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Hi gang! You Northern boys might be surprised (as I was), but we had a low last night of 38F (3.33333333333333333 C. :p). I quickly realized it when I went out on the porch to have my coffee, this morning...mad dash to get my winter robe.

Nother big game in T-town with Bama's homecoming. The game won't be plalyed until 8pm kickoff, meaning it won't be over until after 11:30pm and the traffic won't get cleared until around 2 - 3 am. Still haven't heard why so late unless to get TV coverage on ESPN2. Yeah, that is big bucks, but makes it ridiculously late for the fans and party goers. God save our police! (God help someone getting a ticket after many of the police have been on overtime all day and 3/4 of the night!:eek:)

ouuuuu-----YUK! I just stepped into a pile of something stinky! CHRIS!!!:mad:

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
"Grin":D Did I do that?...........................Why Yes, Yes I did!:D:):p Heheheheheheheheheheeeee..........

Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.







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Amen. Its sooooo much easier. All you have to do for temps is remember the tens.
0=freeze, 10=cool day, 20=room temp, 30=warm day, 40=hot tub, 100=boil. Simples.
95% of the world is metric and we have to hang about with the remaining backward 5% that isn't. :D:D (for the humour or humor impaired that's a joke)

Take care all and have a great weekend.

Andrew, them's fightin' words, mate :D:D. But I agree with your simple scale. I was brought up on both metric and imperial, but for all the faults the French have, the metric system does make sense, but we won't go there ;)

Our highest temperature here was Summer 2009 (Feb 7th), where it reached 47C (115F) and less than 5% humidity; the day of our our 'Black Saturday' Bushfires. After 10 years of drought we are getting some big rains in the last few months. Mother Nature is a harsh beast sometimes. I cannot even get to the rain gauge because the back block is so muddy :eek: And to think less than 18 months ago we were showering with buckets at our feet to preserve water for our gardens.

jeffrey, educate me about that Dodge of yours? What model is it and what's under the "hood"? And good to see you have the important accessories installed ;)

I've just sold several HO items on eBay this weekend, and picked up some Exactrail freight cars from an extremely pleasant and helpful eBay seller (oops mentioned trains, sorry).

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Dr Frankendiesel
jeffrey, educate me about that Dodge beat of yours? What model is it and what's under the "hood"? And good to see you have the important accessories installed ;)
1981 Dodge B250 Ram Party Van, 3/4 ton, 318 engine, 3 speed auto trans. No heat, no a/c, no radio. Couch and mini bar removed.


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Wellllllll, ya know how things dont always go as planned?

Funny story :eek:

I got my hand stepped on a few days ago in practice. I was packing last night when i noticed it was huge and all swollen and one of my knuckles was bright red. I asked my mom about it, and we were off to the emergency room.
3 hrs later they tell me its infected and good move to the rest of my arm :rolleyes:. For whatever reason, they told me no sports until cleared. I played in the game today ("forgot" my docters note), and im going to camp tonight, with my had wrapped up like a mummy from myfingers to my wrist. Antibiotics and an IV, the whole 9 yds were given to me. I have to start another one tonight :rolleyes:

Have a good one!


Dr Frankendiesel
Nope, the mini-bar is long gone as is the mini cube fridge (big enough for two six packs) that went with it. All that remains are the plug sockets they were connected to. The sockets are wired for 12v DC and 110v AC.


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All, I agree with Chris.... Travesty to remove the mini bar from the party wagon... Just serve soady pop....

Grandson's team got their a**es handed to them last night, 69-28. Sounds more like a basketball score than football. Oh, well, he's learned the important lesson of being humbled, I guess.



"retired" conductor
Welcome Back boB !!!!:D:D:D


Where the heck is Jimbo??:confused:

Jeffrey, if ya promise to put a mini-bar back in the party wagon, I got an air mattress I'll send ya!!
Just don't let Chris use the van after that!!:rolleyes:


Dr Frankendiesel
Nope, there won't be one going into it. Thanks but I don't need an air mattress. If I needed something like that I would have left the couch in it.
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