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Larry, my wife had that surgery about two years ago. I hate to tell you this, but they wanted to start her rehab the very next day after surgery. She politely told them "B__S___". She did start a week later...pain and all. One thing that speeded up her recovery was to double up on the home exercises. She was able to go back to work (nurse) after four months. Don't worry, the snow will be gone by then:rolleyes: :D :D .


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' Bill!

Mornin' Luc!

Larry, hope the surgery goes well and relieves your pain. The worst part is usually the length of time for rehab. Most of that is frustration, I hear.

I have to get the truck in to the dealers to get the exhaust system checked out. She is starting to get a distinct growl lately and I have to drive out to Indiana this weekend for my Brother in law's funeral.

Steve B

Afternoon all,
Larry hope the shoulder get's better quickly, i CAN'T sit down and do nothing i'd go M-A-D.

Ray you don't want the exhaust falling off the truck for such an important trip to the funeral, hope it all goes well.

The stupid shower decided to start leaking all over the place today, it was made in China, i knew that the o rings it it were crap but didn't expect them to fail after six months, lucky for me i had some good old british made one's the same size (very lucky i'd say) so i put them in, but to get at the damn things meant squeezing through a 9" - 10" gap with head turned sideways, at one point i thought i was stuck for good, scary stuff, it's a good job i can disconect my rib's like a snake disconects it's jaw to eat, only kidding.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Just got back from the dealership. Yep needs a new muffler. Of course they don't have one in stock....... another appointment to actually fix it tomorrow. If the roads are open and I can get there.

Steve, that sure sounds like a lot of fun......:eek: :rolleyes: ;)


Running the MC & Buffalo
Hi All, Well the winter storm is rearing it's ugly head towards us. 8-18 inches of snw , Ray hope you make through the mess. Up in Northern New York their the ones I feel sorry for they need this storm like a whole in their heads. They have to shovel off the roofs so the weight of the snow don't cllapse them. I filled up my gas can in anticipation anyhow. Took my trip to the Doc's today . The Nurse Practioner had writer's cramp after she got done writing all my scripts. Steve I know what you mean anout Chinese made junk they last about as long as you put the stuff in. Well I'm going to rest up for the storm have fun today guys !!!


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Thanks all for the well wishes. I have talked to someone who had the surgeon work on their shoulder and he did good. He is also the one who repaired my thumb tendon when I severed it 3 years ago and he did a real good job on it also. When I first seen him 3 weeks ago for the shoulder he told me we were going to have to stop meeting like this. LOL LOL I usually heal real quick so this is going to be a new experience for me. Slow and easy is what everyone has told and follow the doctors instructions to the letter and I should be fine.

Steve B

Wahey,,,,,, I just won an 11ft by 1ft photo backdrop for £12 on Ebay,,, fantastic bargain or what.

That was the good news now the bad news, i have decided to sell my HO scale american stuff,,, but i am replacing everything like for like with British stuff. I have had my arm twisted by my eldest boy and were going to build a smaller portable layout set in 1980's Britain, my favourite era, and we allready have plenty of 1980's stuff. We have a plan to go to local shows with it if all goes well. The european manufacturers have finally got the hint to produce sound equipped loco's to a high standard and matching quallity rolling stock, watch this space.

grove den

naturally natural trees
Good evening all!
No thanks Flo
I'll just pop in and out Flo, I am very busy the last weeks

Steve B What's so bad about it ?? Just think about the phoenix!!!The MRRhobby never dies....Wish you all the good mrr luck like you just had on ebay today!!
Have a nice, warm evening all!!



Hi all! Steve, you and your son should have a ball rebuilding your layout.

Oops! We just got a Tornado warning! Be back later.

Edit: No problem. The suspect tornados are in the southern part of the county and the other in the northern.
The cold front coming in is crashing into the 68 deg temperature creating all sorts of storms in the area.
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Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning, how's every little thing today.
Today's Weather for:
Sundown, LA 71446-6114 2/14/2007

Sundown Fire Dept., Station 23

Wind Chill: 29°F
Humidity: 70%
Dew Point: 27°F

So Far Today
High: 38°F
Low: 36°F
Rain: 0.00"
Rain Rate: 0.00"/h
Gust: 23mph NNE

High: 44 °F
Low: 30 °F

Today High: 45 Mostly cloudy. Colder. Highs in the mid 40s. North winds around 10 mph.

