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Hello! I joined the forum today specifically to ask this question. Does anybody know what company made this track I have here? I found this today while digging around in some of my childhood toys and it triggered very vague and foggy memories of a tiny train set I had completely forgotten I had. All I remember about it is that the loco included was a battery-powered Santa Fe diesel in warbonnet red livery and there were little signs and things that pegged into the holes in the corners of this track piece. I haven't measured the distance between the rails yet. It seems to be Z scale to me, but I'm not 100% certain of that. I have included a photo of it cradling a AA battery to give an idea of scale. The piece also has no copyright information on it at all, but this would have to have been a set that came out sometime between 2003 and 2006. I have yet to find the loco or any other sections of track and there's a very high chance they're completely gone. Any insight into this is highly appreciated.


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Wow not sure I can help but I do remember the track interlocking with each other.
Im thinking a piece came with every loco or car and Kmart comes to mind?
Micro machines, micro express, micro something or other I’m thinking?
Could be something similar I’m thinking about and not the same, let’s see what others come up with.
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Keep in mind, I was a very young child when I had this. Toys R' Us is what it makes me think of. I think I got it there. Maybe.


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Spent some time on quite a few search topics, can’t find anything resembling that piece as far as track goes…


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As a lad I had a similar track layout that ran automobiles. Great fun making sure they did not crash at the junctions.


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With my new N scale collection, I can confirm that the track piece does fit N scale stuff! Sorta! The track is actually just a tad bit too wide for them to fit 100% correctly, but it still works just fine. Honestly pretty good for displaying my Chessie caboose!


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