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Future RPO delivery on the way from Florida.

Should arrive by early next week. It was shipped on last Saturday given the storm from the Nor'easter I expect it to be later.

This was listed as a packaged deal so I will make use out of the diesel shop even though I have one. I may use it as a wheel shop or just car repair shop.

The other was what I was looking for. Central gas & supplies. Which will become JR fuels.

s-l1600 (1).jpg
s-l1600 (2).jpg


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Good evening. This arrived this afternoon. I am tired of making my own scratch silos so ordered these to see if I like them. The add-on Silos were a good $22.00 deal, none left or would have purchased more. Sold out at Walthers. That IMO will be a cheap experiment and possible time saver if it works out.




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I have used the Walther's silos and was pleased with the results. Care must be taken when assembling which is SOP for all of their products.

Yes sir. Just came out of the trainroom. The silos are together and the instructions say they are a new redesign. But who knows when the redesign was done. Went together very easy as I took my time. I put them together as a standalone set of silos instead of the add-ons they are designed for. These will go well in the older section of the mill. I will go back to building my own. These are 9” tall 65’ towers and the mills I am using as examples are at 106 to 124’ tall. If these come back into stock or you can find some it’s a good buy IMO. A super buy for me at $22.00.



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I'm not supposed to be acquiring new equipment (more on that at another time), but I couldn't pass up a Cyber Monday deal that caught my attention. BLI F3A+B, CB&Q, DCC and sound. Now, this doesn't quite fit my layout era, but I do have some Burlington rolling stock from that time, for when a retro train passes through. Plus, I was also looking for some backup power for a CB&Q E8 mail train I put together some years ago. Those ran mostly with E-units, but I figure there had to be at least a few times they needed to pull some F's to cover, right?

View attachment 121859
While 'The Fast Mail" would have used E's primarily, if nothing else was available, or for shorter mail runs, the "Q" certainly would have used F-units. Those F's are real beauties. I'd be drooling over them if I didn't already have a bunch of "graybacks" I've collected over the years, both DC and DCC.
Stay well and safe!
Merry Christmas!


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USPS has yet made another delivery today.....

Another Timken car for my Timken distribution center. Athearn Bev-Bel TIMKEN ROLLER FREIGHT #1152-2 40' Boxcar - new old stock.

Car #37254TRB

s-l1600 (3).jpg

The other one I posted a few days ago was car #37250TRB

So that's gonna help out but still looking for a few more.


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TomO.....I go by this elevator pretty often...grabbed a few pics for you if you can use them. Served by the BNSF
View attachment 122133
View attachment 122134
View attachment 122135
View attachment 122136
View attachment 122137
Thank you, that will go into the terminal’s photo album. Great picture and I wish my non-artistic skills could reproduce that sky. I like what looks to me like irrigation pipe on this side of the tracks. Those 6 yellow and reddish color pallet boxes look interesting and very makeable.



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irrigation pipe
Indeed Tom, irrigation pipe. The farmer is using that area for storage. That strip is farmed, dryland, usually barley. Too much of a hassle to set up water in the strip. (Gotta get it across the road)
And the pallet boxes, I have always seen them there, but not once have I seen them being moved around. I'll have to find out what they're using them for.......


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I picked these up on Kijiji from a fellow in Winnipeg.
Can't find any info on them other than they were originally given to Amsted employees and that other types of cars are out there.
I should probably have not broke the seals on the boxes but come on, you know I gotta run them!





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RPO call!

The USPS came by today when I was at work. Dropped off 2 packages! Amazing!

The (2) building structures came in!


Waiting on 5 more structures!

Also the other package was a Atlas boxcar.... Atlas 20001092 Trainman Missouri Pacific ACF box car #367097


I have a few more rolling stock coming as well. I got this for 9 bucks plus 5 dollar shipping.....right up my alley for the UP roster.



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The Terrain Tutor's Book arrived today

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 6.15.02 AM.png

For those of you not familiar with Mel Bose, he's a chap out of the UK who creates awesome scenery boards and tables for miniature table-top wargaming. He's learned the craft by spending hours a week watching both gamer and model railroad hobbyists videos, chatting with the MRR gents and ladies at the clubs etc. The two hobbies have long overlapped in this area, and Mel is great at the craft.

The two hobbies, MRR and Miniature Wargaming, overlap in our love of realistic detailed scenery.

Mel has built a comprehensive how-to tome that covers almost everything either type of hobbyist could want to learn. The book is MOSTLY geared to the gamer - BUT the principles are the same for the scenery. It's only when Mel is chatting about how to base your rock formations to be sturdy enough to store between gaming sessions that the MRR hobbyist might tune out...

Here's a sample of some of the pages:

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 6.23.17 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 6.23.51 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 6.24.06 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 6.24.21 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 6.24.30 AM.png

This was a kickstarter project, and the gamers ate it up! They blew the KS out and then some.

It will be available via retail soon. Here's the latests from the KS organizer:

I have spoken with our distributors in the US and we have set a "street date" of January 29th, 2021, for Terrain Essentials. This is the date it will be available in your local game stores here in the US, and most likely for the UK, Europe, and possibly other areas of the world (fingers crossed, Canada). We wanted to make sure that we had the time to make sure the book could first get into the hands of all the Terrainiacs that have supported us in this project so far. So, if you have friends who are now interested in getting a copy of Terrain Essentials, please ask them to pre-order it through their local store, who can order it from Alliance Game Distribtuors or Bridge Distribution in the US and Warlord Games everywhere else.

The Terrain Essentials PDF and the Basing Guide PDF will be available from Ironheart Artisans ( on the same date.


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Facebook Purchase Problem

Have any of you purchased something off of Facebook train sites, the try to get a resolution?...or try to revisit the original advertisement to verify that info was incorrect?? VERY DIFFICULT, if even possible. And what if the sellers fails to respond to emails??

I'm far less enthused about using these Facebook sites.

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