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    BNSF derailment, San Diego (Mar 16th)

    Weird its a few hundred yards from where I'm sitting right now at work. See this section on lunch break alot, just past Creative Deli. beautiful section. Ive been thinking of taking some good rail pics around here, missed this one I think.
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    A-Line rims and tires

    soap install then rinse? I mean use diluted dishwashing liquid as a lubricant then rinse it off. (rubber and plastic safe) Or wet hairspay as a lubricant that you want to become glue when dry, risky
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    Weekly Photo Fun 2-5/2-11

    WOW! that's trick! particularly if you just finished reading all the threads on fencing! Thanks for sharing.
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    Show us your special rides

    E30 BMWCCA Autocross :D: First event in the E30 ("Honda Killer") with my new H&R Race springs. (well actually I ran the 1/8 mile the night before too LOL)
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    how die hard are you for modeling?

    LOL great stories. Yeh I always try to look at the soldering iron not the work when I pick up the hot iron. after that one time... and since it was mentioned I can never forget that smell of burning flesh. Only good thing is the scar tissue between your first two fingers doesn't burn quite as...
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    painting portals?

    Kool thread I just bought the WS plaster portal and wing walls but in timber not stone Doenst make sense wish I had actual wood but looks like it should still work. Instructions say to use thier earth wash, which I already have. I was going to test on unseen backside and cut off parts before I...
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    Show Your Face

  8. Mogul2-6-0

    Contest for new members only

    Newbie says: If your a passenger going into NYC 2 guys pop out of em hit you over the head and steal your wallet.
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    My first attempt at a Diorama started, HO

    LOL like I actually know what I'm doing. ha ha I really do appreciate any and all suggestions, this is a learning experimentation project for me. Yeh just trying the bumper out, probably loose it, just looked clean. need a miter box and better saw now. was considering using the rerailer for...
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    My first attempt at a Diorama started, HO

    Motives: Fun, pics, learning, not ready for full layout yet, practice. First round of supplies and tools: Basics: Started sculpting, looking for better foam: More to come... I hope Thanks in advance to everyone. Great inspirations and excellent advice so far. The old Tyco and Atlas stuff...
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    Owens Foamular 150 v. DOW Wallmate v. white R-Tech Faom

    Sweet I just found a shop near my house with the DOW blue boards in 1 inch "square edge!!!" in 2 foot by 8 foot sheets at $11.39 ea. He has 150 of em, should be enough for good sized layout LOL FYI: Mac Arther Co, 2101 Haffley Ave, National City (619) 399-3426 Thanks again to all for the great...
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    Owens Foamular 150 v. DOW Wallmate v. white R-Tech Faom

    Jim, Again thanks. Great info. I'm working in HO. Maybe I'll try and call the 2 big clubs in San Diego and ask them where to go. I think I'll try and track down some pink stuff before I glue the white board together. None at Home Depot or Lowes, cant even figure out how to order it online...
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    Owens Foamular 150 v. DOW Wallmate v. white R-Tech Faom

    Extruded Polystyrene Foam: Owens Foamular 150 v. DOW Wallmate v. white R-Tech So I'm foaming at the mouth. (another foam thread) been searching, it can be confusing. Got some of the white foam at Home Depot. Its the only thing I can find so far. Seems usable for my practice diorama, but...
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    My totally amazing, stupendous layout plan!!

    Trippy I saw your avatar, I didnt even know that line was the OCN and I grew next to it in Portsmouth RI. just checked out thier website LOL Some great memories around those tracks. cool stuff good luck with the layout I'm still reading researching planning starting a diorama for...
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    Ebay prices.. WOW! funny just saw this 40 bucks bid right now beat up (fixer uper) Acela set Spectrum ends in 2 hrs

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