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Curse You, Red Baron!
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I've been in withdrawal ever since GUY posted that 1:1 photo of the IH yard tractor!
I had a hard time straying from that photo!

In the mid 60's I had a Craftsman (Sears) riding mower that was pretty small but did a good job!
Main problem with it was that it had a pretend differential and didn't turn very good - just more or less skidded around.

TROY - I really liked your describing of the rain in both CA and IN! It was/is 99 miles from my driveway to the employee parking lot at LAX - doubtful to make it in an hour - sometimes two would be in question!
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Just made a run to the LHS for some foam risers. Need to play around with seeing how high I can get the elevation at the far end of the layout. Seattle is supposed to be hilly, if I remember. Something about building the city higher after it kept flooding. :) We took a tour the underground “old city” while we were there a few years ago.

Another question for the brain trust.Evidently ripping apart N scale CORK roadbed gives one good beveled edge. The other bevel is anything but. How do you N-scale folks deal with that wonky edge? Sanding? Cut it instead of tearing? Just ignore and spend time shoving ballast in to cover it up?

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Afternoon All,

Got back earlier than expected. Our friend is on her way back to SC and our unhappy skunk has to stay in a dog crate (large) overnight with no food until tomorrow. Tomorrow I hope to plaster the cardboard lattice work but will probably run out of plaster cloth.

While waiting at the vet I saw the Amtrak car train and another short passenger train go by (Pierson, FL).

Ken- Great looking cabin.

Jerry- Interesting photo.

Troy- I use plaster cloth on the risers more to hide all the grooves more than anything else. I use Elmers white glue on the cork roadbed holding it down by either weight or pushpins. I apply the Elmers from a picnic ketchup or mustard dispenser.

Chet- Nice layout shot.

Joe- Neat photo.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Another question for the brain trust.Evidently ripping apart N scale CORK roadbed gives one good beveled edge. The other bevel is anything but. How do you N-scale folks deal with that wonky edge? Sanding? Cut it instead of tearing? Just ignore and spend time shoving ballast in to cover it up?
Troy - I don't know whether or not it works in N scale, but in HO, I glue the roadbed down with Elmer's White Glue and with the rough bevel to the aisle side facing towards me. Then I use a new single-edge razor blade held at the proper angle to shave off the rough top edge. In HO I can usually get a continuous strip 14"-18" long in a single pass. While I have never tried it, I think that a small rasp might do the same thing although not as neatly, and it may not work as well on curves. By gluing it down first, it eliminates the need to hold two ends steady at the same time.


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Hey guy's! Back from the city, where the girls is pretty! One can tell, even if they are wearing a mask.

Sherrel - I had a tough time taking my eyes away from that photo, as well. That tractor is purely beautiful! - and it was me who was asking about old-time lumber loading. Thanks for the photographic clarification.

Willie - It might surprise you, how easy a garden tractor is to model. I just think of it as a box with wheels on it, and get to it. - I'm going to make another one; bigger, better as they say. I don't expect the difficulty level to increase with a more accurate tractor. Just might have to think about it more, so I might waste a few more brain cells, is all. Did that for nothing when I was drinking!

Since we were in the city, it was necessary to stop at the only LHS left in the west end. Mostly plastic models and air-soft blasters there, but I did pick up some more paint for figures, and the last bottle of dull coat on the shelf:

I had those type of Testor paints when I was a small child, and they seem to be the only decent enamels left standing today. Humbrol has been disappointing me of late, and Model Master is too hard to get.

Enough jabber! I've got figures to paint and a tractor to finish. See you all another day!


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Good evening Shop Dwellers. It's 65*F, calm and dark where I'm at.

Thank you everyone who either like'd, commented or both on my photo of the experimental I-12 caboose with screens: Jerome, Tom "C", Sherrell, Phil, Justin, Chet, Willie, Tom-O, Garry, Guy, Joe, Curt. And Patrick, I'll add you to the list as well, since I can't recall a single one of my posts that you did not eventually "like" - whether I deserved it or not!;)

Guy - those figures you painted for the hardware store look positively real, especially the store rep with the green vest and the attractive lady in the blue shorts. Are you going to remove the pedestals and insert wires up their legs to anchor them to the layout?

