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hello everybody ,
i have just purchased my first model trainset and have a lot of expansion plans .
firstly, the set i bought is the Lionel Boyscouts of America freight train set . i love the set , but i would prefer a 2 rail track system instead of the 3 rail fastrack system it came with . As i am completely new to the hobby, i would really appreciate if anyone of you can help me here . Which are the 2 rail track systems available for O gauge. Also what kind of power systems i will have to buy(if required) . The set came with Lionel basic transformer control system .

Thanks in advance ! :)


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Me Too ...


I'm new here too.
I started getting back into model railroading about two years ago with all of my old boyhood trains. Since then, I've gotten seriously involved. I bought a Polar Express set that came with Lionel Fastrack and really liked the convenience of just laying the track without a lot of hassle trying to keep the sections together or dealing with bent pins, etc. I have the same problem with the three rail track as you, but unfortunately, if you want to run any of the readily available engines and rolling stock you're stuck with the third rail. However, I discovered that of Gargraves makes a Phantom Rail Flextrack that has real wooden ties and the center rail is blackened so it is less visible. Trouble is that the track only comes in a few lengths and the switches, or turnouts as they call them, require some serious wiring and planning if you want to use them with remote controls. I have tone of Fastrack and I'm wrestling with whether or not to switch over to Gargraves - that's another discussion.
MTH also makes a Fastrack-like track system that also has a black center rail and it's much more readily available in hobby stores. You might also consider MTH engines and rolling stock. It's much cheaper than Lionel because it lacks the snob appeal, but some of their newer engines are much more detailed and have better sound than Lionel. Gotta look 'em over carefully.
As far as power, many folks use the old reliable Lionel ZW transformer. Depending on the condition, you can pick them up for anywhere from $100 to $200. However, if you are buying newer engines with railsounds and TMCC, you should seriously consider buying a more modern transformer with controls for all the newer bells and whistles (forgive the pun). MTH makes the Z4000 a 275w output, which will control two separate layouts with two 14V accessory outputs. MRC also makes a dual layout transformer with fewer options and it's cheaper.
I hope this helps some.


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I think Atlas O makes 2 rail track components, and engines. Don't know about control systems, however. Atlas website is at:

Click on the 'O' logo at the top of the page, and that takes you to the O part of their website.

Hope this helps.

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