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I received my gas station today and tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. I received her gift as well today. She gets a Chessie shirt.



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Thanks Chet: I imagine we all experienced it at one time or another. At least the forum here has the auto save feature.


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Chet. ... the rural scene with with the trailer looks fantastic.

Johnny. ... that looks like it was a great train show.

Truck Dad ... I like the historic photo .

Car fans .... who recalls fender skirts Continental kits, and curb feelers ? ... I still remember my grandfather fussing at the the new cars because they had no running boards . ... when did emergency brakes start being called hand brakes?

Garry: I can remember fender skirts on the 1956 Chevy I believe it was?
Continental kits covered the spare tire mounted on the outside of the trunk above the bump der;
Curb feelers told you when you were close enough parallel parking along the curb;
The parking brake went from a T handle you pulled out from under the dash either on the Left or Right side of the driver to a ratcheting foot pedal and then became a hand brake on the center console.l


Today, March 27th, 2018, we're supposed to have some sun after yesterday, were we had the most snow dropped on us in one setting this year, 6-8 inches of wet fluffy stuff difficult to plow as it was so heavy it would not lift over the old snow bank. My driveway is very narrow. Now that it is below freezing a couple degrees, the snow is as hard as concrete!

Big Glazed Donut, Flo and a good hot cup of Joe and I'll be good!


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Good morning. It's cloudy and 41.

I found out the reason why the furnace had to be raised. It seems "code" is for the furnace to be raised 18" from the floor if placed in a garage. I guess the inspector noticed the car sitting there, and the installers didn't.


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Good Morning All. 68° and drizzle to start the day here. Thunder off to the SW which usually means we're next. The forecast calls for heavy thundershowers until 3:00 pm and the radar seems to confirm this, although they don't look that heavy right now. I need a break from outdoor chores. I did make a lot of headway on tree pruning over the last week, a task that was neglected for much of the last decade or so; partly because I was burdened with twenty large trees that died in 2013 that had to be removed. Mowed some more of the yard as well and did some hoeing in the garden.
Out in the train shed later on, I started construction of another "barbed-wire" fence for the homestead scene. I cut 35 fenceposts and started to drill the three .015" holes in them to support the wire. I got about a dozen completed before my eyes got too crossed to continue. While running trains, I noted a missing stirup on a boxcar, it turned out to be a broken (and presumed lost) plastic finely detailed one. Problem was that it did not match any of the pre-fab ones (A,B, or C) that A-Line offers, so I had to fabricate one from a long grabiron. The other downside is that no model paint manufacturers seem to be able to match the BN green, so I'll have to add weathering to the car which I needed to do anyway.

Johnny - You have had a good couple of days, train show finds, recovering your iPad, and now you are getting some spring showers for all the flowers. Regarding finding the iPad with iCloud; another example of big brother is watching!:(
Greg in GA - That shop looks just too clean. Still waiting to see some pictures of your "wheels", unless I missed them along the way.
Justin - I find that even adults ask why my trains move so slowly. By the way, did you ever think that you could use a bigger drill bit? About five years ago, I bought some extra 1/16" drill bits because I broke three in one weekend, and I haven't broken one since!
Garry -
...who recalls fender skirts, Continental kits, and curb feelers ?
You got a big yes here. I also miss those little crank-out vent windows. Kind of dates us.
Toot - Pretty spectacular video of the falls.
Terry - Did your landlord contract with professional installers or the local "hire a temp"?

Gotta go now before we lose power as the lightning and thunder has intensified.
Everyone have a great day.



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Already ahead of you Willie. I brought home some bigger bits last night. I liked the smaller ones because they held my feeders in place really well. However if they keep breaking then I have to make a change and be creative on how I'm going to hold my feeders in place while I solder them to my rails.



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Good morning everyone. 57 and raining cats and dogs out there - rained all night, too. At least that means no outdoor work tonight :cool: Coffee's ready!!

