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    ADM Corn Syrup Trailers (pic heavy)

    Chrome-plated metal. The real deal. Thanks for the comments everyone!
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    CSOR Sextuplets B40-8

    Glad to see someone is modeling the CSOR! I was beginning to think my repatched boxcar was an orphan: CSOR (ex P&W):
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    ADM Corn Syrup Trailers (pic heavy)

    I haven't had the opportunity to post here much, but I recently completed a project that I'd like to share. I started with some of the new HO scale Trucks n' Stuff petroleum trailers and modified them into corn syrup trailers for an ADM corn syrup bulk transfer terminal. Although these are not...
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    Indian Valley Railroad (from STS): PICS!

    Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate all of your positive comments!
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    Indian Valley Railroad (from STS): PICS!

    The name "Indian Valley Railroad" may sound familiar to many of you who are in my age group (late 20s to early to mid 30s). Beginning in 1989, PBS aired a childrens television show called "Shining Time Station", which was on TV as reruns well into the late 1990s. Many will remember the...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 3/25 - 3/31

    8 Airslide covered hoppers. 6 of them are based on Corn Products International prototypes, the other two are freelance DT&I: CCLX 50053 Proto: Model: CCLX 50061 Proto: Model: CCLX 50068 Proto: Model: CCLX 50050 Proto: Model...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 3-18/3-24

    Been a while since I posted here. A YouTube video I recently shot:
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    modern reefers

    No, the ARMN and BNSF reefers are a different body style. Compare the number of side panels and look at the different doors.
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    Weekly Photo Fun 12-17/12-23

    Finished four "Dirty Dirt" hoppers with hardshell "hopper toppers". The cars are designed to haul contaminated dirt and wear the HAZMAT placard 3077: Environmentally Hazardous Substance, Solid, n.o.s. (not otherwise specified). I superdetailed the cars with semi-scale Kadee shelf couplers...
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    11 tons of marijauna in 6 rail cars

    I'm way ahead of them... Of course, this wouldn't be such a big story if the commodity in question was legalized and taxed, just like cigarettes and alcohol. Legalization would only be a good thing for the United States: we would end major fronts in the "war" on drugs (save money and...
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    Wow $75...

    This thread can go to 500 pages just discussing the economics of globalization and its effects on the MSRP as a derivative of production costs overseas... however, let's not take it there. There is nothing that argument will resolve. Bottom line is, we will just have to learn to make more with...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 11-12/11-18

    Josh, which decal manufacturer makes all of the little warning/safety labels for the Genset? I'm holding off on painting my NYCS versions until I custom print the decals myself, because the stickers are different from any standard EMD or GE set that you can get from Microscale, etc. Which set...
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    Did anybody see Unstoppable yet?

    Athearn, most likely, in the "fantasy" line-up. I was thinking about doing the locomotives myself, but would rather avoid investing the time and money into creating custom decals and custom painting when I have a gut feeling Athearn is going to surprise us sometime soon. This goes for the...
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    Modern NYCS Facebook: Important Changes! (urgent)

    Those of you who are following my modern-day New York Central System concept on the Facebook "group" should be advised that it has now been upgraded into a "page", which offers better features and communication. If you are following the modern NYCS on Facebook, you will have to migrate over...
  15. mtrpls

    Giggity Giggity! Family Guy reefers are here!

    No... I never did any more. 3 is enough I think. BTW, I still have decals I can run off for people if they are interested. Message me.

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