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  1. jmupton2000

    The Coppertown, Davenport & Lancaster Railroad – Coppertown Terminus

    The Coppertown, Davenport & Lancaster Railroad – Coppertown Terminus Another plank project, this came together because I found a useful looking piece of MDF and thought, why not make a small layout on it. A basic rule was established, wherever possible this was to be built using whatever spare...
  2. HO Scale MILW

    New Athearn F59phi

    Hi all, I saw earlier today the new Athearn RTR F59phi locomotives I have been anticipating came out, and was wondering if anyone has/has plans to get one. Here are the photos of em'. I'm thinking about the Milwaukee road, or CNW, or Rock Island, so honestly any. Athearn's website has somewhat...
  3. Modeltrains2021

    Athearn steam locomotive tender bar

    I have an athearn ho scale steam locomotive that needs the tender bar where would i get one it's a 4-6-2 Pacific.
  4. Cheap&NothingWasted

    Athearn Genesis CNW 8701 or Custom Builders

    Hey all, So, I've got a question for anyone who's willing to answer--My favorite two locomotives, ever, are the ex-CNW Twins, sadly, they've been repainted, but Athearn recently rolled out Genesis's the two C44-9Ws, the 8701 and the 8646. I was able to get my hands on the 8646, but my...
  5. W

    Painting over liveries

    Greetings! I'm an Aussie and have a question about painting over an Athearn "Honor our Veterans" Livery. I would like to know if these HO models become collectable or hold / gain value because of the fancy liveries? Thank you.
  6. Box cars at Dawn.JPG

    Box cars at Dawn.JPG

    Box cars spread at the crossing for cars to pass at dawn
  7. A

    Athearn sd50 need advice

    I recently purchased a athearn sd50 what I believe is a rtr model and it is not working. The whole chassis is intact with trucks and motor and shell is in need of some TLC. I got lucky and purchased a new KCS sd50 shell basically new condition with the gas tank as well will be in its original...
  8. Athearn Genesis MoPac Heritage

    Athearn Genesis MoPac Heritage

    Now all we need is a crew...
  9. Athearn Genesis MoPac Heritage

    Athearn Genesis MoPac Heritage

    Well, it was in the shade when it was parked.....
  10. Challenger #3985

    Challenger #3985

    I was fiddling with my camera with the window open today and noticed the sunlight hitting the side of #3985. Started trying to snap a good shot of it, and managed to get this. Figured I\'d share it
  11. W

    Athearn HO RTR SD40-2 headlights

    I have a Athearn RTR SD40-2 that has burned out headlights. Looking for suggestions on what to replace them with. I would like something that will last awhile, possibly a LED? I have tried to search on-line but there are a lot of different choices and I am not sure what size I actually need...
  12. Charles Smiley

    Blue-Box kit bashing

    I repainted/lettered this old Athearn blue-box car to a 1955 new SN Ry. boxcar. It got real grab irons, ladders and new roofwalks long ago for an article I wrote. The car originally had Youngstown doors. But the real SN 2445 had Superior doors. So it now has scratch-built Superior doors. And...
  13. W

    HO Athearn SD60 RTR trucks

    I have acquired one of the latest releases of the Athearn RTR HO SD60. I have found over time through owning a few RTR models that they are very picky when it comes to track. I have several other models that traverse my railroad just fine, KATO, Intermountain, etc. The problem I seem to have...
  14. W

    Athearn Genesis Coupler Replacement Difficulties

    I consider myself an experienced modeler, but I always have a devil of a time installing replacement [Kadee] couplers on Athearn Genesis Engines. Specifically SD70 [M-2 ACe] models. The stupid cut lever detail always gets in the way and haven't come up with a fool proof way to keep that from...
  15. H

    Improving Athearn 'Blue Box' locomotives

    I've acquired a bad habit of buying old 'new in box' Athearn locomotives. My last three were an AC4400, C44-9W, and a Baldwin S12. I've installed decoders and replaced headlights in previous locks, but now I'm getting a little more ambitious. I bought an SDH163 and speaker for one of the road...
  16. H

    Convert Athearn F unit to DCC

    Has anyone any experience converting an Athearn F7 to DCC? I have a full passenger set with a pair of Athearn F7s (one powered, one dummy) and I'd like to use it with the DCC setup we're using now.
  17. H

    Athearn Boxcar Kits

    I've gotten a few of these kits lately, and I have been looking to assemble them. The problem I am running into is that I can't get the doors onto the bottom rail. The top rail is removable, so it isn't a problem there, but the lower rail has a sort of hook to it, and I'm apprehensive about...
  18. R

    Athearn Genesis FEF upgrades

    I've had a first-gen Athearn FEF for a while now and have never been fully satisfied with the factory-installed MRC sound decoder. I've been kicking around the idea of replacing it. Tsunami Heavy Steam seems to be the replacement decoder of choice. I'm interested in any comments, tips...
  19. R

    Athearn parts question

    Will an Athearn RTR shell fit on an Athearn BB frame and running gears? If not, which frames and running gears will an Athearn RTR SD40-2 shell fit on? I am thinking of a project which includes an Athearn RTR SD40-2 shell. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. C

    Locomotive Help Needed

    Well this is my first post on this forum, hopefully of many. I recently purchased an Athearn Genesis FP45, and am very happy with my purchase. However, when I run it, it runs very choppy. I thought maybe it was a problem with breaking it in, but after 3 days of running it, it hasn't gotten any...

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