1. G

    Why Is My Manual Ground Throw Squeaking After Applying Ballast?

    Question says it all…I applied some ballast around a turnout with a Caboose Industries manual ground throw, being careful to not get much ballast and glue around the mechanism. After it began to dry, the ground throw itself is now squeaking. What would cause this? Can I oil it somehow?
  2. G

    Is it necessary to adhere weathering powders to ballast?

    I’ve applied weathering powders to my ballast and while the brand I’m using is self-adhering, is it best to seal in the powders with an additional method. If so, how do I do this?
  3. Dan Lawler

    Nickle silver rail color

    I'm soliciting opinions. I've been having an interesting discussion with a member here about the perceived color of nickel silver rail. To him is appears silvery, to me it appears goldish. (Not talking about brass rail which is clearly goldish in color, but Atlas or Peco nickel silver rail.)...
  4. Collector Canine

    Can anyone identify this?

    Hello! I joined the forum today specifically to ask this question. Does anybody know what company made this track I have here? I found this today while digging around in some of my childhood toys and it triggered very vague and foggy memories of a tiny train set I had completely forgotten I had...
  5. ChinaHaun19

    Severe continuity issue: How do I go about switching out fastrack for something else?

    A month ago I bought a Lionel starter set complete with fastrack. Worked great for three weeks. I have used my set heavily. I quickly expanded my layout by investing some $280 in track. But over the last week, a severe continuity problem developed. I’ve tried doing that “tab” thing on several...
  6. A

    double crossover vs. double slip

    Hi, all! Could someone please explain the differences between a double crossover turnout and a double slip turnout ? Pros & cons? Having recently retired, I'm building an HO-scale around-the-walls shelf layout in my basement. As I lay out the track I'm approaching a place where 2 parallel...
  7. R

    How to Lay Out Easements and Superelevated Curves

    Here is a video about you can lay out easements and superelevation on the curves of the track on your layout to help your trains look and run great.
  8. PrairieKnight

    Is Bright Boy a bad idea?

    All, I am at that point in my layout to where everything is up and running and I am taking my time with the scenery, structures and coupler issues as they rear their ugly head. Along with that comes the never ending task of cleaning track and rolling stock/locomotive wheels. I am very...
  9. Simplex & Eastern

    Simplex & Eastern

    Designed with Unitrack.
  10. Prarie Junction

    Prarie Junction

    Designed with Unitrack.
  11. Switcher's Paradise

    Switcher's Paradise

    Designed with Unitrack. Plan displays disconnected track in theory. The track connects properly in practice.
  12. Barlow's Option

    Barlow's Option

    Designed with Unitrack. Plan displays disconnected track in theory. The track connects properly in practice.
  13. Broad Horizons Railroad

    Broad Horizons Railroad

    Designed with Unitrack.
  14. azdiane

    That silvery glint...

    Yesterday I was up flying, and happened to be at the right angle to see the sun's bright glint racing along railroad tracks below. That sparkle of sun on steel rail is one of the things that I find visually iconic and appealing about railroading, and wish I could reproduce with my models. But...
  15. S

    HO and S Dual Gauge Track?

    I am refurbishing an HO scale train layout. In my train collection, I have both HO (16.5 mm) and S (22.42 mm) scale trains that I'd like to display. There is not enough space to have two separate HO and S scale tracks side by side. Is there a commercially available HO+S dual gauge track...
  16. B

    Gauge 1 Live Steam Track Construction

    Dear Friends, I've recently posted a video on YouTube showing construction of my outdoor gauge 1 track. The second-half shows quite a bit of live steam running action. Footage includes some scratch built Pullman sleeper cars as well. They are resin cast from plans I developed using the 1943 Car...
  17. R

    DCC wiring help

    I've been searching for quite some time now and am now thoroughly confused. It's almost time for me to begin wiring the my layout (which is only 6x10) but I am completely lost on how to do so. The system I have is an NCE Power Cab - which looks/sounds easy enough to set up - but then I start...
  18. M


    hello everybody , i have just purchased my first model trainset and have a lot of expansion plans . firstly, the set i bought is the Lionel Boyscouts of America freight train set . i love the set , but i would prefer a 2 rail track system instead of the 3 rail fastrack system it came with . As...
  19. C

    How do you guys lay track???

    I have been using white caulk on half of my layout, which I now regret... I see that a lot of people like to use elmers glue. I know you could nail it, but on foam it does not stay. Tell me what you guys use.
  20. tnolan55

    cork vs foam

    in terms of roadbed, which is better to use? Cork roadbed or woodland scenics foam roadbed?