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Running the MC & Buffalo
Hi Everyone. Sorry to hear about this Dudley fellow. I just got back frommy wife's Aunt's funeral. that's the third member of her family to pass awaythis year. Hope we make it to the next year without any more. Steve hope you get back on the right track soon. Best wishes to everyone else today !!!!


Master Mechanic
I just got back frommy wife's Aunt's funeral. that's the third member of her family to pass awaythis year. Hope we make it to the next year without any more.

I know what you mean. Sometimes if it wasn't for bad luck, I know I'd have none. My family just lost my cousin to breast cancer, she was 51. And another uncle passed from a heart attack. Don't need anymore of this.

To top it off, my son blew the headgasket in his car, my wife blew her radiator, and until they are fixed we are down to one car for three of us.
At least I'm "retired" and don't have to go to "work".


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Well CJ your avatar has master mechanic in it so's you should be up and running in not time LOL LOL
Evening All:
Ken: I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker. That is a real shocker, espeicially since he was so young. I'm very happy that I never took up smoking. I have been known to have a pipe or cigar but that is in the long past. A good friend of mine is battling lung cancer right now and I lost another friend to that a while ago. I'm glad that you quite. They say that when you quite the effects start reversing themselves. Both my mother and father smoked and when they quite you could tell the difference.
Well I'm going tohead for bed.
A Good Night To All


In Training Down Under.
Hi Ya'll.

Crikey, chin up everybody!!!!!:D :D

Steve Join the club I've been taken them for months, I feel good, do do do do. *james brown*

Rex I haven't started again on a new layout just a revamp of what I haven't done on the one I'd already started:confused:

The yard is still there and gates just needed to get moving on something. I like Johnny's design theory, when you get to a wall turn left or right and keep building.
Trackplans? Why, they're for folks who know what they're doing. I haven't a clue. I go until I run into concrete, then turn one way or another. It may not be the norm, but hey, it works for me.

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Ken, that is kind of what I am doing on my new extension. Where it started to be only an area for operations/switching, it has now turned into a major project. I really haven't planned a thing with it and just go with what makes sense and looks good. The downside to this is I end up doing a lot of changing around (not much put down with glue :D ).


In Training Down Under.
The good side of no glue for me is I just pull it all up and try again, the bad side is the track is lifting in places so I've gotta glue it down!!


Steve B

Hello everyone,
Carey Sorry to hear the sad news about you friend.
Ken L as for getting back to normal,,, i don't know IF i want to get back to normal, know what i mean;)

The medication is making me a bit dizzy and light headed but the doc say's it will wear off by weekend:confused:


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mornin' Bill!

Mornin' Luc!

SteveB, the worst part of some of those meds is getting used to them. The body says, "I don't like this" and rebels. Hopefully you will get feeling better in a few days like the Doc promised.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Afternnon All ! CJ I know what you mean car troubles are a problem you don't need .Rex I agree I started a little projct on the layout and it just seemed to explode into an all inclusive makeover, but at least I'll get it done right this time I hope !!!

Steve B

talking car trouble i got pulled in for a spot check by the police, they found nothing wrong but i had to produce my documents at the station,,, no problem,,till i noticed the registration number on the insurance document was not correct, they had put a "U" where there should have been a "V",,, what an awfull mess to get it all cleared up without going to jail. the insurer say's it's there fault but the police say it was my fault that i didn't notice it, i'll be very glad when it's all sorted out i can tell you


Diesel Detail Freak
$850K for Scottsdale, yucky. I'll save my pennies & get a 5Br, 3Bath, with an OCEAN View, and 1/3 acre for the same price.

grove den

naturally natural trees

Good morning All,

Hello Steve, feeling better?

BTW Icannot find any MRRROOM in these SUPER BIG HOUSES :D :D lol or did I missed that;)


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