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  1. pnwmodelrailroader

    Southern pacific ac-11 cab forward

    Here is my new to me southern pacific ac-12 cab forward I bought at my clubs show yesterday no that tender is not the original I have it it needs some work done to it
  2. Jupiter60

    Tosays project: finally painting and lettering my kitbashed (2 roundhouse overton cars) into Sierra Railroad Coach no. 2.

  3. Modeltrains2021

    Pilot truck keeps jumping the track

    Hi my mantua Hudson's piot truck keeps jumping the track how do I fix that? The wheels dont seem to have a flat spot and it only happens in curves and no where else on the track I was thinking about kit bashing riva rossi trucks to it since my friend did that to his and it made it better Tia jake.
  4. Modeltrains2021

    Need help with what size kadees this locomotive needs

    Hi i acquired this mantua 0-4-0 switcher from a friend and was wondering if any of you know what style kadee it needs ill include pics of it thank you
  5. Modeltrains2021

    Mantua mikado

    Hi i was wondering if someone could tell me how old this mantua 2-8-2 is thankyou
  6. Modeltrains2021

    What year was this rivarossi made?

    Hi i was wondering if someone could tell me what year this 2-8-8-2 was made? And what part numbers go to this locomotive Thank-you.
  7. Modeltrains2021

    Wheel cleaning

    Whats the best way to clean rivarossi 2-8-8-2 wheels as mine are pretty dirty? Thankyou for all the helpfull tips.
  8. Modeltrains2021

    Rivarossi 2-8-8-2

    Hi there i have a rivarossi 2-8-8-2 and it has electrical pick up issues i cleaned the track and the tender wheels going to clean the locomotives wheels and see if that helps any helpfull tips appreciated
  9. Modeltrains2021

    Need help identifying this brass steam 🚂

    Hi there I need help identifying who made this brass steam locomotive hope these pictures help thank you in advance.
  10. Modeltrains2021

    Replacement smoke unit

    I bought a steam locomotive and the smoke unit went out where can i get a replacement.
  11. Modeltrains2021

    What 🚂 is this

    Ik it's an AHM but what amke is this locomotive
  12. Modeltrains2021

    Can you help identify what locomotive this is

    Hi there I got this canadian national locomotive for free yesterday and was wondering what the make of this model is it's from Yugoslavia will post pictures as soon as I can. Thankyou
  13. Modeltrains2021

    Santa Fe steam l

    Hi there was wondering what color Santa Fe had for there steam locomotives as I have a steam locomotive I would like to turn into Santa Fe. Thankyou.
  14. Modeltrains2021

    Colors for a model railroad

    Hi there was wondering what colors I should paint my locomotives as I'm making my own railroad and can't decide any input would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
  15. Modeltrains2021

    Directional lighting

    Hi there soy steam locomotive has a working rear light and I was wondering how I go about hooking it up for directional lighting any help would be great Thankyou.
  16. Modeltrains2021

    HO scale steam lubrication

    How often do you guys lubricate/tune up your steam engines? trying to get a rough idea. Thankyou.
  17. Modeltrains2021

    Steam decals

    Hi there I'm looking for steam decals.
  18. Modeltrains2021

    Mantua 4-6-2

    Hi there just bought this mantua Pacific 4-6-2 steam locomotive what do you think? turning it into my own railroad.
  19. Modeltrains2021

    when was this vintage ho scale varney made?

  20. Modeltrains2021

    mehano mogul 2-6-0 parts

    hi there i have a mehano mogul 2-6-0 steam locomotive and was wondering where to buy parts for it thankyou

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