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    Milwaukee Road Finalized Track Plan

    Steve-- Good-looking layout plan you've got there, certainly PLENTY of yard tracks. One thing, however--if I were you, I'd DEFINITELY create some sort of access space for that big yard of yours--unless you're building the layout with a low 34 or 36" table height. That's almost a 7-foot...
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    enough room for locos?

    Ooh! Ouch! Just THINKING about this gives me a headache, LOL! I'd need a 40-stall roundhouse just to fit my locos, and that kind of room I just ain't got! Actually, with two trains running, I can put three more locos on the service tracks, and maybe a loco switching my small (TOO small!)...
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    weekend photofun 9/10/11 May 08

    GN-- That just makes me DROOL! :D Both the loco and the bridge. Whatta COMBINATION!! Sigfan--those are great bridges. Is that truss an Atlas? Looks really cool! Jeff--Nice job on the tanker. You've got some pretty talented 'taggers' down there, LOL! Tom
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    weekend photofun 9/10/11 May 08

    Ray-- That farm scene just gets better and better. Again, I'm really impressed with your use of space. Just beautiful! Post a pic of the coaling tower when you get it finished, okay? I went with their concrete one because I couldn't find a wood, and a week after I finished mine, they...
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    weekend photofun 9/10/11 May 08

    Ray-- Talk about EMBARRASSED! I just thought those numbers that appeared in the corner were some kind of weird little code for the camera. By golly, they ARE a date, aren't they? Well, back to the Instruction Manual:o Thanks. Tom :D
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    weekend photofun 9/10/11 May 08

    Thanks for the kind words, guys. Jim, I had to mix the Graphite myself--couldn't find anything commercial that matched the particular shade of graphite Rio Grande used. Mixed 1 part Floquil Old Silver with 2 parts regular Floquil Graphite. Brushed it on. Here's an overall view of the...
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    weekend photofun 9/10/11 May 08

    John-- GREAT boat--and thanks so much for showing us the stage from conception to finished model. Just beautiful! Okay, my Basket Case Yellowstone went through the Paint Shop this week (not the weathering shop, though) so thought I'd post a before and after of it. Before: After...
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    Following a train through the Sierras

    Duncan-- Again, some really great shots and modeling. I grew up around Truckee, and spent my college summers working for the Forest Service in that area. You captured Boca just perfectly. Lovely work, it brings back some really fond memories of that area. Tom :D
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    D&RGW Platte Canyon Subdivision

    Wow, is it ever NICE to see this thread pop back up--I've always admired your modeling skills, but this is like being re-introduced to an old friend. Some of your shots are absolutely mind-boggling (the servicing pit, for example, or that head-on shot through the bridge on the mine run), and...
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    Simulated water

    I've used the WS 'Realistic Water', but it's hardly cheap. I like it, and it will take multiple coats without 'clouding', but make sure that your base is COMPLETELY sealed, because that stuff finds its own level like crazy and will go out of its way to seek out any little holes it finds...
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    Long Weekend "Worker's day" Photo Fun!!! May 1-2-3 and 4

    UP2CSX-- Thanks for the comments on the bridges. Actually, that Bullard's Bar bridge wasn't too hard to build at all--the Faller kit comes with BIG pieces, LOL! I did a little 'Americanizing' on it, but not too much. If you want to see a really well-done version of it, ArtHill has one...
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    $150 Caboose

    Actually, the E-bay listing I saw a couple of weeks ago was enough for me to think that from now on I'll just go onto the site for the humor of it. Someone had taken an old HO Akane brass AC cab-forward, dis-assembled it down to the last screw in the last eccentric gear and was listing...
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    Long Weekend "Worker's day" Photo Fun!!! May 1-2-3 and 4

    CNR-- What a beautiful pair of models! Question--were some of the CNR reefers also painted gray? I seem to remember Athearn putting out a gray one many years ago, but I have no idea whether the paint scheme was authentic or not. Beautiful job, though. :D Well, thought I'd post a...
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    Long Weekend "Worker's day" Photo Fun!!! May 1-2-3 and 4

    Well, I get long weekends from now on, just put in my retirement at the high school--figured that at 68 I can start affording some time off. Anyway, here's a couple of shots of my 1949 Royal Gorge on Bullard's Bar bridge hauled by Northern #1802. The bridge is a modified Faller Beichstahl...
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    What turnouts do you use?

    I'm strictly DC, and I use Sinohara code 100 turnouts (#6) on my main and code 83 (#5) in my yards. I haven't had trouble with them at all, even the several curved switches on my main. They're very good at forming ladder tracks in my yard because of their selective current. I will say that...

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