Tonight Low: 30 Mostly cloudy. Lows around 30. Light and variable winds becoming north around 10 mph after midnight.

My breakfast order is for a cheese and mushroom omelet.



Master Mechanic
Hi, yall. Mornin' Ladies, Happy Valentines Day! Sabrina,Flo.:) Just some OJ for me. Had a treatment last week and thought that I was having a reaction to it.:( Turns out that I had what a lot of folks here have had, that intestinal virus.:mad: This was apparantly round two as I had a problem with it a couple o' weeks ago as well. 'Cept this time all it was, was nausea & vomiting.:mad: Feeling a lot better today but still a little woozy. That was/is some bad stuff!

The weather here has been absolutely crazy! Temp yesterday was 67` with severe storms and a few tornadoes scattered here and there over the area!:(
But, right now its 28` on my deck and we've got snow flurries!:eek:

They are even predicting more snow on Sat. & Sun, :) which is alright with me. If we do get the snow and its enough to be measured, it will be the first measurable snowfall here in Birmingham since Dec of 1998.:eek:

Well, I better go:(, I ate something other than broth for breakfast, (first in a week), this am and I think I better go pray to the porcelin pony:(!


Steve B

Carey :eek: LOL not the dreaded bug again:eek:
Snow,,, in Bama,,,,:p has the bug gone to your head,,,,, LOL your right:eek:

Well if it's all white with you it's all white with me;) enjoy it while it last's

Happy Valentines day
i got my wife a bag of compost and some packets of flower seeds, she'll get month's worth of enjoyment out of that lot,,, NOT:eek: ;) :eek: i wonder why my things are on the pavement

Rex TORNADO,,,no it was just Carey's stomach
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Running the MC & Buffalo
Afternnon All ! Carey know what you mean about that intestinal stuuf had it on New Years' Eve spent my whole day in bed with a bucket for company. Steve good luck on the new Ho Layout , Gotta keep a few American made things just for old times. Spent my whole morning Snowblowing we only had 10 inches but it drifted into three feet drifts so lot of blowing.Had to fill my gas tank twice , normaly it doesn't even use one tank to do the job, so you can get the idea. Well going to run for now ! ray when are you going to Brother-In-Laws funeral , Hope the weather cooperates with you . And everyone have a real nice day !!!!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
We've got about 14" of white stuff on the ground here right now and another 10" or so predicted for today and tonight. Then the wind will start blowing it around for a while. Took me about an hour to get my snowblower up and running. Managed to get my driveway cleared temporarily, went over and did the driveway of the elderly couple across the street (got some home made shortbread in exchange). No sooner got into the house than my son arrived home from work (they had them come in to work so they could send them home a couple hours later) and asked if he could park his car in my driveway because he can't get down his street or into his driveway. Took him home and then somehow got the truck up the hill to the car dealers for the muffler transplant.

The city snow plows plows my front yard again and left it in my driveway last night. Right now there is city pick up with a plow on it working hard to fill in my driveway so I can go back out and run the snowblower some more..... So much for doing yard work down cellar.

Carey, hope you get feeling better! Paul, leaving Friday. Hopefully things will have calmed down a bit by then.

All of you stay warm out there! Ya hear!


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
:) :) Plowed my driveway yesterday afternoon came in the house and had a big bowl of veggie soup I started before going out into the cold again to do my neighbors drive. Got up this morning and had to do it all over. Another 6" of snow overnight with howling winds and we had a major drift across the drive. All dug out again and after another bowl veggie soup I am warm again but very sore. A torn rotator cuff is not conducive to shoveling snow. I did get a lot of help today though, a neighbor with a bucket on the front of his tractor pushed the snow into large piles making my plowing much easier. Together we redid my neighbors drive and then off he went to other neighbors drives. They seen him working on mine and called me to send him down to them after he was finished here. I seen him head back up the road 3 hours after he had finished mine. His charge to me was nothing, he said I helped him with his flat tire he had. I know he was paoid at least $20 by the closest neighbor across the road. I hope he did good because with neighbors like that everything goes easier for all.:) :)
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