Willie - great news about the 'normal' checkup, I'm hoping for the same after my Hematology appointment yesterday. They drew nine 9 vials of blood out of me, I don't want any of those lab results telling me I have to keep taking this Eliquis for the rest of my life...even three months is already too long for me!

Chet - that backyard scene with the playground apparatus is one of my all-time favorites.

* * *

My I-12 caboose screen project is momentarily on hold for want of the correct-sized Evergreen styrene strip: 0.250" wide at 0.010" thickness (Evergreen item# 109). Thought I had some in my scrapbox, but it is .020" - too thick to convincingly simulate a 1:87 screen panel. My LHS had some in stock as of last Saturday, maybe I'll drop in there and see if he still has it. MBK didn't even have it listed...


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Where the heck is everybody??? We just returned from our sojourn to the big city, and the good news is that the doctor that I saw sent me away with a clean bill of health. In fact, he questioned why my primary care physician sent me there to begin with. That fits in with the technician that did the CT scan who had said he didn't see anything unusual while doing the scan. While it was a waste of time, it was also comforting to know that the specialist didn't see any problem. Happy for that.
Great news Willie! We've been here, sitting in the corner, not saying much cuz I didn't have much to say! However, I must say those donuts are delish! 😋


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Man am I ever over due for a post. Been busy that's for sure. Figured I'd stop in. Seems everytime I'd try to post I'd get called on to do something and couldn't post. Finally worked in another rail adventure. This time to Talcott, WV. Not much there but it has some history to it. It's the site of the Great Bend Tunnel and the legend of John Henry. Always a good visit that never disappoints. Well if you count not seeing any trains then maybe a little disappointing. However! They have some new items there I havent seen. Caught a pic of my first ever seen in person speeder. Still in its C&O paint too!

Moving on to my railroad build. Finally got around to putting together my camp houses. Man are they tedious!!! Took about two weekends to get all three built. Took some time to paint what parts I wanted to have painted. And then as time allowed I would work a little bit on them. Final product looks nice. I cant complain too much.

Now to figure out if I want them at track level or elevated. I guess I'll have to play around with both ideas to figure out what I want. That's all i have for now. I'll try to stop by later. I make no promises. But i will try.


Ol' School
Hello all, dry and 27 right now, biscuits & gravy please with a cup of deer camp.......
Still have camping gear scattered all over doing the clean up before it gets stored for another winter.
Thanks to ALL who commented/hit the like button.

Terry... (Willie)....thanks for the confirmation on the GP50. That's one of the "newer" geeps I've seen them run here, most of the time it's the ol gp 35-2's

Chet...yes, I have gathered some sage brush as it grows with in a few minutes of the house. Ken Patterson in his what's neat series did one part on sage brush trees, (prepping) and I was waiting on part two for the actual assembly.
Did you have a video/tutorial on making the armatures? Yours look great!
Anybody looking for sagebrush, let me know, I'm sure we could work something out!

Willie...seems like one is always (more or less) thinking of security, which is my rub! If it's not yours, keep your hands off!

Forklifts are over rated anyway! o_O

Everybody stay safe, have a great day! 👍


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Quick cuppa joe, Flo

I'm up, but woke to an email from the editor. Gotta book to revise and edit for the "Beta Readers and Typo Hunters"

Better go get a donut... you know. Brain food.

Final tweaking on the overall layout going on. Decided I need some 1-inch risers for the Seattle End. So a midday break in editing to head to the LHS for those. (I was just there yesterday)...


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Good Morning Spike Drivers ... We have cooled off a bit - dropped into the eighties for several days and now this morning we are looking for a high today of 75degrees.

FLO - G'day to you and Mel. I;ll join Jerry with those biscuits and gravy, glas of OJ with them, plz.

Justin -- The houses look very nice. you did a good job with them! Next time you see that speeder, take a bucket of paint with you and spread it around. Looks as if it could use a little TLC?

GUY - What are you trying to do to me? Those are some mighty-fine looking headlights too!
I bet she sells more tractors than anyone? I'd buy one even if I had no grass!

