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    Intermountain GP16

    I received a notice on Facebook that Intermountain is coming out with the GP16. Only news i have on it is the price is TBA, and the only scheme that I know of is SCL/LN Family Lines. There will be more schemes, but I do not know which ones. First the GP10, Now the GP16. Whats next, Intermountain????
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    New Intermountain GP10's

    Conrail is one of the roadnames on Intermountain's list !!! but I do not know if it is HH or not.
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    New Intermountain GP10's

    I just saw on Facebook that Intermountain is going to be making H.O. scale GP10's. So far, all that I know is that they will be releasing them in about 12 roadnames, including IC, ICG, and IAIS. More info will be on Intermountains website as to prices and expected dates ( i think ). I can't wait...
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    1/87th Vehicles

    There would be 4 "must have" cars on my layout! All would be Camaro's, and all would be 1969! They are the RS, SS, Z/28, and the Yenko!!!! All would be hard-top's, not convertibles!!!! I'd like to see a '79 Camaro Z/28 in H.O. too!!!
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    Family Lines SW1500

    Thanks for the link bnsf971!!!!! Looks like Family Lines just applied the hearald and lettering, without the red/yellow stripes, as on the MP15DC's!!. Not what I was hoping!! I hope they do a MP15AC in Family lines soon. Athearn did Seaboard System on the MP15AC!!! I'm not positive if the MP15's...
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    Family Lines SW1500

    Recently, I was paging through a 2001 Walthers catalog, and I ran across the Athearn locomotive section. I noticed that under SW1500, they listed a Family Lines SCL/LN unit. I was totally unaware that Athearn put out a SW1500 in that scheme, and was not aware Family lines even HAD SW1500's. Does...
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    A hidden suprise from Kato for Metra Modelers

    Oh yes, and as far as train lengths, Most normal trains were 3 to 5 cars long. The rush hour trains got up to 8 cars long. Kenosha also had the 8 car train that had the single level club car on it. That train had two club cars during CNW days. They were club cars # 553 and 555.
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    A hidden suprise from Kato for Metra Modelers

    I was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisc. Last stop for Metra on the North line. The cars were no different from Waukegan and Kenosha. I have never seen locos on both ends, even on breakdowns. The "rescue" loco would always be coupled to the origional loco, and the train would be pushed to...
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    More custom paint schemes

    Great work littlefoot!!! I would love to see the SCL/LN Family Lines System applied to ANY modern locomotive. Something like a ES44DC or a SD70ACe. I may do a layout based on if the SCL/LN were still around today!!!
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    Hello from WI

    Add me too, Born in Kenosha, but now live in Kaukauna. Welcome aboard!!!
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    2nd Anual How Many Contest????

    My guess is 454.
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    Hlcx sd60 #5969

    As much as I've seen your work on these threads, and knowing you do FANTASTIC work. It still PAINS me to know that 4 GREAT looking CNW SD60's are gonna get patched. OUCH!!!!!!!
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    1/87th Vehicles

    I can understand changing wheels on the fire trucks, but what I'm afraid of is that the wheelwells on the trucks will be way oversize for the smaller wheels. I would like to see a photo from someone that already did a wheel change. I'm afraid small wheels in large wheelwells will look too goofy.
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    1/87th Vehicles

    I got the Matchbox ladder truck already, looks like i'm gonna have to pick up the tower ladder now!!! As much as I HATE using Matchbox and Hot Wheels on my layouts, these are the ONLY modern ladder trucks on the market besides Del Prado trucks (which are too big). These Matchbox trucks will do...
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    Hello from WI!

    Hello from Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Welcome aboard.

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