Terry - Either your installers were blind, as you suggest because they didn't see the car, or they're stupid and didn't know what "code" required. Based on similar personal experiences, I'd vote for the latter :rolleyes:

Here's a couple of photos of my main town, Pine Valley, as it looks now with roads, vehicles, and some people (more people are moving in every day):


Not much to report from the train room - just keep pluggin' away on the cape cod house build and putting down scenery infrastructure in the new section of the layout.

Have a good day everyone.


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I added a comment and vote, I hope everybody else will do the same--even if it's only to say they don't know. At least we'll know people are aware of the issue.
Doesn't seem to be many folks concerned this morning with that news of major changes to software running this site?

And what the possible implications might be about all the previous info. photos, etc that have been posted via the old software. I'm certainly not a computer wiz, but I do recognize a potential real lost in historical data locked up in older software programing that could all be lost upon a concerned.


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Good morning. We are starting off at 24 degrees with an expected high around 50.

Ken D&J - What you have there seems to be a failure to communicate.Perhaps Terry sent Murphys brother your way.

Garry - Thanks for the comment on the mobile home. I remember all of the items you mentioned about cars. Needless to say, restoring classic cars, I have dealt with all of them plus many more. On mentioned, the Continental kit, is one this I really dislike. Removed a few of them over the years. I have fender skirts on my two '59 Chevys.

- Are you going to have to build an arc ?

Justin - Enjoyed the photos. It looks like there were quite a few vendors out there.

Mark - I know what you are up against with the snow. As the driveway is plowed over and over again mine also gets quite narrow. That's why I finally broke down and invested in a snow blower. After the driveway is plowed, I immediately run the snow blower down the edges and blow the plowed snow clear of the driveway. We have had some warmer (less cold) weather and the berms have melted down quite bit.

Willie -
When you're done with your barbed wire fence, you can come uo here and put one in for me. A place to sleep plus steaks and beer are also supplied. Grin.gif

Johnny - Those are a couple of nice photos of the town. Looking good. Thumb up.gif

Brian - I am concerned about the forum and software change. Of all the forums I am on, this one is probably the most user friendly, but hacking is a problem that Bob has been putting up with. I can't thank hi, enough for providing this forum, but don't want him to get any more gray hairs of lose money on it either. I unfortunately don't know enough about the software to be of any help. I did look at the reviews of the different software and made my suggestion based on that.

Here's a rail photo for today.




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Good morning

Typing on cell phone.

I was in the middle of replying to your posts a few minutes ago , but the computer screen went blank . We have a power outage. The power company has an outage map which can be viewed on my cell phone. It was a widespread area. I don’t know the cause.

I’ll get back here later.


Greg in GA - That shop looks just too clean. Still waiting to see some pictures of your "wheels", unless I missed them along the way.

Everyone have a great day.



Heck I can fix that, the 32 truck is my wife's, the 34 mine. Truck power built 327, the car 350 stroker motor. The B&W picture, that Bike in the back, was the means for the machines.




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Howdy ... {power was restored )

Greg (GA) .... Wow.... I'm impressed with the "wheels" ..

Willie, David, Chet .... I recall the Continental kits had bumper extensions under the spare tire covers. ..... I remember when the stopped using the vent windows, and I thought that was a dumb decision.

Johnny ... You certainly have made a lot of progress on your layout. The downtown looks great.

Everybody..... Bob was nice enough to allow us to participate in his survey and to make comments regarding forum software. So, I would encourage each of you to participate. Some of you already did so. :)


How that I'm back home, I have a few more Empire Builder photos.

I experimented with helper locomotives last week. .... Here is why. Only one of my GN E7's is powered, and the other is a dummy. There is as steep grade east of Blackhawk, and the powered E7 will stall before it gets to the top of the grade. It pulls the dummy and 10 passenger cars. ... Normally, I use the GN E7 for local passenger trains with 4 or 5 cars. The Empire Builder normally has either GN F3's and/or F7's (ABA or ABBA). I also pull it the CB&Q E units which is how the real train operated between Chicago and St Paul. ... Also, I sometimes haul the EB with GN freight diesels while including my steam generator car in the train.