Jerry - I see that someone left open the North door and let some cool cold air come in?
From what I see and read looks like a bunch more is on the way - maybe it will cool off some of those earth warming folks?

Not much on tap for today, but I'm sure that MOH will come up with something - oh yeah - I have to go with her to a Dr. today in Riverside. That usually takes up half a day even though it's only 40 miles away!

TROY - Any excuse to visit a Hobby Shop is a good one!

I'll be "in and out" - Hey - they make the best hamburger/fries around!


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Off yesterday to get the daughter to her hopefully final Chemo date. It was put off 2 weeks due to her exposure to someone with the virus. Fortunately she was negative, and tomorrow I'm out to watch grand kids.

Going for a high today of 84 before a cold front comes in dropping highs to upper 40's for the weekend. Expecting a second wave Sunday night taking highs into the mid-30's for early next week with a wintery mix expected Sunday night through Tuesday. It means, I'll need to dis out the snow blower so it's ready. I don't usually put it in the garage until November 1st and may still wait until next weekend to do so.

Here's a vid I thought was funny.



Sprue-n-Glue Victim
Good Morning! 13°F on this fine morning; at least I don't have to shovel snow! Might make it up to 20° in the afternoon. It is a very early winter, indeed! Eggs over-easy with sausage and toast this morning, please; I'm not in no hurry today. Nothing going on except trying to stay warm.

Are you going to remove the pedestals and insert wires up their legs to anchor them to the layout?
Yes, the pedestals are coming off. I like the caulk-drop idea someone suggested the other day. Seems easy, and they would be repositionable with a tiny drop of silicon. They are finished paint now, by the way:

I'm going to give them some proper set time before squirting on a bit of dull cote. - That's Hardware Harry, cashier Mary-Jo, and customers Rebecca and Ted. The whole show is making a mini-diorama in it's own right. - Might play with making a mower deck today; I'll take a look at trying to form a bottle cap as suggested by PRR. And I still have to scratch-up a desk and stool for Mary-Jo, as well as a cash-till. Glad I own an optivisor set.

As I read posts from others, it seems the north is effectively dispersing some of the cool weather to the south and east. Sorry about that, but, we have to do something with the excess cold. Remember, it's important to share, and not be selfish.

Patrick - I truly hope your daughter fares well with the chemo thing. Prayers for that.
Sherrel - I knew you would like a re-post of that photo. I didn't mind re-posting it, either. Not sure if others appreciated the reason for a double take, though. Maybe I crossed the line a-bit. It was all in good fun for Karl, who I see as having a very good sense of humor.

Thank you for all the likes and comments on my posts. I would like everyone to have the finest, most productive, and healthiest day possible.
Have a good one!


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Morning, everyone! Only 18°F this morning, but it's supposed to warm up to a blistering 33°F later in the afternoon. I'll have to get out soon and shovel the walk before the nights snow turns to ice. My driveway is a mean slope. You have to take a run at it, if the surface turns icy. The wife hates that.

PRR - Your suggestion of using a break wheel was a winner! Thank you! Thanks also to Boris and James, for making the same suggestion!

Boris - Well done on the freight warehouse. I like it a-lot! Thanks for another wonderful historical photo.

I feel like I got carried away with coming into the shop over and over yesterday. In my defense, I did promise I would have a tractor before the wife got home from work. So, I had to post photos as I went along, to prove it. - Now, the garden tractor is built, and it will be going into the paint shop today. I'm calling it a 'garden tractor' because it don't have a mowing deck on it yet.

Perhaps it is a bit small in scale; my guess-work was off. I don't think they were very large in 1965, though. Can't remember. - I believe I will paint this one in either Cub Cadet or Ford colors:
View attachment 119777

This next photo proves it might be under-scale. No biggy, it will be on display in the hardware anyway. Not sure if it will be seen easily.
View attachment 119778
That tractor is going in the store. Knowing now, how easy it is; I'll likely make another, better one. I think it will make a real good backyard detail on any layout.

One more coffee; and then it's snow shovel time! Have a good one!
Could be a John Deere 110 don’t think John Deere made a Cub Cadet but International did
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