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Well, it took most of my lunch break (and little bit of time before hand) but I got the turnout rebuilt to better accommodate the 18r turn it will be headed into. Working from home is at least good for somethings.
Untitled by Robert Martin, on Flickr

What was a pretty standard #6 is now a... um... pretty modified number... uh... I don't know. But it will work. Or should anyway. :)


Looks much better now; more pro..
I don't think the gaps will matter. But if you want, you could close the gaps with solder, then slice straight down with a straight razor blade or exacto knife, then cut away the remaining bulk.
If you haven't, you might want to consider a circuit which automatically stops trains about 8"-10" before right side of bridge (above) when it's open🚦

Funny optical illusion in post #19. The lift bridge first looked like a mirror to me until I realized I was looking at the various old colors on the wood !!
I think it is due to the white foam (is it ?) in the bottom left corner of pic and the white/beige on the bridge, as if it's a reflection of it !
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I used these from Aubuchon Hardware:

It's the type of hinge designed for frameless cabinets. So far they're working pretty good. :)
Thanks for that info.
I have similar hinges on our cabinets, but not the "frameless" design. That is what threw me off?
After looking at ours, I see the difference. :)


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Been a while since I have updated this thread. Glad to report that traffic is once again flowing on the Whistlestop RR. :) No pics to share at the moment, but it really is happening. Mostly just to trouble shoot trackwork, but the more of that I do that happier I'll be in the end, right?

I've got my industrial yard planned out and few of the tracks laid for it. My biggest problem currently is that I have run out of rail joiners. The LHS is shut down until the 28th due to COVID lockdown, so maybe I'll be able to get my wife to let me go for a motorcycle ride this weekend.


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Some long awaited pics!
Most of the new trackwork is done.

The "industrial" area, due to the amount of pines painted on the wall, and the amount of sawdust I have lying around my garage, will end up being a wood chip plant.

The lift up is working great so far.

And my wiring is MUCH neater than before.

And a few locos settling into the new digs.

This will be the home of the Beat up GP. The others are just visting and checking out the trackwork. I'm going to re-work that short track and pull the turn out a bit closer to the others. It will be more functional and effective that way. Next will be a bit of landscaping to make it look a little nicer. Then it will be onto the new valley and bridge.


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Got some work done on the river extension.
Went from this:

To this:

and tonight to this:

The riverbed will receive it's own special paint palet, and the section along the cliff face on the left will get a rock wash treatment. The rocky looking sections, which are just scrapings from my plaster pan, will also get the wash treatment. Then I'll use dirt and sand and loam and what not to blend it all in together before pouring an epoxy river.

...that's the plan, anyway...

I also got a tunnel portal fashioned and temporarily in place. Horid photo - my apologies.


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Rock wash complete... not my best job, but it will do.

Then I added a few real rocks and a little bit of dirt on a couple sections and painted the riverbed.

You can see the inspectors have arrived to check out the placement of the bridge foundations (he landed right on one spot). I need to get the foundations poured before I do any other scenic work. At least, that's what makes sense to do.


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Just goes to show how pervasive nature can be. You leave an area alone long enough and the grass will start to grow.


And the river is nearly ready for epoxy.

Granted, I need to get some epoxy first, and some clear silicone caulking for the waterfall, too.

I have been really excited to work on this river scene and can't wait to start on the bridge. Granted, I still have other areas that need a lot of work, too, like this hot mess:

I'll get there... eventually.


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I wonder if it would have been less work to start completely over.
Yes, but the point was that I have certain aspects that I didn’t want to loose. This way I’m kind of getting the best of four things: 1.) Keeping what I like. 2.) Getting rid of what didn’t work. 3.) Expanding the layout for better operability and running bigger locos. 4.) A project. 😁

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