Here is the train about to depart Blackhawk where two GP7 helpers were added.

Here is the train going upgrade.

The powered GN E7 is a Proto 2000 model with an older Digitrax decoder. .... Sometimes that decoder conks out, and I have to reset it to factory defaults. Yesterday, it happened again, but it is refusing to be reset to factory default this time. The E7 may get a new decoder soon.
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Garry - Excellent photos as usual. I had problems with my Genisis F-7 on my two and a half percent grades. 6, possibly 7 was the passenger car limit before it would stall. When I decided to build my version of the North Coast Limited, the Stewart F-3 was just what was needed. Wit 2 powered A units, 11 cars and a dummy B unit made it up the grades without any problems. No decoder problems either running DC.

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Got the yard raked again (3rd time) and hopefully the last time this year. I think all told I have raked up 40 lawn bags worth. After getting cleaned up I ran a couple of errands ending up at Jo-Ann's but all the strip wood they have is too thick for my needs. Tomorrow I have to drive to Clermont and I will probably stop at the Hobby Lobby there.

Chet- Nice layout pictures and rail shots.

Justin- Sounds like it was a good time.

Johnny- It looks like it was a fun time. Nice job on the layout.

Toot- Amazing video.

Greg- Amazing vehicles.

Garry- Great pictures. What's the Cornerstone building in the background? I really like the 3 levels in the second picture.

I hope everyone has a good night.

D&J RailRoad

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Called B&H Video again to find out what's going on with my order.
Now they're saying a part is on back order and won't be in until mid April, which to me is saying sometime in May if you're lucky. So much for believing their web page that said "in stock". To bad if I thought they meant it was in their stock system.


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Good Afternoon Everyone...cloudy and mild.

Spend a good share of yesterday working on the layout projects. At the end of the session ran a train. Found that my GP9 had problems pulling 14 ore cars, a transfer caboose and two CenterLine track cleaning cars. The problem was being able to pull the train around a curve. A lot of wheel resistance rounding a curve. Switched to a GP-38 and it pulled the train just fine. A good break-in session for SOO locomotive #4441.

Finished my Walther's Ale House background building which is now a warehouse. Also, build a Bar Mills billboard sign to finish off the roof. Will post some photos soon. The Bar Mills signs are fun projects and a complete sign painted and assembled in less than an hour's time. Added some details to the loading dock.

I think signs add so much realism to a layout's structures' roofs. Adding people and lighting effects rate right near the top as well.

No train work had a MD appointment, lunch, nursing home to see MIL and then off to see friends, their kids and grandchildren. Time so fly by so fast.

Gary: I second Chet, great photos as always! Gary, I like the way you ballasted your track. The Great Northern locomotives had a beautiful color scheme.

Greg: Nice collection of wheels. Well done. Reminds me of my '34 Chevrolet pickup. Bright yellow....completely stock with 51,000 miles. Purchased it in 1970 for $500. I was the third owner and the second owner had the truck for a month or so.

I too am concerned about any change to the Forum's software. Currently, this Forum is easy to use and knowing from my experiences at work, a change in software usually resulted in some loss of data and a new learning curve for the users.

That's all for now.


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Chet, Curt, and Greg (WI) .... Thanks for the comments.

Chet .... Usually for the EB, I use multiple powered GN F-units or a pair of CB&Q powered E-units, and that works well ... Same with my NCL.

Curt ... If you are talking about the large flour mill, I made it from three Walthers flour mill kits


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Garry: I need a large industrial building for one of my layout areas and I never considered combining several Walther's Cornerstone models together. Your combining the three mill structure gave me the idea. Thanks.

One question, "What do you use to paint the silver finish on the dust collectors?"

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