1. E

    Lionel's New & Improved Rocket Launch Pad - Sneak Peek!

    Here's a new video. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Eric Siegel
  2. E

    Lionel's New EMD E8 A-A Set

    Hey Folks, here's a new video. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Eric Siegel
  3. GuilfordRailman

    Lionel Smoke Fluids

    Has anyone used JTs Mega-Steam scented smoke fluids for Lionel locomotives? They have a coal-fired steam scent that sounds amazing! Here’s the Amazon product link: JT's Mega-Steam Coal Fired Steam Smoke Fluid
  4. GuilfordRailman

    Need Help With Information on Lionel Train Set

    I acquired a Lionel train set today from Facebook marketplace! It was only $45! I know very little about Lionel sets and O Gauge. The gentleman I purchased the set from didn’t have the box or instruction manual and couldn’t remember the name of the set since he bought it so many years ago. My...
  5. S

    New to trains and railroad- just inherited my new fav hobby!

    Hello, new here and to model trains/railroads specifically, although I am very familiar with what makes them work. 🤖 I've been researching a little bit and learning the history which is pretty cool in itself. hopefully my pics will load so you can have a small glimpse of what I have. Can you...
  6. ChinaHaun19

    Long train blasts by after reaching bottom of descent

    L.R.R.C. Year 2000 Lionel travels at a high rate of speed, but only a fraction of how fast it is capable of traveling. I reckon this locomotive can travel 2 to 3 times the speed it would take to jump the rails while turning on an 054 curve.
  7. ChinaHaun19

    Starting up a long O-guage train, and gradually increasing its speed until it crashes.

    This video shows how inappropriately high speeds can render an otherwise safe layout into a death zone. The train gradually increases in speed over a period of 3 minutes until it reaches a critical level of speed and violently crashes onto an N gauge track.
  8. ChinaHaun19

    Hi I’m Sherman and...

    Hi I’m Sherman and I’ve recently and abruptly developed a hobby of doing model trains and... I brush paint them with enamel. I obtained a new O gauge Lionel 1900 set and did this. Was this the right thing to do?
  9. T

    Help with Lionel Lionmaster Big Boy

    I have owned the older Lionmaster TMCC Big Boy model for a few years and have had problems operating it in conventional control with the Lionel C-80 transformer. At low speeds the model becomes erratic. It jerks forward, stops, and then repeats like this until about 50% power is applied. Then it...
  10. D

    Selling massive estate collection

    Hello, I’ve been posting on a few message boards my interest to sell a massive collection I recently inherited. The collection is mostly O gauge with some exceptions. It has American flyer, mth, Lionel, pride lines, lgb, McCoy, Ives, and more I’m sure. The collection spans a 2 story home and...
  11. N

    Help with Lionel 3-rail die-cast trucks/coupler products...

    Hi, Could someone please tell me what die-cast truck/coupler sets come on Lionel's modern 17000 and 27000 series Standard-O Die-cast, 2-bay, offset hoppers? They don't look like the older 6-14078 Standard-O "Bettendorf" trucks with the pull-down tabs, nor do they look like the more modern...
  12. T

    Prewar Lionel Archive Library

    I've been really impressed with some of the websites that are devoted to cataloging Postwar Lionel locomotives and cars. In my searches I have found some good but narrowly focused Prewar resources. I've never come across a site devoted to Prewar Lionel. There are some great books on the subject...
  13. M


    hello everybody , i have just purchased my first model trainset and have a lot of expansion plans . firstly, the set i bought is the Lionel Boyscouts of America freight train set . i love the set , but i would prefer a 2 rail track system instead of the 3 rail fastrack system it came with . As...
  14. B

    Collection for Sale

    I have a large model train collection for sale. It includes LGB, Lionel and Marx. Trains and Accesories! Please contact me if you are interested and I will provide you with a list of what I have. Serious buyers only please! Bob
  15. G

    CW-80 new and old issues, with new trainset

    So for the last several years I've been running a 1959 Lionel set from the Space and Military series around the Christmas tree It belonged to my Dad when he was a kid. I had been using a CW-80 transformer I purchased in 2008 I think off of Ebay. We just now purchased a Lionel Polar Express set...
  16. T

    Vintage Lionel Operating Session

  17. T

    Interesting Lionel O Scale Layout Extension

  18. W

    Selling my collection of Lionel O Gauge Trains

    Hey all, selling a ton of Lionel trains, selling everything. All starting at 99 cents, no reserve on eBay, so if you're looking for anything please take a glance to help me out. Most are vintage and almost all are in original box! I have engines, boxcars, cabooses, spotlight cars, you name it...
  19. C

    Online Lionel Train Auction over 400 lots 7/31/10

    LIONEL TRAIN AUCTION Saturday, July 31, 2010 9:00 am Blue Line Club Arena 1900 S 25th St, Grand Forks, ND Behind Red River High School ONLINE BIDDING, Listing and Numerous Pictures at: NOTE: This is a single collection that needs to be sold. There is a train or set...
  20. G

    The Great Scale Model Train Show - April 10-11,2010 - Timonium, MD

    The Great Scale Model Train Show & Railroad Marketplace Largest show in the mid-Atlantic * All scales Saturday April 10, 2010 9AM-4PM Sunday, April 11, 2010 10AM-4PM Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium, MD Admission $9 * Under 15 FREE Admission is good for both days and includes $10 in...