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The bridge is remarkable!
a little tip I have found when painting wood like that is to give it a light coat of primer as a base coat. The topcoat won't soak in as much and the color will be more consistent.

I have to tell you what made me smile the most in the previous pictures is the "Happy Fathers Day Paintbrush" that is golden!


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Kind of a shocking color to me, but if you have access to the real color then who am I to stand in your way. I know that I love your construction methods. I just have not seen a bridge that color before?
An interesting bit of trivia information: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge was originally planned to be a different color. The red was simply a primer and they had planned to paint it a different color when it was compete. BUT, the people of San Francisco, when construction had finished, had grown to like the red and so they decided to keep it that way. :)

The maroon of the prototype is definitely different, you’re right. But I like it.


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Getting back to the lift section, have you run trains across it yet? In the photo of the lift in the up section you stated i worked great, I was guessing that was the hinges allowing the track to not get smashed.
The hinges are working great! I can see where I may have to refine the lift up a bit on the non-hinge side, but so far, it has been working great. Running trains on a regular basis with almost no issues.

CM-fan: I have used that brush for SO MUCH on this layout. Best Father’s Day gift EVER! 😀


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Thank you!

For the layout in my head I want to put in a lift out section or a lift bridge to use as a shoofly for the times I just want to watch trains continuously run. not operate. This thread and the video are very helpful.


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Installed the sides on the bridge. As per CM-Fan’s suggestion, they were primered before installation. As thirsty as this wood is, probably could have used a second coat, but the paint did go on a bit better. Then I “tarred” the deck and called it done. Actually, it’s not quite done. I want to give it a light coat of clear gloss just to seal it up, but I’ve misplaced my can. Might have to get some more today.

I am certainly not a rivet counter kind of guy, but I figure I did a pretty good interpretation of the prototype. I’m pretty happy with it. Next step is laying track.
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The best laid plans of mice and men...

Got the track all laid and I had planned on bringing you a quick video of the inaugural pass of a loco over the new bridge tonight, but as my Dash-8 entered the bridge from the left hand side (as you look at the pictures), it abruptly stopped as the snow plow hit the side of the bridge. Seems I didn't take "overhang" into account in any of my design planning. That end of the bridge is at the end of a curve and the nose of the loco was hanging over just little bit too much. Turns out my curve wasn't quite as smooth as I wanted it anyway, so with the little bit of re-working, the curve was smoother with a greater radius then before (by about 2 or 3 degrees, but still) and the dash-8's plow cleared the bridge's edge.

Then I grabbed one of my pullman coaches and tried letting it enter the bridge. As long as the coach is, with it's significant overhang to the inside of the curve, it was coming to a stop with the battery box grinding on the bridge side.

Seems I always have my trusty NMRA gauge hand when doing track work, but not when building structures... like bridges...

I figure I have two choices:
1.) Open up that end of the bridge to have a sort of funnel shape, or;
2.) Redesign my Terrain so the bridge doesn't start for another 20 scale yards or so (allowing locos and coaches to straighten up a bit before entering the bridge).

I think I'll go with option 1 and see what I thing about it. I should be able to make it look decent... I think...

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