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I do know if this will be needed but when the orginial coffee shop got to 2000 posts Bob had to start a new one. So here goes. If not needed then it can be deleted.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Well it looks like Chapter 3 has taken off already. Snow? none around here yet! Being an old retired guy, I like snow. I can just wait till the road crews get all their work done and then go out and run the blower. Mine is all ready for action. has been started, tuned up, everything checked out. I'm ready! Bring on the blizzards!!!!! OK, I've settled back down......

Been quite a day today. My son's and family picked me up at noon today and we did the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. Spent all afternoon sampling some of the world class wines made here in Upstate NY (Many have won Gold medals at international competition). My daughter-in-law was the designated non-drunk for the day since she is pregnant and can't drink anyway. We get back to Geneva and they announce they are taking me out to dinner. They suggest that we go to a local eatery with some good food. They say, don't leave the camera in the car, we wouldn't want someone to steal it. We get into the dinning room and there are family and friends from over the years. Major big party for little old me......... I had no clue what-so-ever of what was going on. This must have cost them a fortune. I have two great Kids (37 and 40).... I will post a couple photos tomorrow.
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Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Nice ...snow? I am to far south...I miss up State NY though. I am from Saratoga Springs originally. My sister lives there still. ah that fresh coll brisk air! LOL It hit 73 here today in sunny FL.

I miss the change of seasons and its Time for me to run up to NC at my cabin...when it starts to snow hopefully.

Guys I am really enjoying this website as I am new to it.

I cant wait to go to the Dec 9th train show here Manatee County Civic show hosted by

Ready to find the guy I met last year that built a booster (B unit ) for me. He did another GP9B unit for me. So cool.

Ah yes tis the season to be jolly too!


Lazy Daydreamer
Volume III, where has the time gone!

Alcoman, pleased to meetcha! I used to be a 'regular' around here until my work schedule go crazy [much less 'idle' time for web surfing].

Ray, sounds like you had a great time - what was the occassion...birthday?

Josh, do I detect a trace of Michigan homesickness there?;)


Running the MC & Buffalo
Well didn't know we moved to three . Ray glad that you had a good time at you surprise party! But snow I can wait for Lake Effect stuff when it comes it doesn't stop. If anyone wants some I'd be glad to ship it to wherever they want it !!!


Snow talk? Kind of hard to imagine with our temps in the 70's and feeling like spring. We should have a few more days of it.
Today, I finally got the courage to start building a kit that I bought 3 years ago. It is the Walthers United Petroleum Refinery. Man, this is a heck of a kit with many many parts and uses brass handrails. This is my first with brass parts and all went well so far, but cutting them out of the fret was a "B". I may get it done in a couple of years (just kidding:D ).

Hi Alcomotive! nice to meet you.
Ray, that was so nice of your son and family (sneaky too!):D .
Good morning ! from Indiana.:D




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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Ray, sounds like you had a great time - what was the occassion...birthday?

Yep! Today I have reached the ripe old age of 60...:D Good thing I was being chauffeured around yesterday. Got a bit of a headache today. Maybe I did imbibe a bit more than usual. My sons had many of my dearest friends at the party going all the way back to High School. I was completely blown away seeing them all.

Mornin' Bill!

Mornin' Luc!

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