas.. Loved model railroading when I lived in El Paso, TX. Dad retired from Military and moved to a small town near Gatesville,TX I used to order from Standard Hobby Supply, and had a nice little train board. But.. when they closed.. really hurt. I...