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  1. W

    HO Scale Kato Unitrack Lot (Layout Set) for Sale

    Asking $400 shipped or best offer--make me a reasonable offer, worst I can say is no. Kato HO Scale Unitrack Layout Set as found here, see photos for layout plan. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/kato-lets-dcc-amtrak-unitrack-ho-134195140 Set is discontinued but uses popular HO scale...
  2. T

    Loksound for Kato 126-4014 BigBoy

    I was curious if anyone might know if the N scale Kato 126-4014 bigboy would use the Kato V5 direct for Kato? I ordered the engine today and wanted to collect the parts to do DCC sound for it. I usually use the 58741 but so far can’t locate specific info for that engine. Thanks!!
  3. C

    Kato N Scale ALC-42 lights won’t turn on. Using regular DC

    Hello- I just received the new Kato n scale ALC-42 locomotive with regular DC power. When I turned on the power of my layout for the first time running it, the front and rear lights didn’t turn on. I did install the optional Kato lighting kit for the engine bay after running it and those lights...
  4. Collector Canine

    My Current N Scale Collection

    Hello all! You all may remember me as "that one guy that barged in many months ago asking about toy train track." Since that post, I have amassed a (currently very small) model train collection. I bought a single lot on eBay towards the end of January and that's been my whole collection since...
  5. Amtrak47

    Kato ho scale Amtrak Superliners

    Selling my lot of Kato Amtrak ho scale Superliners in phase III. I have 5 coaches and 2 sleepers, all different numbers. 4 cars have been custom numbered. Selling all 7 cars for $560 or will sell separately for $80 per car. All cars are in excellent condition and come in their original boxes...
  6. G

    Recommended Method for Weathering Kato Viaduct

    Before I adhere the track to my new micro layout, I want to weather the two small viaducts I have as part of the track plan. Any recommendations on the best method to do this?
  7. G

    What gauge wire should I use for DPDT momentary toggle controls?

    Wiring and electrical work is not my strong suit. I’m in the process of preparing to wire up two DPDT momentary toggle switches to my Kato turnouts. The max amps for the turnouts is 3 with a recommended .5 to .8 amps for powering each turnout. I’m utilizing a 1.5 amp 12V wall adapter to provide...
  8. chadbag

    SOLD: KATO JR East Resort Train Shiki-Shima, 10-1447, NIB, N-scale

    SOLD Description: New, un-opened: * KATO 10-1447 Train Suite Shiki-Shima (NIB) This is the JR East Shiki-Shima resort train done by KATO in a special 2-case set. N-Scale The Resort Train Shiki Shima is like a cruise train on steriods. It runs special "cruises" around Japan in style and...
  9. Resized_20190212_065413_1636.jpeg


    Kato EMD SD45
  10. Resized_20190212_065330_541.jpeg


    Kato N Scale SD70 CSX
  11. Simplex & Eastern

    Simplex & Eastern

    Designed with Unitrack.
  12. Prarie Junction

    Prarie Junction

    Designed with Unitrack.
  13. Switcher's Paradise

    Switcher's Paradise

    Designed with Unitrack. Plan displays disconnected track in theory. The track connects properly in practice.
  14. Barlow's Option

    Barlow's Option

    Designed with Unitrack. Plan displays disconnected track in theory. The track connects properly in practice.
  15. Broad Horizons Railroad

    Broad Horizons Railroad

    Designed with Unitrack.
  16. Breor47

    Help Save a Kato?

    Hello all. I recently mentioned that I had a broken Kato locomotive on another thread. This locomotive has seen better days, and now suffers from a multitude of issues I haven't been able to fix. I'm 16, and only a casual modeler, so I don't have a quarter of the experience I know some of you...
  17. J

    Power Needs for Complex Layouts

    I am planning a Kato N-Scale layout. My current plan is to use what I have purchased so far, the M1 Kato Master 1 Set, which has the Basic Oval and Power Pack; the V1 Kato Variation Mainline Siding Passing Set; plus the V6 Kato Outer Loop Set, which I want to purchase. Illustrations of how the...
  18. J

    Kato Track Plans

    I have been trying to see if there is a good illustration showing all the available Kato trackplans. Well, I found it! And, it's on the back of the Kato M1 Master Set I just bought. This is very helpful for me, and I hope it is for you too. This photo is also available in full resolution on my...
  19. J

    Hello from the Memphis Area!

    My name is John Miller, and I'm from Olive Branch, Mississippi. It is a suburb of Memphis, just across the Tennessee/Mississippi state line. I have various model trains of different guages: N, HO, O and G. Because space is limited, and I want to make the most of it, I want to make a nice little...
  20. C

    Are Kato and Micro-Trains couplers compatible?

    I'm getting back into N scale modeling after a break of about 10 years. My rolling stock is primarily Micro-Trains cars. I just got a new DCC Kato ES44AC locomotive today. I put it on a small switching layout I have set up at home and it moves around fine. The problem is that it won't couple to...

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