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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' Bill!

Mornin' Jeffrey!

OK, looks like we hit 1001 this morning. So before they close the place for renovations, breakfast is on me today. NO Fergie! Shrimp is not on the breakfast menu......

Spring has officially arrived now in the Finger L:akes. The guy across the street was out raking his lawn and I caught him unloading a rottotiller yesterday.
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Running the MC & Buffalo
Hi everyone another great day here in Buffalo . Sunny and 70 degrees . The Sabers beat the Islanders and they have three more to go. Fergie good winds to get you back home. Steve looks like a real nice shrimp dish. Well off to do more work . All have a nice day!


Fun Lover
Beautiful day here. Gonna spend it outside--working on the homestead. Hope the rest of you get to sit on the porch soak the sun with a beer and a cigar.
Or milk and cookied..... uh coffee and dognuts.


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Ah yes it is a beautiful day here as well....73 degrees gentle flowing breeze and sunshine! Well today I will be busy. I am commited to my step son's Boyscouts, we have a concession stand to run this afternoon. Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Kiobasas, Sausage and chips and soda pops or water...any takers? LOL This is an exciting year for my step son he is working on his Eagle. A lot of work ugh! Well worth the energy though. Ya'll have a great weekend!


M.E.S.S. Maker
Hi everyone another great day here in Buffalo .QUOTE]

I just have to ask this question as i grew up in Toronto... Is Irv Winestien still alive? He use to do all the fire reports and news for Buffalo when I was a kid and to tell ya the truth I', amased Buffalo is still standing as the number of fires every night was astounding! Inquiring minds want to know:rolleyes:

Well we're just sliding down the coast now and will be in port tomorrow. Got the two engines and tenders primed and with the new Cab on them it almost looks like I have rome tomake them into 2-10-4s. Anyone know of a manufacturer of a short wheel based 4 wheel trailing truck? Inquiring minds really want to know!

Chip pass me a... nah I'd better wait till I hit dry land first:(

Later All

Steve B

went to the local church railway show today, not much to see just a handfull of layouts and three trade stall's, got another Bachmann bogie bolster truck so i did a rebar load for it this afternoon, got to go i am under attack from four action men i gave to the kids, they were mine and my brothers when we were youngsters,(Eee when i were a lad, i remember it well)


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Alcomotive, great to hear that your stepson has earned his Life rank and is on his way to Eagle! This is an exciting time for him as he leads his project and gets all the other requirements in order. As the Father of an Eagle Scout and a former Scoutmaster who has seen many young men develop the character and leadership inherent in an Eagle Scout, I want to wish him well on his trail. I know that you are already proud of the young man! My best wishes to all of you.


Lazy Daydreamer
Afternoon all,

The decoder arrived, I installed it, and it works (YESssssss)!:D all I gotta do is print the online Digitrax Decoder Manual and figure out how to customize the sound features. I've heard that with this brand, there's a way to control the sound independently of the throttle (F6 I think...?)

Fergie, wish I could help you with finding a mfgr of that trailing truck, but you know how much I know about steamers...! (Bowser, maybe?)

Chip hope you got that lawn mowed. One of the few advantages of having a teenage son is, I delegated the mowing job to him!

Alco - that's great about your stepson, my boy lost interest when all his cub scout friends moved away from the area :(
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